Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 26, Issue 6

1113 -- 1122Stefan Schröer. On Flasque Sheaves and Flasque Modules
1123 -- 1157Arthur J. Parzygnat. From Observables and States to Hilbert Space and Back: A 2-Categorical Adjunction
1159 -- 1184Dikran Dikranjan, Hans-Peter A. Künzi. Cowellpoweredness of Some Categories of Quasi-Uniform Spaces
1185 -- 1210Fatemeh Bagherzadeh, Murray R. Bremner. Commutativity in Double Interchange Semigroups
1211 -- 1263Leonid Positselski. Categorical Bockstein Sequences
1265 -- 1281Nicholas J. Meadows. Local Complete Segal Spaces
1283 -- 1304David Pescod. A Multiplication Formula for the Modified Caldero-Chapoton Map
1305 -- 1324Jorge Picado, Ales Pultr. Entourages, Density, Cauchy Maps, and Completion

Volume 26, Issue 5

821 -- 0. Foreword
823 -- 854Marcel Erné. Categories of Locally Hypercompact Spaces and Quasicontinuous Posets
855 -- 872Jirí Adámek, Lurdes Sousa. A Formula for Codensity Monads and Density Comonads
873 -- 881Bernhard Banaschewski. Remarks Concerning Certain Function Rings in Pointfree Topology
883 -- 889Ben Berckmoes. An Approach Theoretic Version of Anscombe's Theorem with an Application in Biostatistics
891 -- 906Maria Manuel Clementino, Jorge Picado, Ales Pultr. The Other Closure and Complete Sublocales
907 -- 908Maria Manuel Clementino, Jorge Picado, Ales Pultr. Correction to: The Other Closure and Complete Sublocales
909 -- 930Eva Colebunders, Mark Sioen, W. Van Den Haute. Normality, Regularity and Contractive Realvalued Maps
931 -- 942Alan S. Cigoli, Tomas Everaert, Marino Gran. A Relative Monotone-Light Factorization System for Internal Groupoids
943 -- 996Olivier De Deken, Wendy Lowen. ∞-Categories and Functor Categories
997 -- 1013John Frith, Anneliese Schauerte. Meet-Semilattice Congruences on a Frame
1015 -- 1039P.-A. Jacqmin, Sandra Mantovani, Giuseppe Metere, E. M. Vitale. On Fibrations Between Internal Groupoids and Their Normalizations
1041 -- 1046George Janelidze. A Note on Colebunders-Lowen-Rosiers Monads
1047 -- 1064George Janelidze, Ross Street. Infinitary Addition, Real Numbers, and Taut Monads
1065 -- 0George Janelidze, Ross Street. Correction to: Infinitary Addition, Real Numbers, and Taut Monads
1067 -- 1093Wei Li, Dexue Zhang. Scott Approach Distance on Metric Spaces
1095 -- 1111Walter Tholen. Met-Like Categories Amongst Concrete Topological Categories

Volume 26, Issue 4

617 -- 629Manuel Cortés-Izurdiaga, Alberto Facchini. Maximal Ideals in Module Categories and Applications
631 -- 644Pedro Resende. Open Maps of Involutive Quantales
645 -- 655Graham Manuell. Strictly Zero-Dimensional Biframes and a Characterisation of Congruence Frames
657 -- 679Nan Gao, Chrysostomos Psaroudakis. Ladders of Compactly Generated Triangulated Categories and Preprojective Algebras
681 -- 698Septimiu Crivei, Gabriela Olteanu. Rickart and Dual Rickart Objects in Abelian Categories: Transfer via Functors
699 -- 716Jirí Rosický, Walter Tholen. Approximate Injectivity
717 -- 745Julia Ramos González. Grothendieck Categories as a Bilocalization of Linear Sites
747 -- 765Shilong Zhang, Li Guo, William Keigher. Extensions of Operators, Liftings of Monads, and Distributive Laws
767 -- 798Matthew Burke. A Synthetic Version of Lie's Second Theorem
799 -- 820Christian Pech, Maja Pech. Fraïssé Limits in Comma Categories

Volume 26, Issue 3

413 -- 458Marcelo Aguiar, Mariana Haim, Ignacio López Franco. Monads on Higher Monoidal Categories
459 -- 476Oghenetega Ighedo. More on the Functor Induced by z-Ideals
477 -- 489Bernhard Banaschewski. On the Maps of Pointfree Topology Which Preserve the Rings of Integervalued Continuous Functions
491 -- 544Hiroyuki Nakaoka. A Simultaneous Generalization of Mutation and Recollement of Cotorsion Pairs on a Triangulated Category
545 -- 558Scott Balchin. Crossed Simplicial Group Categorical Nerves
559 -- 596Rory B. B. Lucyshyn-Wright. Commutants for Enriched Algebraic Theories and Monads
597 -- 615Alexander Campbell. Skew-Enriched Categories

Volume 26, Issue 2

205 -- 237Chris Heunen, Vaia Patta. The Category of Matroids
239 -- 285Martin Ortiz-Morales. The Auslander-Reiten Components Seen as Quasi-Hereditary Categories
287 -- 308Martin Brandenburg. Operations on Categories of Modules are Given by Schur Functors
309 -- 368Pedro Nicolás, Manuel Saorín. Generalized Tilting Theory
369 -- 400Rory B. B. Lucyshyn-Wright. Convex Spaces, Affine Spaces, and Commutants for Algebraic Theories
401 -- 412Dragan Masulovic. A New Proof of the Nešetřil-Rödl Theorem

Volume 26, Issue 1

1 -- 6Jan Grebík. An Example of a Fraïssé Class Without a Katětov Functor
7 -- 28Mehmet Akif Erdal, Özgün Ünlü. Semigroup Actions on Sets and the Burnside Ring
29 -- 46S. Gorchinskiy, V. Guletskii. Positive Model Structures for Abstract Symmetric Spectra
47 -- 111Gabriella Böhm, José Gómez-Torrecillas, Stephen Lack. Weak Multiplier Bimonoids
113 -- 128Jan Foniok, Claude Tardif. Hedetniemi's Conjecture and Adjoint Functors in Thin Categories
129 -- 151A. Hager, J. Martinez, C. Monaco. The Category of Archimedean ℓ-Groups With Strong Unit, and Some of its Epireflective Subcategories
153 -- 203David White, Donald Yau. Bousfield Localization and Algebras over Colored Operads