Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 10, Issue 6

531 -- 568George Voutsadakis. Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic: Algebraizable Institutions
569 -- 592Dirk Hofmann. On a Generalization of the Stone-Weierstrass Theorem
593 -- 602Jorge Picado. The Gauge of a Uniform Frame
603 -- 616Belmesnaoui Aqzzouz. The epsilon::::::c::::::-Product of a Schwartz b-Space by a Quotient Banach Space and Applications

Volume 10, Issue 5

431 -- 447Faiza Belala, Mohamed Bettaz. A Natural Semantic Framework for ECATNets
449 -- 467Francis Borceux, Enrico Vitale. Azumaya Categories
469 -- 480Diederik Aerts, E. Colebunders, A. Van der Voorde, B. Van Steirteghem. On the Amnestic Modification of the Category of State Property Systems
481 -- 494Rosa Antolini. Geometric Realisations of Cubical Sets with Connections, and Classifying Spaces of Categories
495 -- 504M. V. Mielke. Final Lift Actions Associated with Topological Functors
505 -- 520Jobst Heitzig. Many Familiar Categories can be Interpreted as Categories of Generalized Metric Spaces
521 -- 530M. G. Charalambous. Direct Constructions of the Paracompact Coreflections of Frames

Volume 10, Issue 4

331 -- 381Volodymyr Lyubashenko. The Triangulated Hopf Category ::::n::::::+::SL(2)
383 -- 402Razvan Diaconescu. Grothendieck Institutions
403 -- 415Mehmet Baran. Compactness, Perfectness, Separation, Minimality and Closedness with Respect to Closure Operators
417 -- 429Stefan Nörtemann. The Hahn-Banach Theorem for Partially Ordered Totally Convex, Positively Convex and Superconvex Modules

Volume 10, Issue 3

193 -- 194. Preface
195 -- 220Kathryn Hess. Model Categories in Algebraic Topology
221 -- 236Lutz Schröder. Monads on Composition Graphs
237 -- 249Jirí Adámek, Horst Herrlich, Jirí Rosický, Walter Tholen. Weak Factorization Systems and Topological Functors
251 -- 256M. Sioen. Non-symmetric Exponential Laws in the Construct PRTOP
257 -- 266Roman Fric. Convergence and Duality
267 -- 278A. V. Arhangel skii. The Hewitt-Nachbin Completion in Topological Algebra. Some Effects of Homogeneity
279 -- 290Martin Jakob. Bivariant Theories for Smooth Manifolds
291 -- 315Jay Fillmore, D. Pumplün, Helmut Röhrl. On ::::N::::-Summations, I
317 -- 330Guillaume C. L. Brümmer, Hans-Peter A. Künzi. Bicompletion and Samuel Bicompactification

Volume 10, Issue 2

99 -- 155Marco Grandis. An Intrinsic Homotopy Theory for Simplicial Complexes, with Applications to Image Analysis
157 -- 172Andrée C. Ehresmann. Localization of Universal Problems. Local Colimits
173 -- 191Manfred Droste, R. M. Shortt. From Petri Nets to Automata with Concurrency

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 21Elias Gabriel Minian. Lambda-Cofibration Categories and the Homotopy Categories of Global Actions and Simplicial Complexes
23 -- 33Marek Golasinski. Disconnected Equivariant Rational Homotopy Theory
35 -- 47Lucian M. Ionescu. Categorification and Group Extensions
49 -- 62David Kruml. Spatial Quantales
63 -- 79Worthen Hunsaker, Jorge Picado. Frames with Transitive Structures
81 -- 98Harald Nusser. A Generalization of Probabilistic Uniform Spaces