Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 16, Issue 6

653 -- 668George Janelidze. Galois Groups, Abstract Commutators, and Hopf Formula
669 -- 687Kristian Brüning, Birgit Huber. Realising Smashing Localisations as Morphisms of DG Algebras
689 -- 721Matías L. del Hoyo, Elias Gabriel Minian. Classical Invariants for Global Actions and Groupoid Atlases
723 -- 733Dominique Bourn, Jirí Rosický. Mal cev Conditions Revisited
735 -- 748Richard N. Ball, Ales Pultr, Jirí Sichler. A Priestley Sum of Finite Trees is Acyclic
749 -- 761Themba Dube, Joanne Walters-Wayland. Weakly Pseudocompact Frames

Volume 16, Issue 5

551 -- 616Hans-Joachim Baues, Fernando Muro. Smash Products for Secondary Homotopy Groups
617 -- 627Yolanda Moreno. The Diagonal Functors
629 -- 651Gianni Bosi, Gerhard Herden. Continuous Utility Representation Theorems in Arbitrary Concrete Categories

Volume 16, Issue 4

451 -- 478Martin Sleziak. Hereditary, Additive and Divisible Classes in Epireflective Subcategories of Top
479 -- 493A. Gerlo. Approach Theory in a Category: A Study of Compactness and Hausdorff Separation
495 -- 501Dharmanand Baboolal, Paranjothi Pillay. A Note on Locally Pathwise Connected Metric Spaces
503 -- 519Josef Slapal. Convergence on Categories
521 -- 533Jorge Martínez, Eric Richard Zenk. Epicompletion in Frames with Skeletal Maps, I: Compact Regular Frames
535 -- 549R. Beattie, H.-P. Butzmann. Continuous Duality of Limits and Colimits of Topological Abelian Groups

Volume 16, Issue 3

311 -- 0Bob Lowen. Editorial Note
313 -- 332H. Peter Gumm. On Minimal Coalgebras
333 -- 364Julia Padberg. Integration of Categorical Frameworks: Rule-Based Refinement and Hierarchical Composition for Components
365 -- 388Ulrike Prange, Hartmut Ehrig, Leen Lambers. Construction and Properties of Adhesive and Weak Adhesive High-Level Replacement Categories
389 -- 419Andrea Corradini, Frank Hermann, Pawel Sobocinski. Subobject Transformation Systems
421 -- 450Paqui Lucio, Fernando Orejas, Edelmira Pasarella, Elvira Pino. A Functorial Framework for Constraint Normal Logic Programming

Volume 16, Issue 1-2

1 -- 2Tomasz Brzezinski, Ismail Amin, Mohamed Yousif. Preface (Special Issue Algebras & Coalgebras)
3 -- 11Gamal Mohamed Abd Al-Kader, Abdel-Shafy F. Obada. Analytic Representations Based on SU(1, 1) Lie Algebra Coherent States for Squeezed Displaced Fock States
13 -- 28Jawad Y. Abuhlail. A Zariski Topology for Bicomodules and Corings
29 -- 55Imre Bálint. Scalar Extension of Bicoalgebroids
57 -- 63Edwin J. Beggs, Tomasz Brzezinski. An Explicit Formula for a Strong Connection
65 -- 96Stefaan Caenepeel, K. Janssen, S. H. Wang. Group Corings
97 -- 102A. S. Hegazi, F. Ismail, M. M. Elsofy. Induced and Coinduced Representations of Hopf Group Coalgebras
103 -- 122Alberto Facchini, Rogelio Fernández-Alonso. Subdirect Products of Preadditive Categories and Weak Equivalences
123 -- 140Jürgen Fuchs, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert. The Fusion Algebra of Bimodule Categories
141 -- 157Lars Kadison. Anchor Maps and Stable Modules in Depth Two
159 -- 166Friedrich Kasch. Regular Substructures of Hom
167 -- 181Pavel Kolesnikov. Associative Algebras Related to Conformal Algebras
183 -- 194Mamoru Kutami. Von Neumann Regular Rings Satisfying Weak Comparability
195 -- 211Christian Lomp, Virgínia Rodrigues. Covering Coalgebras and Dual Non-singularity
213 -- 221Paulius Miskinis. The One-dimensional Fractional Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanical Operator of Momentum
223 -- 238Hans-E. Porst. Fundamental Constructions for Coalgebras, Corings, and Comodules
239 -- 247Guiyun Chen, Wujie Shi. Finite Groups with 30 Elements of Maximal Order
249 -- 254Derya Keskin Tütüncü. On Non-M-Cosingular Completely (+)-Supplemented Modules
255 -- 295Robert Wisbauer. Algebras Versus Coalgebras
297 -- 310Isao Kikumasa, Kiyoichi Oshiro, Hiroshi Yoshimura. Isomorphism Classes of Algebras with Radical Cube Zero II