Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 3, Issue 4

305 -- 320Gilberte Bossche. Quantaloids and non-commutative ring representations
321 -- 356Roger Fenn, Colin Rourke, Brian Sanderson. Trunks and classifying spaces
357 -- 361Francesca Cagliari, Sandra Mantovani, E. M. Vitale. Regularity of the category of Kelley spaces
363 -- 370Ralf Kemper. Epimorphisms of separated totally convex spaces
371 -- 377Sung Sa Hong, Young-Kyoung Kim. Cauchy completions of nearness frames
379 -- 398A. Monadi. Complex calculus via foundation theorems

Volume 3, Issue 3

201 -- 219Graham Ellis, Keith A. Hardie. G-modules
221 -- 237Tamar Datuashvili. Cohomologically trivial internal categories in categories of groups with operations
239 -- 259Martin Jurchescu. Categories of abstract smooth models and their singular envelopes
261 -- 278Temple H. Fay, Gary L. Walls. Regular and normal closure operators and categorical compactness for groups
279 -- 301Kimmo I. Rosenthal. Quantaloids, enriched categories and automata theory

Volume 3, Issue 2

105 -- 118Lurdes Sousa. Solid hulls of concrete categories
119 -- 137Maria Manuel Clementino. Constant morphisms and constant subcategories
139 -- 149Ross Street. Ideals, radicals, and structure of additive categories
151 -- 172Sergery Dorofeev, Heinrich Kleisli. Functorial methods in the theory of group representations I
173 -- 200D. Pumplün, Helmut Röhrl. Convexity theories IV. Klein-Hilbert parts in convex modules

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 9Anneliese Schauerte. Normality for biframes
11 -- 27Bodo Pareigis, Helmut Röhrl. Complements and the Krull-Schmidt Theorem in arbitrary categories
29 -- 77Ross Street. Higher categories, strings, cubes and simplex equations
79 -- 104M. Adelman, J. V. Corbett. A sheaf model for intuitionistic quantum mechanics