Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 12, Issue 5-6

411 -- 412George Janelidze, Bodo Pareigis, Walter Tholen. Preface
413 -- 425Maria Manuel Clementino, Dirk Hofmann. Effective Descent Morphisms in Categories of Lax Algebras
427 -- 459Claudio Hermida. Descent on 2-Fibrations and Strongly 2-Regular 2-Categories
461 -- 477George Janelidze, Walter Tholen. Facets of Descent III: Monadic Descent for Rings and Algebras
479 -- 483Valdis Laan. On Descent Theory for Monoid Actions
485 -- 512Bachuki Mesablishvili. Descent Theory for Schemes
513 -- 525Ana Helena Roque. Effective Descent Morphisms in Some Quasivarieties of Algebraic, Relational, and More General Structures
527 -- 535Manuela Sobral. Descent for Discrete (Co)fibrations
537 -- 576Ross Street. Categorical and Combinatorial Aspects of Descent Theory

Volume 12, Issue 4

319 -- 338F. Borceux. Non-Pointed Strongly Protomodular Theories
339 -- 354Daniel Arias, Manuel Ladra. Central Extensions of Precrossed Modules
355 -- 360Hans-E. Porst. Residually Small Varieties Without Rank
361 -- 367H. L. Bentley, E. Lowen-Colebunders. Initial Morphisms versus Embeddings
369 -- 377Gábor Lukács. A Convenient Subcategory of Tych
379 -- 396Vera Trnková. Counting Cocomponents of a Topological Space
397 -- 409M. Mehdi Ebrahimi, A. Karimi, Mojgan Mahmoudi. Pointfree Spectra of Riesz Spaces

Volume 12, Issue 3

225 -- 243J. Garcia-Calcines, M. Garcia-Pinillos, L. Hernandez-Paricio. Closed Simplicial Model Structures for Exterior and Proper Homotopy Theory
245 -- 255K. A. Hardie, K. Kamps, P. J. Witbooi. A 2-groupoid Characterisation of the Cubical Homotopy Pushout
257 -- 285Pilar Carrasco, Juan Martínez-Moreno. Simplicial Cohomology with Coefficients in Symmetric Categorical Groups
287 -- 300Günther Richter. An Elementary Approach to Exponentiable Maps
301 -- 317Martin Sleziak. On Hereditary Coreflective Subcategories of Top

Volume 12, Issue 2

127 -- 154Maria Manuel Clementino, Dirk Hofmann, Walter Tholen. One Setting for All: Metric, Topology, Uniformity, Approach Structure
155 -- 180H. L. Bentley, Horst Herrlich. Merotopological Spaces
181 -- 196Georgi Dimov, Maria-Cristina Pedicchio, Gino Tironi. Frames and Grids
197 -- 202He Wei. A Constructive Proof of the Gelfand-Kolmogorov Theorem
203 -- 223George Voutsadakis. A Categorical Approach to Threshold Agent Networks

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 2Marco Grandis. Preface
3 -- 27K. A. Hardie, K. H. Kamps, H. J. Marcum, N. Oda. Triple Brackets and Lax Morphism Categories
29 -- 34Tom Lada. ::::L::::::infinity:: Algebra Representations
35 -- 61P. Carrasco, Antonio R. Garzón. Obstruction Theory for Extensions of Categorical Groups
63 -- 80Ronald Brown, George Janelidze. Galois Theory and a New Homotopy Double Groupoid of a Map of Spaces
81 -- 108Lisbeth Fajstrup, Martin Raußen, Eric Goubault, Emmanuel Haucourt. Components of the Fundamental Category
109 -- 126Hans-Joachim Baues, Mamuka Jibladze. The Steenrod Algebra and Theories Associated to Hopf Algebras