ASYDE 2024: International Workshop on Automated and verifiable Software sYstem DEvelopment 2024

October 28, 2024 in Sacramento, USA

Call for Papers

"Are you working on automated software development methods and techniques, compositional verification theories, integration architectures, flexible and dynamic composition, and automated planning mechanisms?

Submit your work at the 6th International Workshop on Automated and verifiable Software sYstem DEvelopment (ASYDE) co-located with ASE 2023 (

Paper Submission deadline: 28 July, 2024. Author Notification: 2 September, 2024.

Topics: - Automated software development, verification and integration, for example, Automated synthesis of software integration code, Formal methods for automated software development, Automated and verifiable software development, Software quality assurance for automated software development - Specification, architecture, and design of software and verification models - Description and validation of Non-functional properties of software - Dynamic verification and testing - Correct-by-construction software development - Compositional theories for software development and its (dynamic) verification - Service-oriented and Component-based software development - Serverless-based systems development - Model-driven software development - Microservices, for example, Formal specification of (micro)services, Formal models for microservices, Methods and tools for (semi)-automatically migrating monolithic systems to component-based or microservice-based systems - Automated planning methods - Machine learning and AI techniques - Automatic methods for the development and verification of smart contracts

More information can be found at the official website:

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