Journal: Advances in Complex Systems

Volume 22, Issue 7&8

0 -- 0LinYing Xiang, Guanrong Chen. Minimal Edge controllability of Directed Networks
0 -- 0Jordan C. Rozum, Réka Albert. Controlling the cell Cycle restriction Switch across the Information Gradient
0 -- 0Yan Zhang, Antonios Garas, Frank Schweitzer. Control Contribution identifies Top Driver Nodes in Complex Networks
0 -- 0Qi Cao, Guilherme Ramos, Paul Bogdan, Sérgio Pequito. The actuation spectrum of Spatiotemporal Networks with Power-Law Time Dependencies
0 -- 0Gaopeng Duan, Aming Li, Tao Meng, Long Wang 0001. Energy Cost for target control of Complex Networks
0 -- 0Babak Ravandi, Forough S. Ansari, Fatma Mili. Controllability Analysis of Complex Networks using Statistical Random Sampling
0 -- 0Aming Li, Yang-Yu Liu. Controlling Network dynamics

Volume 22, Issue 6

0 -- 0Solomija N. Buk, Yuri Krynytskyi, Andrij A. Rovenchak. Properties of Autosemantic Word Networks in Ukrainian Texts
0 -- 0Rohan Sharma, Bibhas Adhikari, Tyll Krueger. Self-Organized corona graphs: a Deterministic Complex Network Model with Hierarchical Structure
0 -- 0James B. Glattfelder. The Bow-Tie Centrality: a Novel Measure for Directed and Weighted Networks with an Intrinsic Node Property

Volume 22, Issue 5

0 -- 0Jirí Kroc, Francisco Jiménez-Morales, Jose Luis Guisado, María Carmen Lemos, Jakub Tkác. Building Efficient Computational Cellular Automata Models of Complex Systems: Background, Applications, Results, Software, and Pathologies
0 -- 0Olivier Gallay, Fariba Hashemi, Max-Olivier Hongler. Imitation, Proximity, and growth - a Collective Swarm dynamics Approach
0 -- 0Xiaoran Lin, Shangbo Zhou, Lihui Sun, Yali Wu. Complex function Projective Synchronization in fractional-order Complex Networks and its Application in Fractal Pattern Recognition

Volume 22, Issue 4

1950007 -- 0Malgorzata Przybyla-Kasperek. Comparison of two Methods for Generating the Coalitions of Classifiers and two Methods for Reducing Dimensionality in a Dispersed Decision-Making System
1950008 -- 0F. Jacobs, S. Galam. Two-Opinions-dynamics Generated by Inflexibles and non-contrarian and contrarian Floaters
1950009 -- 0Clara Burgos, Juan Carlos Cortés, David Martínez Rodríguez, Rafael-Jacinto Villanueva. Computational Modeling with uncertainty of Frequent Users of E-Commerce in Spain using an Age-Group Dynamic nonlinear Model with varying Size Population

Volume 22, Issue 3

1950004 -- 0Hao Long, Xiao Wei Liu. A Unified Community Detection Algorithm in Large-Scale Complex Networks
1950005 -- 0Didier Sornette, Spencer Wheatley, Peter Cauwels. The Fair Reward Problem: the illusion of Success and How to solve IT
1950006 -- 0Andrew Mellor. Event graphs: Advances and Applications of second-order Time-Unfolded Temporal Network Models

Volume 22, Issue 2

1950001 -- 0Alper Demir 0002, Erkin Çilden, Faruk Polat. Generating Effective Initiation Sets for Subgoal-Driven options
1950002 -- 0Nadine Walters, Gusti van Zyl, Conrad Beyers. Financial Contagion in Large, Inhomogeneous stochastic interbank Networks
1950003 -- 0Feng Xiong, Shaojie Xiang, Peng Jin. Study on Computational Experiments of C2C Tax Compliance based on Information of Cybermediaries

Volume 22, Issue 1

1850023 -- 0Inga A. Ivanova, Øivind Strand, Loet Leydesdorff. An Eco-Systems Approach to Constructing Economic Complexity Measures: Endogenization of the technological Dimension using Lotka-Volterra equations
1850025 -- 0Oliver Pfante, Nils Bertschinger. Information-Theoretic Analysis of stochastic volatility Models
1850027 -- 0Zenonas Navickas, Tadas Telksnys, Inga Timofejeva, Minvydas Ragulskis, Romas Marcinkevicius. An analytical Scheme for the Analysis of Multi-hump solitons