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sLogicaStudia Logica
sacStatistics and Computing
sadmStatistical Analysis and Data Mining
saemInt. J. Systems Assurance Engineering and Management
sajSouth African Computer Journal
sapSecur. Priv.
sasEAI Endorsed Trans. Self-Adaptive Systems
sbcjisJ. Interact. Syst.
sccSpatial Cognition & Computation
scfbmSource Code for Biology and Medicine
schedaeSchedae Informaticae
schedulingJ. Scheduling
scienceScience Magazine
sciraSci. Iran.
sciroboticsScience Robotics
scjapanSystems and Computers in Japan
sclSystems & Control Letters
scnSecurity and Communication Networks
SCPScience of Computer Programming
scpeScalable Computing: Practice and Experience
scwSocial Choice and Welfare
seSystems Engineering
secinfSecurity Informatics
seeScience and Engineering Ethics
semwebSemantic Web
sesaICST Trans. Security Safety
sgEAI Endorsed Trans. Serious Games
shonan-reportsNII Shonan Meet. Rep.
siagaSIAM J. Appl. Algebra Geom.
siamadsSIAM J. Applied Dynamical Systems
siamamSIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics
siamcoSIAM J. Control and Optimization
SICOMPSIAM Journal on Computing
siamdmSIAM J. Discrete Math.
siamfmSIAM J. Financial Math.
siamisSIAM J. Imaging Sciences
siamjoSIAM Journal on Optimization
siammaSIAM J. Math. Analysis
siammaxSIAM J. Matrix Analysis Applications
siamnumSIAM J. Numerical Analysis
siamrevSIAM Review
siamscSIAM J. Scientific Computing
sigactSIGACT News
sigaplACM SIGAPL APL Quote Quad
sigarchSIGARCH Computer Architecture News
sigartSIGART Bulletin
sigbedSIGBED Review
sigcasSIGCAS Computers and Society
sigchiACM SIGCHI Bull.
sigecomSIGecom Exchanges
sighitSIGHIT Record
sigirSIGIR Forum
sigkddSIGKDD Explorations
siglogSIGLOG News
sigmetricsSIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review
sigmobileMobile Computing and Communications Review
sigopsOperating Systems Review
sigproSignal Processing
sigsoftACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes
sigspatialSIGSPATIAL Special
sigwebSIGWEB Newsletter
simeuroSimul. Notes Eur.
simpaSoftw. Impacts
simpraSimulation Modelling Practice and Theory
sisEAI Endorsed Trans. Scalable Information Systems
siuStud. Inform. Univ.
sivpSignal, Image and Video Processing
sjIEEE Systems Journal
sjisScandinavian J. Inf. Systems
sleSmart Learn. Environ.
smaStatistical Methods and Applications
smartcrSmart CR
SMRJournal of Software Maintenance
snamSocial Netw. Analys. Mining
sncsSN Computer Science
socaService Oriented Computing and Applications
socnetSocial Networks
socoSoft Comput.
socompJ. Soc. Comput.
sofoSoftware Focus
IEEE SoftwareIEEE Software
solarjlaJ. Learn. Anal.
soprSoftware Process: Improvement and Practice
SoSyMSoftware and Systems Modeling
spScientific Programming
spacecommSpace Communications
SPESoftware: Practice and Experience
speechSpeech Communication
spicSig. Proc.: Image Comm.
splIEEE Signal Process. Lett.