Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 15, Issue 5-6

455 -- 456E. Colebunders, Miroslav Husek, Hans-Peter A. Künzi, Walter Tholen. Introduction to the Special Issue Aspects of Contemporary Topology II
457 -- 472Richard N. Ball, Ales Pultr, Jirí Sichler. More on Configurations in Priestley Spaces, and Some New Problems
473 -- 479Bernhard Banaschewski. The Stone-Cech Compactification and the Cozero Lattice in Pointfree Topology
481 -- 482Bernhard Banaschewski. The Stone-Cech Compactification and the Cozero Lattice in Pointfree Topology
483 -- 491Barbora Batíková. Completion of Semi-uniform Spaces
493 -- 497Reinhard Börger. Joins and Meets of Symmetric Idempotents
499 -- 509Guillaume C. L. Brümmer, Hans-Peter A. Künzi. Idempotency of Extensions ::::via:::: the Bicompletion
511 -- 539Dikran Dikranjan, Elena Martín Peinador, Vaja Tarieladze. Conway s Question: The Chase for Completeness
541 -- 572Marcel Erné. Choiceless, Pointless, but not Useless: Dualities for Preframes
573 -- 598Eraldo Giuli, Walter Tholen. A Topologist s View of Chu Spaces
599 -- 614Gonçalo Gutierres, Dirk Hofmann. Axioms for Sequential Convergence
615 -- 620Miroslav Husek. Productive Coreflective Classes in Top
621 -- 631Vera Trnková. Metrizability and Coconnectedness
633 -- 645Eva Vandersmissen. Completion via Nearness for Metrically Generated Constructs
647 -- 653S. Verwulgen. Duality, Vector Spaces and Absolutely Convex Modules

Volume 15, Issue 4

339 -- 340Marco Grandis. Preface
341 -- 353Marco Grandis. Directed Algebraic Topology, Categories and Higher Categories
355 -- 386Martin Raussen. Invariants of Directed Spaces
387 -- 414Eric Goubault, Emmanuel Haucourt. Components of the Fundamental Category II
415 -- 437Yves Lafont. Algebra and Geometry of Rewriting
439 -- 453Eugenia Cheng. An ::::omega::::-category with all Duals is an ::::omega::::-groupoid

Volume 15, Issue 3

223 -- 0Bob Lowen. Editorial
225 -- 241Brian A. Davey, Miroslav Haviar, Hilary A. Priestley. Boolean Topological Distributive Lattices and Canonical Extensions
243 -- 257Oleh R. Nykyforchyn. Capacities with Values in Compact Hausdorff Lattices
259 -- 323Mark Weber. Yoneda Structures from 2-toposes
325 -- 338Zurab Janelidze. Closedness Properties of Internal Relations III: Pointed Protomodular Categories

Volume 15, Issue 1-2

1 -- 2Jorge Martinez. Editorial
3 -- 17Michelle L. Knox, Warren Wm. McGovern. Feebly Projectable Algebraic Frames and Multiplicative Filters of Ideals
19 -- 33Jingjing Ma, R. H. Redfield. Lattice-ordered Fields Determined by ::::d:::: -elements
35 -- 47Anthony W. Hager, D. G. Johnson. Adjoining an Identity to a Reduced Archimedean ::::f:::: -ring, II: Algebras
49 -- 80Anthony W. Hager, Jorge Martínez. Patch-generated Frames and Projectable Hulls
81 -- 107Richard N. Ball, Anthony W. Hager. Epi-topology and Epi-convergence for Archimedean Lattice-ordered Groups with Unit
109 -- 118Richard N. Ball, Anthony W. Hager, Joanne Walters-Wayland. An Intrinsic Characterization of Monomorphisms in Regular Lindelöf Locales
119 -- 133Themba Dube, Joanne Walters-Wayland. Coz-onto Frame Maps and Some Applications
135 -- 151Lawrence Peter Belluce, Antonio di Nola, Brunella Gerla. Perfect ::::MV:::: -algebras and their Logic
153 -- 162Manfred Droste, W. Charles Holland. Normal Subgroups of B:: ::::u:::: ::Aut(Omega)
163 -- 184Marcel Erné, Mai Gehrke, Ales Pultr. Complete Congruences on Topologies and Down-set Lattices
185 -- 198Maria João Ferreira, Jorge Picado. On Point-finiteness in Pointfree Topology
199 -- 208Christophe Van Olmen, Stijn Verwulgen. Lower Semi-continuous Function Frames
209 -- 222Eric Richard Zenk. Monocoreflections of Completely Regular Frames