Journal: Comput. Appl. Math.

Volume 38, Issue 4

0 -- 0Md. Yasin Ali, Abeda Sultana, Nirmal Kanti Mitra. Monotonic fuzzy soft hemiring
0 -- 0Hui Wang, Shou-Fu Tian, Tian-Tian Zhang 0001, Yi Chen, Yong Fang. General lump solutions, lumpoff solutions, and rogue wave solutions with predictability for the (2+1)-dimensional Korteweg-de Vries equation
0 -- 0Zahra Khoshgam, Ali Ashrafi. A new hybrid conjugate gradient method for large-scale unconstrained optimization problem with non-convex objective function
0 -- 0Rakesh Kumar, Reena Koundal, Sabir Ali Shehzad. Generalized least square homotopy perturbation solution of fractional telegraph equations
0 -- 0Sachin Kumar, Prashant Pandey, Subir Das. Gegenbauer wavelet operational matrix method for solving variable-order non-linear reaction-diffusion and Galilei invariant advection-diffusion equations
0 -- 0Zhongyun Liu, Siheng Chen, Weijin Xu, Yulin Zhang. The eigen-structures of real (skew) circulant matrices with some applications
0 -- 0S. Toubaei, M. Garshasbi, P. Reihani. Boundary functions determination in an inverse time fractional heat conduction problem
0 -- 0Yekini Shehu, Olaniyi Samuel Iyiola, Xiao-Huan Li, Qiao-Li Dong. Convergence analysis of projection method for variational inequalities
0 -- 0Gholamreza Hesamian, Mohammad Ghasem Akbari. Principal component analysis based on intuitionistic fuzzy random variables
0 -- 0Muhammad Shabir, Saba Liaquat, Shahida Bashir. Regular and intra-regular semirings in terms of bipolar fuzzy ideals
0 -- 0Zhao Deng, Sanyang Liu. An indefinite proximal Peaceman-Rachford splitting method with substitution procedure for convex programming
0 -- 0F. Shayanfard, Hojatollah Laeli Dastjerdi, Farid Mohammad Maalek Ghaini. A numerical method for solving Volterra integral equations of the third kind by multistep collocation method
0 -- 0Avyt Asanov, Ricardo Almeida 0001, Agnieszka B. Malinowska. Fractional differential equations and Volterra-Stieltjes integral equations of the second kind
0 -- 0Alireza Ghafarimoghadam, Sima Ghayebloo, Mir Saman Pishvaee. A fuzzy-budgeted robust optimization model for joint network design-pricing problem in a forward-reverse supply chain: the viewpoint of third-party logistics
0 -- 0Aman Jhinga, Varsha Daftardar-Gejji. A new numerical method for solving fractional delay differential equations
0 -- 0Xiao Guo 0002, Xuli Han, Yali Zhang. The local integro splines with optimized knots
0 -- 0Yuping Li, Zhanwen Yang, Chiping Zhang. Theoretical and numerical analysis of third-kind auto-convolution Volterra integral equations
0 -- 0M. Dirbaz, Tofigh Allahviranloo. Fuzzy multiquadric radial basis functions for solving fuzzy partial differential equations
0 -- 0Saba Ayub, Waqas Mahmood, Faiza Ghulam Nabi, Muhammad Shabir. Applications of roughness in soft-intersection groups
0 -- 0Jianming Zhan, Bingzhen Sun. Covering-based soft fuzzy rough theory and its application to multiple criteria decision making
0 -- 0Xuewen Tan, Yuanpeng Zhu. Quasi-quintic trigonometric Bézier curves with two shape parameters
0 -- 0Mohsen Hadadian Nejad Yousefi, Seyed Hossein Ghoreishi Najafabadi, Emran Tohidi. A fast and efficient numerical approach for solving advection-diffusion equations by using hybrid functions
0 -- 0E. G. Emam. Group compatible intuitionistic fuzzy matrices
0 -- 0Wongvisarut Khuangsatung, Pachara Jailoka, Suthep Suantai. An iterative method for solving proximal split feasibility problems and fixed point problems
0 -- 0Lanre Akinyemi. q-Homotopy analysis method for solving the seventh-order time-fractional Lax's Korteweg-de Vries and Sawada-Kotera equations
0 -- 0Shaqing Zhang, Junrui Zhong, Haidong Yang, Zhantao Li, Guosheng Liu. A study on PGEP to evolve heuristic rules for FJSSP considering the total cost of energy consumption and weighted tardiness
