Journal: Advances in Complex Systems

Volume 3, Issue 1-4

19 -- 38Rosaria Conte. The necessity of intelligent agents in social simulation
39 -- 52Mario Paolucci. False reputation in social control
53 -- 66Francesco C. Billari. Searching for Mates Using 'Fast and Frugal' Heuristics: a Demographic Perspective
67 -- 86Andrzej Nowak, Robin R. Vallacher, Wojciech Borkowski. Modeling the temporal coordination of behavior and internal states
87 -- 98Guillaume Deffuant, David Neau, Frédéric Amblard, Gérard Weisbuch. Mixing beliefs among interacting agents
99 -- 108Alexander A. Laptev. Modeling of Social Processes Based on T.Parsons Ideas
109 -- 126Christina Aschan-Leygonie, Hélène Mathian, Léna Sanders, Kalle Mäkilä. A spatial microsimulation of population dynamics in Southern France: a model integrating individual decisions and spatial constraints
127 -- 140Diane Vanbergue, Jean-Pierre Treuil, Alexis Drogoul. Modelling urban phenomena with cellular automata
141 -- 154Matteo Bellomo, Sylvie Occelli. Simulating accessibility by SWARM
155 -- 170Jean-Luc Bonnefoy, Christophe Le Page, Juliette Rouchier, François Bousquet. Modelling spatial practices and social representations of space using multi-agent systems
171 -- 180Serge Galam. Democratic Voting in Hierarchical Structures or How to Build a Dictatorship
181 -- 194Dominique Lepelley, Ahmed Louichi, Fabrice Valognes. Computer simulations of voting systems
195 -- 208Alain Albert, Wolfgang Balzer. Towards Computational Institutional Analysis: Discrete Simulation of a 3P Model
209 -- 220Niels Lepperhoff. Dreamscape Testing the Rational Choice Theory
221 -- 242Frank Beckenbach. Multi-Agent Modelling of Resource Systems and Markets: Theoretical consideration and simulation results
243 -- 256José Castro Caldas, Helder Coelho. The Interplay of Power on the Horizon
257 -- 270Pietro Terna. The "mind or no-mind" dilemma in agents behaving in a market
271 -- 282Robert Savit, Yi Li, Adrian Vandeemen. Variable Payoffs in the Minority Game
283 -- 300Martín G. Zimmermann, Víctor M. Eguíluz, Maxi San Miguel, Amedeo Spadaro. Cooperation in an Adaptive Network
301 -- 322Sorin Solomon. Generalized Lotka-Volterra (GLV) Models of Stock Markets
323 -- 334Marco A. Janssen, Wander Jager. Psychological factors affecting market dynamics: the role of uncertainty and need satisfaction
335 -- 352Gérard Ballot, Erol Taymaz. Competition, training, heterogeneity persistence, and aggregate growth in a multi-agent evolutionary model
353 -- 370Nicolas Carayol. Modeling creation vs. diffusion of structured knowledge
371 -- 384Leslie Rosenthal. Simulating transaction networks in housing markets
385 -- 398Takuya Iwamura, Yoshiyasu Takefuji. An artificial market based on agents with fluid attitude toward risks and returns
399 -- 416Jean-Michel Dalle, Nicolas Jullien. Windows vs. Linux: Some Explorations into the Economics of Free Software
417 -- 432Mariana Mazzucato. Firm Size, Innovation, and Market Share Instability: the Role of Negative Feedback and Idiosyncratic Events
433 -- 450Georg P. Mueller. Exploring the Dynamics of Social Policy Models: A Computer Simulation of Long-term Unemployment
451 -- 0Eric Bonabeau. Business Applications of Social Agent-Based Simulation