Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 4, Issue 4

343 -- 360Stephen L. Bloom, Nicoletta Sabadini, Robert F. C. Walters. Matrices, machines and behaviors
361 -- 370Reinhard Börger, Ralf Kemper. A cogenerator for preseparated superconvex spaces
371 -- 386Hans-Jürgen Hoehnke. A Birkhoff theorem for partial algebras via completion
387 -- 402Hongde Hu, Walter Tholen. Quasi-coproducts and accessible categories with wide pullbacks
403 -- 421Stefano Kasangian, Anna Labella, David Murphy. Process synchronisation as fusion
423 -- 441Susan B. Niefield. An algebraic approach to chaos
443 -- 446G. Richter. An elementary approach to 'Algebra ∩ topology = compactness'

Volume 4, Issue 2-3

129 -- 136Saunders Lane. The development and prospects for category theory
137 -- 138Saunders Lane. Samuel Eilenberg's work in category theory
139 -- 165Jean Benabou. Some geometric aspects of the calculus of fractions
167 -- 174F. William Lawvere. Unity and identity of opposites in calculus and physics
175 -- 193Ronald Brown. Homotopy theory, and change of base for groupoids and multiple groupoids
195 -- 212Jean-Marc Cordier, Timothy Porter. Categorical aspects of equivariant homotopy
213 -- 225Antonio R. Garzón, Jesús G. Miranda. n-types in diagram categories
227 -- 240Jirí Adámek, Jirí Rosický. On geometric and finitary sketches
241 -- 249Vera Trnková. Algebraic theories, clones and their segments
251 -- 281Roy L. Crole. On fixpoint objects and gluing constructions
283 -- 296Simon Ambler, Dominic Verity. Generalized logic and the representation of rings
297 -- 305Maria-Cristina Pedicchio. Arithmetical categories and commutator theory
307 -- 327Dominique Bourn. Mal'cev categories and fibration of pointed objects
329 -- 341Yves Diers. Categories of algebraic sets

Volume 4, Issue 1

0 -- 0Eraldo Guili. Preface
1 -- 14Horst Herrlich. Compactness and the axiom of choice
15 -- 29Maria Manuel Clementino. On categorical notions of compact objects
31 -- 41G. Richter. Reflective relatives of adjunctions
43 -- 55H. L. Bentley, Miroslav Husek, R. G. Ori. The Katětov dimension of proximity spaces
57 -- 68Miroslav Husek, Anna Tozzi. Generalized reflective cum coreflective classes in Top and Unif
69 -- 79E. Lowen-Colebunders, G. Sonck. Prtop
81 -- 85Michael Barr, Maria-Cristina Pedicchio. Topological spaces and quasi-varieties
87 -- 95Lurdes Sousa. α-Sober spaces via the orthogonal closure operator
97 -- 106Manuela Sobral. Some aspects of topological descent
107 -- 120David B. Holgate. The pullback closure operator and generalisations of perfectness
121 -- 126Jirí Adámek. A remark on fixed points of functors in topological categories
127 -- 128Hans-E. Porst. Concrete categories are concretely equivalent iff their uniquely transportable modifications are strict concretely isomorphic