0 -- 0Jian-zhong Xiao, Yue Zhu. Approximation of common fixed points of asymptotically nonexpansive cosine family based on modified Ishikawa iterations
0 -- 0Juan Luis García Guirao, Jaume Llibre, Wei Gao. Topological entropy of continuous self-maps on a graph
0 -- 0Yongkang Wang 0003, Jian Gao. MacDonald codes over the ring $${\mathbb {F}}_{p}+v{\mathbb {F}}_{p}+v^2{\mathbb {F}}_{p}$$
0 -- 0Diana Caponetti, Mieczyslaw Cichon, Valeria Marraffa. On a step method and a propagation of discontinuity
0 -- 0Onur Saldir, Mehmet Giyas Sakar, Fevzi Erdogan. Numerical solution of time-fractional Kawahara equation using reproducing kernel method with error estimate
0 -- 0Mounira Kesmia, Soraya Boughaba, Sabir Jacquir. Control of periodic dynamics of nonlinear and chaotic discrete dynamical systems
0 -- 0Cun-Qiang Miao, Hao Liu. Rayleigh quotient minimization method for symmetric eigenvalue problems
0 -- 0Fermín S. V. Bazán, Luciano Bedin. Filtered spectral differentiation method for numerical differentiation of periodic functions with application to heat flux estimation
0 -- 0Ji-Chuan Liu. Reconstruction algorithms of an inverse geometric problem for the modified Helmholtz equation
0 -- 0Mohsen Esmaeilbeigi, Omid Chatrabgoun. An efficient method based on RBFs for multilayer data interpolation with application in air pollution data analysis
0 -- 0Ahmad Golbabai, Omid Nikan, Touraj Nikazad. Numerical analysis of time fractional Black-Scholes European option pricing model arising in financial market
0 -- 0Nilofar Nahid, Gnaneshwar Nelakanti. Convergence analysis of Galerkin and multi-Galerkin methods for linear integral equations on half-line using Laguerre polynomials
0 -- 0Changxin Mo, Chaoqian Li, Xuezhong Wang, Yimin Wei. Z-eigenvalues based structured tensors: $$\mathcal {M}_z$$-tensors and strong $$\mathcal {M}_z$$-tensors
0 -- 0Xueling Ma, Jianming Zhan, Madad Khan, Muhammad Zeeshan, Saima Anis, Abdul Sami Awan. Complex fuzzy sets with applications in signals
0 -- 0Hamid Esmaeili, Davoud Moazami. A kernel-based technique to solve three-dimensional linear Fredholm integral equations of the second kind over general domains
0 -- 0Mario Morales-Hernández, E. Zuazua. Adjoint computational methods for 2D inverse design of linear transport equations on unstructured grids
0 -- 0Umar Farooq 0003, Hassan Khan, Dumitru Baleanu, Muhammad Arif 0001. Numerical solutions of fractional delay differential equations using Chebyshev wavelet method
0 -- 0Agnaldo José Ferrari, Antonio Aparecido de Andrade. Algebraic lattices via polynomial rings
0 -- 0Tiago Tiburcio da Silva, Antônio Augusto Chaves, Horacio Hideki Yanasse, Henrique Pacca Loureiro Luna. The multicommodity traveling salesman problem with priority prizes: a mathematical model and metaheuristics
0 -- 0Ahsan Mahboob, Bijan Davvaz, Noor Mohammad Khan. Fuzzy (m, n)-ideals in semigroups
0 -- 0Zhen-Kun Zhang. Decompositions of critical trees with cutwidth k
0 -- 0Chaoqian Li, Qilong Liu, Yimin Wei. Pseudospectra localizations for generalized tensor eigenvalues to seek more positive definite tensors
0 -- 0Danilo Costarelli. Approximate solutions of Volterra integral equations by an interpolation method based on ramp functions
0 -- 0Seyyed Mahmood Mirzaei, Majid Amirfakhrian. The reverse interpolation and its application in the numerical solutions of Fredholm integral equations of the second kind
0 -- 0Hamidreza Heidari, Pedram Safarpour. H∞ and H2 optimization procedures for optimal design of support parameters of a flexible rotor
0 -- 0Mohsen Ahmadvand, Mohsen Esmaeilbeigi, Ahmad Kamandi, Farajollah Mohammadi Yaghoobi. An improved hybrid-ORBIT algorithm based on point sorting and MLE technique

