Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 20, Issue 6

543 -- 567James Richard Andrew Gray. Algebraic Exponentiation in General Categories
569 -- 582Guram Bezhanishvili. De Vries Algebras and Compact Regular Frames
583 -- 602Brian A. Davey, Miroslav Haviar, Hilary A. Priestley. Natural Dualities in Partnership
603 -- 649Dimitri Ara. The Groupoidal Analogue $\widetilde{{\Theta}}$ to Joyal's Category Θ is a Test Category

Volume 20, Issue 5

433 -- 512Juan Cuadra, Bojana Femic. A Sequence to Compute the Brauer Group of Certain Quasi-Triangular Hopf Algebras
513 -- 529María José Souto Salorio, Sonia Trepode. T-structures on the Bounded Derived Category of the Kronecker Algebra
531 -- 541Yaroslav Kopylov, Sven-Ake Wegner. On the Notion of a Semi-Abelian Category in the Sense of Palamodov

Volume 20, Issue 4

323 -- 378Antonio Martínez Cegarra, Benjamín A. Heredia, Josué Remedios. Double Groupoids and Homotopy 2-types
379 -- 391Olivia Caramello. Atomic Toposes and Countable Categoricity
393 -- 414Benno van den Berg, Chris Heunen. Noncommutativity as a Colimit
415 -- 432Bertalan Pécsi. On Morita Contexts in Bicategories

Volume 20, Issue 3

209 -- 228Richard Blute, Prakash Panangaden, Sergey Slavnov. Deep Inference and Probabilistic Coherence Spaces
229 -- 238Marino Gran, Diana Rodelo. A New Characterisation of Goursat Categories
239 -- 250Sheng-Wei Han, Bin Zhao. Remark on the Unital Quantale Q[e]
251 -- 273Robert Paré. Mealy Morphisms of Enriched Categories
275 -- 302Gabriella Böhm. Factorization Systems Induced by Weak Distributive Laws
303 -- 322Piotr Niemiec. Normed Topological Pseudovector Groups

Volume 20, Issue 2

103 -- 141. Understanding the Small Object Argument
143 -- 159Jia-Feng Lu. Notes on δ-Koszul Algebras
161 -- 174Noriyuki Abe, Hiroyuki Nakaoka. General Heart Construction on a Triangulated Category (II): Associated Homological Functor
175 -- 187Nelson Martins-Ferreira, Tim Van der Linden. A Note on the "Smith is Huq" Condition
189 -- 208Jorge Martínez. Epicompletion in Frames with Skeletal Maps, IV: *-Regular Frames

Volume 20, Issue 1

1 -- 18Manuel Sanchis, Mikhail Tkachenko. Dieudonné Completion and PT-Groups
19 -- 30Alexandru Emil Stanculescu. Bifibrations and Weak Factorisation Systems
31 -- 42Hans-E. Porst. Free Internal Groups
43 -- 95Kosta Dosen, Zoran Petric. Intermutation
97 -- 102Jan Trlifaj. Brown Representability Test Problems in Locally Grothendieck Categories