Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 9, Issue 6

539 -- 556Maria Manuel Clementino. On Connectedness via Closure Operators
557 -- 570Josef Slapal. Convergence Structures for Categories
571 -- 593Lutz Schröder, Horst Herrlich. Free Factorizations
595 -- 623Michel Hébert. Concretely Locally Presentable and Locally Generated Categories
625 -- 650Dali Zangurashvili. Adjunctions and Locally Transferable Factorization Systems

Volume 9, Issue 5

437 -- 456Robert D. Rosebrugh, R. J. Wood. Boundedness and Complete Distributivity
457 -- 463Taras Radul. Functional Representations of Lawson Monads
465 -- 496Antonio M. Cegarra, Antonio R. Garzón. Homotopy Classification of Categorical Torsors
497 -- 504R. Rother. Realizations of Topological Categories
505 -- 516Manuela Sobral. Another Approach to Topological Descent Theory
517 -- 523Anthony W. Hager, Jorge Martínez. Maximum Monoreflections and Essential Extensions
525 -- 537G. Castellini, Eraldo Giuli. Closure Operators with Respect to a Functor

Volume 9, Issue 4

329 -- 338Jirí Rosický. Quantaloids for Concurrency
339 -- 364G. M. Germano, S. Mazzanti. Non-Deterministic Closure Theory and Universal Arrows
365 -- 368H.-P. Butzmann. An Incomplete Function Space
369 -- 379J. Minkler, G. Minkler, G. Richardson. Subcategories of Filter Tower Spaces
381 -- 394Mojgan Mahmoudi, M. Mehdi Ebrahimi. Purity and Equational Compactness of Projection Algebras
395 -- 417Bernhard Banaschewski, Christopher Gilmour. Realcompactness and the Cozero Part of a Frame
419 -- 436Bernhard Banaschewski, Ales Pultr. Adjointness Aspects of the Down-Set Functor

Volume 9, Issue 3

3 -- 0Bob Lowen. Editorial
217 -- 243Marcel Erné. Ideal Completions and Compactifications
245 -- 258Bernhard Banaschewski. The Axiom of Countable Choice and Pointfree Topology
259 -- 283Helmut Röhrl. Convexity Theories VII. Discrete Gamma-Convex Modules
285 -- 302G. Castellini. Connectedness with Respect to a Closure Operator
303 -- 310Eva Lowen-Colebunders, Günther Richter. An Elementary Approach to Exponential Spaces
311 -- 327K. A. Hardie, K. H. Kamps, R. W. Kieboom. A Homotopy Bigroupoid of a Topological Space

Volume 9, Issue 2

111 -- 130A. Mutlu, T. Porter. Iterated Peiffer Pairings in the Moore Complex of a Simplicial Group
131 -- 138Juraj Cincura. Heredity and Coreflective Subcategories of the Category of Topological Spaces
139 -- 151Maria Manuel Clementino, Eraldo Giuli, Walter Tholen. What is a Quotient Map with Respect to a Closure Operator?
153 -- 171Jürgen Koslowski. Beyond the Chu-construction
173 -- 216Stephen L. Bloom, Zoltán Ésik, Anna Labella, Ernest G. Manes. Iteration 2-theories

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 13Jirí Adámek, Lurdes Sousa. Constructions of Solid Hulls
15 -- 33Till Plewe, Ales Pultr, Anna Tozzi. Regular Monomorphisms of Hausdorff Frames
35 -- 40Yves Diers. Affine Algebraic Varieties Relative to an Algebraic Theory
41 -- 63Marcel Erné, Dongsheng Zhao. Z-Join Spectra of Z-Supercompactly Generated Lattices
65 -- 82Michel Bauderon, Hélène Jacquet. Pullback as a Generic Graph Rewriting Mechanism
83 -- 110Reiko Heckel, Hartmut Ehrig, Uwe Wolter, Andrea Corradini. Double-Pullback Transitions and Coalgebraic Loose Semantics for Graph Transformation Systems