Volume 38, Issue 3

0 -- 0Ho Vu 0001, Ngo Van Hoa. Uncertain fractional differential equations on a time scale under Granular differentiability concept
0 -- 0Faisal Khan, Muhammad Shakeel, Saleem Abdullah. Ranking methodology of irrigation problems based on Pythagorean trapezoidal fuzzy aggregations operators
0 -- 0Sangita Choudhary, P. Prakash, Varsha Daftardar-Gejji. Invariant subspaces and exact solutions for a system of fractional PDEs in higher dimensions
0 -- 0Fei Teng, Zhendong Luo, Jing Yang. A reduced-order extrapolated natural boundary element method based on POD for the parabolic equation in the 2D unbounded domain
0 -- 0Nguyen Thi Kim Son, Hoang Viet Long, Nguyen Phuong Dong. Fuzzy delay differential equations under granular differentiability with applications
0 -- 0Haifeng Ma, Na Li, Predrag S. Stanimirovic, Vasilios N. Katsikis. Perturbation theory for Moore-Penrose inverse of tensor via Einstein product
0 -- 0Harish Garg, Gagandeep Kaur. TOPSIS based on nonlinear-programming methodology for solving decision-making problems under cubic intuitionistic fuzzy set environment
0 -- 0Nguyen Le Hoang Anh. Second-order composed contingent derivatives of perturbation maps in set-valued optimization
0 -- 0Lei Ren 0004, Lei Liu. A high-order compact difference method for time fractional Fokker-Planck equations with variable coefficients
0 -- 0Muhammad Sajjad Ali Khan. The Pythagorean fuzzy Einstein Choquet integral operators and their application in group decision making
0 -- 0Duong Viet Thong, Dang Van Hieu 0001. Strong convergence of extragradient methods with a new step size for solving variational inequality problems
0 -- 0Getahun Bekele Wega, Habtu Zegeye. Approximating a common fixed point of a finite family of nonlinear mappings in modular function spaces
0 -- 0Nikolai Yu. Zolotykh, Sergei I. Bastrakov. Two variations of graph test in double description method
0 -- 0Long Yuan, Yang Liu. A Trefftz-discontinuous Galerkin method for time-harmonic elastic wave problems
0 -- 0Elias David Niño Ruiz. Non-linear data assimilation via trust region optimization
0 -- 0Jhoana P. Romero-Leitón, Jairo Eloy Castellanos, Eduardo Ibargüen-Mondragón. An optimal control problem and cost-effectiveness analysis of malaria disease with vertical transmission applied to San Andrés de Tumaco (Colombia)
0 -- 0Khaista Rahman, Saleem Abdullah. Some induced generalized interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy Einstein geometric aggregation operators and their application to group decision-making
0 -- 0Naveed Yaqoob, Muhammad Gulistan, Jian Tang 0002, Muhammad Azhar. On generalized fuzzy hyperideals in ordered LA-semihypergroups
0 -- 0Anita Gerstenmayer, Ansgar Jüngel. Comparison of a finite-element and finite-volume scheme for a degenerate cross-diffusion system for ion transport
0 -- 0Mehdi Dehghan 0002, Akbar Shirilord. The double-step scale splitting method for solving complex Sylvester matrix equation
0 -- 0Anna Regina Corbo, Eduardo Gomes Dutra do Carmo, Webe João Mansur, Katia Prado Fernandes. The size function for a HDG method applied to the Helmholtz problem
0 -- 0Cira E. Guevara Otiniano, T. C. de Morais, C. R. Gonçalves, C. E. Levicoy. MMK for heterogeneous data: identifiability, estimation and application
0 -- 0Abhishek Kumar, Nilam. Stability of a delayed SIR epidemic model by introducing two explicit treatment classes along with nonlinear incidence rate and Holling type treatment
0 -- 0Rupkumar Mahapatra, Sovan Samanta, Tofigh Allahviranloo, Madhumangal Pal. Radio fuzzy graphs and assignment of frequency in radio stations
0 -- 0Vasily E. Tarasov. Caputo-Fabrizio operator in terms of integer derivatives: memory or distributed lag?
