Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 27, Issue 6

567 -- 617Charles Walker. Distributive Laws via Admissibility
619 -- 640Dominique Bourn. Extracting a Σ-Mal'tsev (Σ-Protomodular) Structure from a Mal'tsev (Protomodular) Subcategory
641 -- 662Gabriella Böhm. Crossed Modules of Monoids I: Relative Categories
663 -- 686Guram Bezhanishvili, David Gabelaia, John Harding, Mamuka Jibladze. Compact Hausdorff Spaces with Relations and Gleason Spaces
687 -- 702Themba Dube. Maximal Lindelöf Locales
703 -- 721A. Razafindrakoto. Neighbourhood Operators: Additivity, Idempotency and Convergence

Volume 27, Issue 5

435 -- 462Claudia Chaio, Isabel Pratti, María José Souto Salorio. On the Degree in Categories of Complexes of Fixed Size
463 -- 492Ignacio López Franco. Cofibrantly Generated Lax Orthogonal Factorisation Systems
493 -- 534Joost Nuiten. Homotopical Algebra for Lie Algebroids
535 -- 547Emilie Arentz-Hansen. Classifying Subcategories in Quotients of Exact Categories
549 -- 566Moncef Ghazel, Fethi Kadhi. Reedy Diagrams in V-Model Categories

Volume 27, Issue 4

323 -- 363Florin Panaite, Paul T. Schrader, Mihai D. Staic. Hom-Tensor Categories and the Hom-Yang-Baxter Equation
365 -- 383Themba Dube. Concerning P-Sublocales and Disconnectivity
385 -- 426David White 0003, Donald Yau. Homotopical Adjoint Lifting Theorem
427 -- 433Ren Wang. The Spectrum of the Singularity Category of a Category Algebra

Volume 27, Issue 3

217 -- 244Krzysztof Ziemianski. Stable Components of Directed Spaces
245 -- 260Kohei Tanaka. Strong Homotopy Types of Acyclic Categories and Δ -Complexes
261 -- 275Tomás Jakl, Achim Jung, Ales Pultr. Quotients of d-Frames
277 -- 287Sondre Kvamme, René Marczinzik. Co-Gorenstein Algebras
289 -- 310Daniel Lin. Presheaves Over a Join Restriction Category
311 -- 322Anthony Bordg. On a Model Invariance Problem in Homotopy Type Theory

Volume 27, Issue 2

111 -- 123Behrouz Edalatzadeh. Universal Central Extensions of Lie Crossed Modules Over a Fixed Lie Algebra
125 -- 143Yasuaki Ogawa. Recollements for Dualizing k-Varieties and Auslander's Formulas
145 -- 158Jean B. Nganou. Categorical Properties of Compact Hausdorff MV-Algebras
159 -- 162Vaino Tuhafeni Shaumbwa. A Characterization of the Higgins Commutator
163 -- 197Xuexing Lu, Yu Ye, Sen Hu. A Graphical Calculus for Semi-Groupal Categories
199 -- 216Ahmet A. Husainov. Homology Groups of Cubical Sets

Volume 27, Issue 1

1 -- 21Scott Balchin, Richard Garner. Bousfield Localisation and Colocalisation of One-Dimensional Model Structures
23 -- 54Clemens Berger, Kruna Ratkovic. Gabriel-Morita Theory for Excisive Model Categories
55 -- 63Fernando Lucatelli Nunes. Pseudoalgebras and Non-canonical Isomorphisms
65 -- 84Jaime Castro Pérez, Mauricio Medina Bárcenas, José Ríos Montes, Angel Zaldívar Corichi. Boolean Perspectives of Idioms and the Boyle Derivative
85 -- 109Ivan Kobyzev, Ilya Shapiro. A Categorical Approach to Cyclic Cohomology of Quasi-Hopf Algebras and Hopf Algebroids