Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 4, Issue 1

0 -- 0Eraldo Guili. Preface
1 -- 14Horst Herrlich. Compactness and the axiom of choice
15 -- 29Maria Manuel Clementino. On categorical notions of compact objects
31 -- 41G. Richter. Reflective relatives of adjunctions
43 -- 55H. L. Bentley, Miroslav Husek, R. G. Ori. The Katětov dimension of proximity spaces
57 -- 68Miroslav Husek, Anna Tozzi. Generalized reflective cum coreflective classes in Top and Unif
69 -- 79E. Lowen-Colebunders, G. Sonck. Prtop
81 -- 85Michael Barr, Maria-Cristina Pedicchio. Topological spaces and quasi-varieties
87 -- 95Lurdes Sousa. α-Sober spaces via the orthogonal closure operator
97 -- 106Manuela Sobral. Some aspects of topological descent
107 -- 120David B. Holgate. The pullback closure operator and generalisations of perfectness
121 -- 126Jirí Adámek. A remark on fixed points of functors in topological categories
127 -- 128Hans-E. Porst. Concrete categories are concretely equivalent iff their uniquely transportable modifications are strict concretely isomorphic