Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 8, Issue 4

579 -- 593Ralf Kemper. p-Banach Spaces and p-Totally Convex Spaces. II
595 -- 606Lutz Schröder, Horst Herrlich. Free Adjunction of Morphisms
607 -- 637M. Sioen. On the Epireflectivity of the Wallman-Shanin-Type Compactification for Approach Spaces
639 -- 648M. G. Charalambous. Strong Nearness Frames Having Enough Cauchy Filters
649 -- 653Philipp Sünderhauf. Sobriety in Terms of Nets

Volume 8, Issue 3

391 -- 392Hans-E. Porst. Editorial
393 -- 406Miroslav Husek, Anna Tozzi. A Generalization of Herrlich s Question on Almost Reflective and Coreflective Subclasses of Top and Unif
407 -- 424Vera Trnková. Spaces without Nonconstant Maps into Y
425 -- 434H. L. Bentley, Miroslav Husek, E. Lowen-Colebunders. A Stone-Weierstrass Type Theorem for an Unstructured Set - with Applications
435 -- 446P. J. Collins, C. A. Hendrie. On Strict Extensions of Nearness Spaces
447 -- 461R. Lowen, M. Sioen. A Unified Functional Look at Completion in MET, UNIF and AP
463 -- 474Gerhard Preuß. Completion of Semiuniform Convergence Spaces
475 -- 486Bernhard Banaschewski, S. S. Hong. Extension by Continuity in Pointfree Topology
487 -- 502Eraldo Giuli, Walter Tholen. Openness with Respect to a Closure Operator
503 -- 517Jirí Adámek, Francis Borceux. Morita Equivalence of Sketches
519 -- 525Hans-E. Porst. Minimal Generators in Varieties
527 -- 544D. Pumplün, Helmut Röhrl. Convexity Theories V: Extensions of Absolutely and Totally Convex Modules
545 -- 558Guillaume C. L. Brümmer, Eraldo Giuli, David B. Holgate. Direct Reflections
559 -- 578George E. Strecker. Flows With Respect to a Functor

Volume 8, Issue 1-2

3 -- 6John Isbell. Relatively Parametrizable Subalgebras
7 -- 15Peter Johnstone. An Unsitely Result on Atomic Morphisms
17 -- 44Till Plewe. Quotient Maps of Locales
45 -- 66Paul Bankston. Some Applications of the Ultrapower Theorem to the Theory of Compacta
67 -- 80Horst Herrlich, Ales Pultr. Nearness, Subfitness and Sequential Regularity
81 -- 113Dominique Bourn. The Structural Nature of the Nerve Functor for n-Groupoids
115 -- 144Marcel Erné. Prime Ideal Theory for General Algebras
145 -- 160Karl Heinrich Hofmann. An Illustration of the Power of Structure Theory
161 -- 173Günther Richter. Coreflectivity of E-Monads and Algebraic Hulls
175 -- 207Dikran Dikranjan, Hans-Peter A. Künzi. Separation and Epimorphisms in Quasi-Uniform Spaces
209 -- 234K. A. Hardie, K. H. Kamps, R. W. Kieboom. A Homotopy 2-Groupoid of a Hausdorff Space
235 -- 245R. Lowen, P. Wuyts. A Complete Classification of the Simultaneously Bireflective and Bicoreflective Subconstructs of Approach Spaces
247 -- 256E. Lowen-Colebunders, C. Verbeeck. Exponential Objects in Coreflective or Quotient Reflective Subconstructs: A Comparison
257 -- 269Helmut Röhrl. Completeness and Cocompleteness of RSmod1 N
271 -- 277SungSa Hong, YoungKyoung Kim. Cauchy Complete Nearness Spaces
279 -- 305Romaine Jayewardene, Oswald Wyler. Categories of Relations and Functional Relations
307 -- 316Renato Betti. Weak Equivalence of Internal Categories
317 -- 326Temple H. Fay, Stephan V. Joubert. Isolated Submodules and Skew Fields
327 -- 337A. Tozzi, Vera Trnková. Clone Segments of the Tychonoff Modification of Space
339 -- 350Xiaomin Dong, Walter Tholen. Representation of Relations by Partial Maps
351 -- 366Jorge Picado. Structured Frames by Weil Entourages
367 -- 376Jürgen Reinhold. Finite Intervals in the Lattice of Topologies
377 -- 390D. Baboolal. Local Connectedness Made Uniform