Journal: Advances in Complex Systems

Volume 5, Issue 4

339 -- 360Daniel C. Bonzo, Augusto Y. Hermosilla. Clustering Panel Data via perturbed Adaptive Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithms
361 -- 370José-Leonel Torres, Lynn Trainor. Genomic Organization and Hopfield's Model of Associative Memory
371 -- 388Rosangela Helena Loschi, Frederico R. B. Cruz. Applying the Product Partition Model to the Identification of Multiple Change Points
389 -- 408Cândida Ferreira. Genetic Representation and Genetic neutrality in gene Expression Programming
409 -- 432Yaneer Bar-Yam. Sum Rule for Multiscale Representations of kinematically Described Systems
433 -- 444E. Ahmed, A. S. Hegazi, A. S. Elgazzar. On Spatial Asymmetric Games
445 -- 456Bosiljka Tadic, G. J. Rodgers. Packet Transport on Scale-Free Networks
457 -- 0Bärbel M. R. Stadler. Diffusion of a Population of Interacting Replicators in sequence Space

Volume 5, Issue 2-3

101 -- 102Frank Schweitzer. Guest Editor's Introduction
103 -- 246Bastien Chopard, Alexandre Dupuis, Alexandre Masselot, Pascal O. Luthi. Cellular Automata and Lattice Boltzmann Techniques: an Approach to Model and Simulate Complex Systems
247 -- 268Joana Moreira, Andreas Deutsch. Cellular Automaton Models of Tumor Development: a Critical Review
269 -- 300Frank Schweitzer, Laxmidhar Behera, Heinz Mühlenbein. Evolution of Cooperation in a Spatial Prisoner's Dilemma
301 -- 338Heinz Mühlenbein, Robin Höns. Stochastic Analysis of Cellular Automata with Application to the Voter Model

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 6Ramon Ferrer i Cancho, Ricard V. Solé. Zipf's Law and Random Texts
7 -- 18Marcelo A. Montemurro, Damián H. Zanette. Entropic Analysis of the Role of Words in Literary Texts
19 -- 42J. Antonio del Río, Ronald N. Kostoff, Esther Ofilia García, Ana María Ramírez, James A. Humenik. Phenomenological Approach to Profile Impact of Scientific Research: citation Mining
43 -- 54Ricard V. Solé, Romualdo Pastor-Satorras, Eric Smith, Thomas B. Kepler. A Model of Large-Scale proteome Evolution
55 -- 72Vivek S. Borkar. Reinforcement Learning in Markovian Evolutionary Games
73 -- 90A. J. Palmer, T. L. Schneider, L. A. Benjamin. Inference versus Imprint in Climate Modeling
91 -- 96Cosma Rohilla Shalizi, James P. Crutchfield. Information Bottlenecks, Causal States, and Statistical Relevance Bases: How to Represent Relevant Information in memoryless transduction
97 -- 100Dietrich Stauffer. Better Being Third than Second in a Search for a Majority Opinion