meta 2016: Workshop on Meta-Programming Techniques and Reflection 2016

October 30, 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Call for Papers

Important Dates

08 Aug 2016 - Abstract Submission 15 Aug 2016 - Paper Submission 05 Sep 2016 - Notification 09 Sep 2016 - Demo, position or work-in-progress paper submission 23 Sep 2016 - Demo, position or work-in-progress paper notification 30 Oct 2016 Workshop

Topics of Interest

The workshop is a venue for all approaches that embrace metaprogramming: - from static to dynamic techniques - reflection, meta-level architectures, staging, open language runtimes applications to middleware, frameworks, and DSLs - optimization techniques to minimize runtime overhead - contract systems, or typing of reflective programs reflection and metaobject protocols to enable tooling - case studies and evaluation of such techniques, e.g., to build applications, language extensions, or tools - empirical evaluation of metaprogramming solutions - security in reflective systems and capability-based designs - meta-level architectures and reflective middleware for modern runtime platforms (e.g. IoT, cyber-physical systems, mobile/cloud/grid computing, etc) - surveys, conceptualization, and taxonomization of existing approaches

Types of Submissions and Workshop format

We welcome both technical papers and work-in-progress and position papers from the academic as well as industrial perspective. Position paper should present new ideas and emerging problems and take a perhaps controversial stance on a specific topic and argue the position well. Furthermore, we plan interactive brainstorming and demonstration sessions between the formal presentations to enable an active exchange of ideas.

The workshop papers will be put on the workshop website, if not requested otherwise by the authors, but they are not part of formal proceedings. Papers are to be submitted using the ACM sigplanconf style at 10pt font size. See

  • demos and posters: 1-page abstract
  • position and work-in-progress paper: 1-4 pages
  • technical paper: up to 8 pages

Demos, posters, position and work-in-progress papers can be submitted on a second, later deadline to discuss the latest results and current work.

For the submission, please use the submission system at:

Organizing Committee

Shigeru Chiba, University of Tokyo Elisa Gonzalez Boix, Vrije Universiteit Brussel Stefan Marr, Johannes Kepler University Linz

Program Committee

Marcus Denker, INRIA, France Robert Hirschfeld, HPI, Germany Hridesh Rajan, Iowa State University, USA Romain Rouvoy, University Lille 1 and INRIA, France Eric Tanter, University of Chile, Chile Tom Van Cutsem, Bell Labs, Belgium Tijs van der Storm, CWI, Netherlands Takuo Watanabe, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan