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8th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing 2010ICSOC 2010: Dec 7, 2010 - Dec 10, 2010 in San Francisco, USASubmissions: Jun 7, 2010Notification: Jul 14, 2010Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsSince 2003, ICSOC has been the prime forum for academics and industry researchers and developers to report and share groundbreaking works in service oriented computing. ICSOC has fostered cross-community scientific excellence by the gathering of experts from various disciplines, such as business process management, distributed systems, computer ... Read More
Eighth German Conference on Multi-Agent System Technologies 2010MATES2010: Sep 21, 2010 - Sep 23, 2010 in Karlsruhe, GermanySubmissions: Apr 9, 2010Notification: May 28, 2010Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsThe German Conference on Multi-Agent system Technologies (MATES) provides an interdisciplinary forum for researchers, users, and developers to present and discuss latest advances in research work as well as prototyped or fielded systems of intelligent agents and multi-agent systems. The conference covers the whole range of agent- and multi-agen ... Read More
First International Workshop on Software Test Output Validation 2010 STOV2010 : Jul 12, 2010 - Jul 13, 2010 in Trento, ItalySubmissions: Apr 1, 2010Notification: Apr 21, 2010Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsSoftware testing in domains like scientific computing, optimization, simulation, etc. is particularly challenging because many such applications have no reliable "test oracle" to indicate whether the output is correct for arbitrary input. STOV 2010 will present the latest research and industrial practice for testing software for which no oracle ... Read More
17th Symposium on the Integration of Symbolic Computation and Mechanised Reasoning 2010Calculemus2010: Jul 6, 2010 - Jul 7, 2010 in Paris, FranceSubmissions: Mar 15, 2010Notification: Apr 14, 2010Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsCalculemus is a series of conferences dedicated to the integration of computer algebra systems (CAS) and systems for mechanised reasoning, the interactive theorem provers or proof assistants (PA) and the automated theorem provers (ATP). Currently, symbolic computation is divided into several (more or less) independent branches: tradition ... Read More
Joint Workshop on Implementation of Constraint Logic Programming Systems and Logic-based Methods in Programming Environments 2010CICLOPS-WLPE2010: Jul 15, 2010 - Jul 15, 2010 in Edinburgh, United KingdomSubmissions: Mar 31, 2010Notification: Apr 29, 2010Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsCICLOPS is a series of colloquia on the implementation of constraint logic programming. Logic and Constraint programming is an important declarative programming paradigm. The features offered by this paradigm such as rule-basedness, pattern matching, automated backtracking, recursion, tabling, and constraint solving have been proved convenient ... Read More
20102010: Mar 15, 2010 - Mar 18, 2010 in Madrid, SpainSubmissions: Sep 17, 2009Notification: Nov 17, 2009Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious Publications
20th International Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques 2010WADT2010: Jul 1, 2010 - Jul 4, 2010 in Bremen, GermanySubmissions: May 10, 2010Notification: May 23, 2010Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsThe algebraic approach to system specification encompasses many aspects of the formal design of software systems. Originally born as formal method for reasoning about abstract data types, it now covers new specification frameworks and programming paradigms (such as object-oriented, aspect-oriented, agent-oriented, logic and higher-order functio ... Read More
First Workshop on Web 2.0 for Software Engineering 2010Web2SE2010: May 4, 2010 - May 4, 2010 in Cape Town, South AfricaSubmissions: Jan 27, 2010Notification: Feb 17, 2010Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsSocial software is built around an "architecture of participation" where user data is aggregated as a side-effect of using Web 2.0 applications. Web 2.0 implies that processes and tools are socially open, and that content can be used in several different contexts. Web 2.0 tools and technologies support interactive information sharing, data inte ... Read More
22nd IFIP Int. Conf. on Testing Software and Systems (formerly TestCom/FATES) 2010ICTSS2010: Nov 8, 2010 - Nov 10, 2010 in Natal, BrazilSubmissions: Apr 26, 2010Notification: Jul 1, 2010Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsICTSS is the merge of the 22nd IFIP Int. Conference on Testing of Communicating Systems (TESTCOM) and the 10th Int. Workshop on Formal Approaches to Testing of Software (FATES). ICTSS is a forum for researchers, developers, testers, and users to review, discuss, and learn about new approaches, concepts, theories, methodologies, tools, and ... Read More
Fourth Workshop on Rapid Application Development 2010WDRA2010: Jun 9, 2010 - Jun 9, 2010 in Belém, BrazilSubmissions: Apr 9, 2010Notification: May 7, 2010Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsThe Fourth Workshop on Rapid Application Development (WDRA 2010 - Workshop de Desenvolvimento Rápido de Aplicações) is a forum for researchers and practitioners in Rapid Application Development (RAD), integrating practical approaches of Software Engineering for Development and System Evolution. It is an opportunity for discussion about the resu ... Read More