Journal: Advances in Complex Systems

Volume 6, Issue 4

457 -- 476Pascal Bruniaux, Adel Ghith, Christian Vasseur. Modeling and parametric Study of a Fabric Drape
477 -- 486Felix Pütsch. Analysis and Modeling of Science Collaboration Networks
487 -- 506Stirling A. Colgate, Steen Rasmussen, Johndale C. Solem, Klaus Lackner. An Astrophysical Basis for a Universal Origin of Life
507 -- 514Dafang Zheng, Güler Ergün. Coupled Growing Networks
515 -- 536Kazumasa Oida. The Birth and Death Processes of Hypercycle spirals
537 -- 558Kenny Smith, Henry Brighton, Simon Kirby. Complex Systems in Language Evolution: the Cultural Emergence of Compositional Structure
559 -- 564Dietrich Stauffer, Jorge S. Sá Martins. et al.
565 -- 574Pablo M. Gleiser, Leon Danon. Community Structure in Jazz
575 -- 598Gerardo Miramontes de León, David C. Farden, Lyle E. McBride. A System Identification Approach to Estimating Complex Impedance spectra from Electrochemical noise Data
599 -- 630Rodrick Wallace. Systemic lupus Erythematosus in African-American women: Cognitive Physiological Modules, Autoimmune Disease, and Structured Psychosocial stress
631 -- 0Stefano Battiston, Gérard Weisbuch, Eric Bonabeau. Decision Spread in the Corporate Board Network

Volume 6, Issue 3

263 -- 266Akira Namatame, Yuji Aruka. Guest Editors' Introduction
267 -- 282Mauro Gallegati, Gianfranco Giulioni, Nozomi Kichiji. Complex Dynamics and Financial Fragility in an Agent-Based Model
283 -- 302Shu-Heng Chen, Chung-Ching Tai. Trading Restrictions, Price Dynamics and allocative Efficiency in Double Auction Markets: Analysis Based on Agent-Based Modeling and Simulations
303 -- 312Taisei Kaizoji, Michiyo Kaizoji. Empirical Laws of a Stock Price Index and a Stochastic Model
313 -- 330Terry Bossomaier. Complexity: Metrics and Modules
331 -- 348Yutaka I. Leon-Suematsu, Keiki Takadama, Norberto Eiji Nawa, Katsunori Shimohara, Osamu Katai. Analyzing the Agent-Based Model and its Implications
349 -- 360Rob Stocker, David Cornforth, David G. Green. A Simulation of the Impact of Media on Social Cohesion
361 -- 374Makoto Mizuno, Naoki Nishiyama. Interacting TV viewers: a Case of Empirical Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation for Business Application
375 -- 392Jun Tanimoto, Haruyuki Fujii. A Study on Research Performance in Japanese Universities: which is More Efficient - a Professor Who is Leading his Research Group or One Who is Working Alone? The Multi-Agent Simulation knows
393 -- 404Shoichiro Nakayama. A CAFé Choice Problem as an Extended Arthur's el Farol Problem
405 -- 426Paul Darbyshire. Effects of Communication on Group Learning Rates in a Multi-Agent Environment
427 -- 440Masao Kubo, Yoshiyuki Sasakabe. Re-Formation of Mobile Agents Structure by the Synchronization of Coupled Chaotic oscillators
441 -- 456William J. Chivers, Ric D. Herbert. The Effects of varying parameter Values and Heterogeneity in an Individual-Based Model of predator-prey Interaction

Volume 6, Issue 2

163 -- 176Petter Holme. Congestion and Centrality in Traffic Flow on Complex Networks
177 -- 204Enrico Capobianco. Functional Approximation in Multiscale Complex Systems
205 -- 214J. R. Fermin, R. Rivas Suárez, J. P. Franceschini, L. J. Rodríguez. Front Propagation in uniaxial Ferromagnets
215 -- 222G. J. Rodgers, Y. J. Yap, T. P. Young. Simple Models of Waiting Lists
223 -- 240Sebastián Bouzat, Damián H. Zanette. Survival and Extinction in the Replicator Model: Dynamics and Statistics
241 -- 250Joseph L. Pe. Fractal Dimension, Primes, and the Persistence of Memory
251 -- 262Kestutis Staliunas. Anticorrelations and subdiffusion in Financial Systems

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 2Jerzy Maselko. Guest Editor's Introduction
3 -- 14Jerzy Maselko. Pattern Formations in Chemical Systems
15 -- 36Barak Shenhav, Daniel Segrè, Doron Lancet. Mesobiotic Emergence: molecular and Ensemble Complexity in Early Evolution
37 -- 46Yohei Yokobayashi, Cynthia H. Collins, Jared R. Leadbetter, Frances H. Arnold, Ron Weiss. Evolutionary Design of Genetic Circuits and Cell-Cell Communications
47 -- 78Bärbel M. R. Stadler, Peter F. Stadler. Molecular Replicator Dynamics
79 -- 92Kunihiko Kaneko. Recursiveness and Evolvability in a Mutually catalytic reaction System
93 -- 114Raima Larter, Melissa Glendening Craig, Rebecca Tinsley. Continuing Emergence in Living Systems
115 -- 126Joseph E. Earley Sr.. How Dynamic Aggregates May Achieve Effective Integration
127 -- 136Satoshi Nakata, Yukie Doi. Mode-Emergence in the Synchronized Sailing of camphor boats
137 -- 154Peter E. Strizhak. Application of Chemical Chaos to Analytical Chemistry
155 -- 162Annette Taylor. Chemical Patterns in Simple Flow Systems