Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 28, Issue 2

171 -- 235Richard Blute, J. Robin B. Cockett, Jean-Simon Pacaud Lemay, Robert A. G. Seely. Differential Categories Revisited
237 -- 286Kenichi Shimizu. Further Results on the Structure of (Co)Ends in Finite Tensor Categories
287 -- 322Boaz Haberman. Algebraic Theories and Commutativity in a Sheaf Topos
323 -- 338Nelson Martins-Ferreira. A Unified Classification Theorem for Mal'tsev-Like Categories
339 -- 354Richard Garner. The Vietoris Monad and Weak Distributive Laws
355 -- 365Tobias Fritz, Bas Westerbaan. The Universal Property of Infinite Direct Sums in $\hbox {C}^*$-Categories and $\hbox {W}^*$-Categories

Volume 28, Issue 1

1 -- 57Patrick Schultz, David I. Spivak, Christina Vasilakopoulou. Dynamical Systems and Sheaves
59 -- 112Pierre-Louis Curien, Jovana Obradovic. Categorified Cyclic Operads
113 -- 134Michael Hoefnagel. Characterizations of Majority Categories
135 -- 142Andrew Polonsky, Patricia Johann. Local Presentability of Certain Comma Categories
143 -- 148Bruno Chiarellotto, Nicola Mazzari. Extensions of Filtered Ogus Structures
149 -- 170James Fullwood. On Integral Structure Types