Journal: Advances in Complex Systems

Volume 14, Issue 6

817 -- 827Zeraoulia Elhadj, Julien Clinton Sprott. Robustification of Chaos in 2D Maps
829 -- 851Lawrence S. Schulman, J. P. Bagrow, B. Gaveau. Visualizing Relations Using the "Observable Representation"
853 -- 869Philippe J. Giabbanelli. The Small-World Property in Networks Growing by Active Edges
871 -- 885Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, Serge Galam. Word-of-Mouth versus Experts and Reputation in the Individual Dynamics of Wine purchasing
887 -- 904Cedric Wanko. A Secure reversion Protocol that generates Pay-Offs Dominating Rewards from Correlated Equilibrium
905 -- 949Reginald D. Smith. The Dynamics of Internet Traffic: Self-Similarity, Self-Organization, and Complex Phenomena

Volume 14, Issue 5

649 -- 672Ming Xu, Brad R. Allenby, John C. Crittenden. Interconnectedness and Resilience of the U.S. Economy
673 -- 690Shouwei Li. Contagion Risk in an Evolving Network Model of Banking Systems
691 -- 710Huijuan Wang, E. van Boven, A. Krishnakumar, M. Hosseini, H. van Hooff, T. Takema, N. Baken, Piet Van Mieghem. Multi-Weighted Monetary Transaction Network
711 -- 731Nestor Caticha, Renato Vicente. Agent-Based Social Psychology: from Neurocognitive Processes to Social Data
733 -- 759Tobias Kretz, Andree Große, Stefan Hengst, Lukas Kautzsch, Andrej Pohlmann, Peter Vortisch. Quickest Paths in Simulations of Pedestrians
761 -- 794Nicolas Brodu. Reconstruction of epsilon-Machines in Predictive Frameworks and Decisional States
795 -- 815Di Jin, Dayou Liu, Bo Yang 0002, Jie Liu, Dongxiao He. Ant Colony Optimization with a New Random Walk Model for Community Detection in Complex Networks

Volume 14, Issue 4

0 -- 0Jorge Louçã. Editorial
529 -- 536Sebastian Grauwin, Dominic Hunt, Eric Bertin, Pablo Jensen. Effective Free Energy for Individual Dynamics
537 -- 547Christel Kamp. Mixing Patterns among Epidemic Groups
549 -- 565Joaquim Carvalho, Rui L. Lopes, João Tojo. Modeling Settlement Patterns in Real Territories
567 -- 586Walter Quattrociocchi, Rosaria Conte, Elena Lodi. Opinions Manipulation: Media, Power and Gossip
587 -- 609Christophe Guéret, Shenghui Wang, Paul T. Groth, Stefan Schlobach. Multi-Scale Analysis of the Web of Data: a Challenge to the Complex System s Community
611 -- 633Joydeep Chandra, Niloy Ganguly. On Coverage Bounds of Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks
635 -- 647Gian Marco Palamara, Vinko Zlatic, Antonio Scala, Guido Caldarelli. Population Dynamics on Complex Food Webs

Volume 14, Issue 3

317 -- 339David M. D. Smith, Jukka-Pekka Onnela, Chiu Fan Lee, Mark D. Fricker, Neil F. Johnson. Network Automata: Coupling Structure and Function in Dynamic Networks
341 -- 358Carlos Rodríguez-Lucatero, Roberto Bernal Jaquez. Virus and Warning Spread in Dynamical Networks
359 -- 376Albrecht Irle, Jonas Kauschke, Thomas Lux, Mishael Milakovic. Switching Rates and the asymptotic Behavior of Herding Models
377 -- 401Tetsushi Ohdaira, Takao Terano. The Diversity in the Decision Facilitates Cooperation in the Sequential Prisoner s Dilemma Game
403 -- 414Marcelo N. Kuperman. A Model for the Emergence of Social Organization in primates
415 -- 438Pierre Borgnat, Patrice Abry, Patrick Flandrin, Céline Robardet, Jean-Baptiste Rouquier, Eric Fleury. Shared Bicycles in a City: a Signal Processing and Data Analysis Perspective
439 -- 449Thomas Skodawessely, Konstantin Klemm. Finding attractors in Asynchronous Boolean Dynamics
451 -- 469Qi Wang, Bo Liu, Shiwei Yan. Oscillatory Dynamics Induced by Multi-Delays in Gene Expression
471 -- 528Matthew E. Taylor, Manish Jain, Prateek Tandon, Makoto Yokoo, Milind Tambe. Distributed on-Line Multi-Agent Optimization under Uncertainty: Balancing Exploration and Exploitation

Volume 14, Issue 2

0 -- 0Frank Schweitzer, Matthew E. Taylor. Editorial: Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
111 -- 131Frank Edward Walter. Trust as the Basis of Coalition Formation in Electronic Marketplaces
133 -- 149Akihiro Yamashita, Hidenori Kawamura, Keiji Suzuki. Adaptive Fusion Method for User-Based and Item-Based Collaborative Filtering
151 -- 167Andrea Apolloni, Floriana Gargiulo. Diffusion Processes through Social Groups Dynamics
169 -- 199Myong-Hun Chang. Emergent Social Learning Networks in Organizations with Heterogeneous Agents
201 -- 227Daniel Villatoro, Sandip Sen, Jordi Sabater-Mir. Exploring the Dimensions of Convention Emergence in Multiagent Systems
229 -- 250Enda Howley, Jim Duggan. Investing in the Commons: a Study of Openness and the Emergence of Cooperation
251 -- 278Sam Devlin, Daniel Kudenko, Marek Grzes. An Empirical Study of Potential-Based Reward Shaping and Advice in Complex, Multi-Agent Systems
279 -- 305Bikramjit Banerjee, Landon Kraemer. Action Discovery for Single and Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 12Laurent Tambayong. Boolean Network and Simmelian Tie in the Co-Author Model: a Study of Dynamics and Structure of a Strategic Alliance Model
13 -- 30Timoteo Carletti, Simone Righi, Duccio Fanelli. Emerging Structures in Social Networks Guided by Opinions Exchanges
31 -- 53Constanza Fosco, Annick Laruelle, Angel Sánchez. Turnout Intention and Random Social Networks
55 -- 75James Decraene, Barry McMullin. The Evolution of Complexity in Self-Maintaining Cellular Information Processing Networks
77 -- 96Stephan Peter, Peter Dittrich. On the Relation between Organizations and Limit Sets in Chemical Reaction Systems
97 -- 109Weibing Deng, Wei Li, Xu Cai, Qiuping A. Wang. On the Application of the Cross-Correlations in the Chinese Fund Market: Descriptive Properties and Scaling Behaviors