Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 4, Issue 4

343 -- 360Stephen L. Bloom, Nicoletta Sabadini, Robert F. C. Walters. Matrices, machines and behaviors
361 -- 370Reinhard Börger, Ralf Kemper. A cogenerator for preseparated superconvex spaces
371 -- 386Hans-Jürgen Hoehnke. A Birkhoff theorem for partial algebras via completion
387 -- 402Hongde Hu, Walter Tholen. Quasi-coproducts and accessible categories with wide pullbacks
403 -- 421Stefano Kasangian, Anna Labella, David Murphy. Process synchronisation as fusion
423 -- 441Susan B. Niefield. An algebraic approach to chaos
443 -- 446G. Richter. An elementary approach to 'Algebra ∩ topology = compactness'