0 -- 0Junjie Ma 0003, Shiyi Duan. Spectral Levin-type methods for calculation of generalized Fourier transforms
0 -- 0Vsevolod Bohaienko. A fast finite-difference algorithm for solving space-fractional filtration equation with a generalised Caputo derivative
0 -- 0Dileep Kumar, Sudhakar Chaudhary, V. V. K. Srinivas Kumar. Galerkin finite element schemes with fractional Crank-Nicolson method for the coupled time-fractional nonlinear diffusion system
0 -- 0Saeid Ansary Karbasy, Maziar Salahi. A hybrid algorithm for the two-trust-region subproblem
0 -- 0Muhammad Shakeel, Saleem Abdullah. Some induced interval-valued Pythagorean trapezoidal fuzzy averaging aggregation operators based on Einstein operations and their application in group decision-making
0 -- 0Bin Li, Shuhuang Xiang, Guidong Liu. Laplace transforms for evaluation of Volterra integral equation of the first kind with highly oscillatory kernel
0 -- 0Sidong Xian, Hailin Guo, Jiahui Chai. Intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic induced generalized hybrid weighted averaging operator and its application to take targeted measures in poverty alleviation
0 -- 0Ru-xia Liang, Sang-Sang He, Jian Qiang Wang, Ke Chen, Lin Li. An extended MABAC method for multi-criteria group decision-making problems based on correlative inputs of intuitionistic fuzzy information
0 -- 0Yuecai Han, Longxiao Zhao. A closed-form pricing formula for variance swaps under MRG-Vasicek model
0 -- 0Sami Ullah Khan, Ishtiaq Ali. Convergence and error analysis of a spectral collocation method for solving system of nonlinear Fredholm integral equations of second kind
0 -- 0George A. Anastassiou. Fuzzy Iyengar-type inequalities
0 -- 0Ram Jiwari, Sapna Pandit, Mehmet Emir Koksal. A class of numerical algorithms based on cubic trigonometric B-spline functions for numerical simulation of nonlinear parabolic problems
0 -- 0Doychin Boyadzhiev, Dimitris N. Georgiou, Athanasios C. Megaritis, Fotini Sereti. A study of the quasi covering dimension of finite lattices
0 -- 0Mahmoud A. Zaky, Ibrahem G. Ameen. On the rate of convergence of spectral collocation methods for nonlinear multi-order fractional initial value problems
0 -- 0Yin Yang 0003, Emran Tohidi. Numerical solution of multi-Pantograph delay boundary value problems via an efficient approach with the convergence analysis
0 -- 0Omer Ozkan, Murat Ermis, Ilker Bekmezci. Reliable wireless multimedia sensor network design: comparison of hybrid metaheuristics and a matheuristic
0 -- 0Zain Ul Abadin Zafar. RETRACTED ARTICLE: Fractional order Lengyel-Epstein chemical reaction model
0 -- 0Zahra Asgari, Faezeh Toutounian, Esmail Babolian, Emran Tohidi. LSMR iterative method for solving one- and two-dimensional linear Fredholm integral equations
0 -- 0H. Azin, F. Mohammadi, J. A. Tenreiro Machado. A piecewise spectral-collocation method for solving fractional Riccati differential equation in large domains
0 -- 0Zhen-Wei Sun. Generalized inverse eigenvalue problems for augmented periodic Jacobi Matrices
0 -- 0Mohammed D. Kassim, Nasser-eddine Tatar. Halanay inequality with Hadamard derivative and application to a neural network system
0 -- 0Mansoor Rezghi, Maryam Amirmazlaghani. Even-order Toeplitz tensor: framework for multidimensional structured linear systems
0 -- 0Rosana Motta Jafelice, B. L. Pereira, Ana Maria Bertone, Laécio C. Barros. An epidemiological model for HIV infection in a population using type-2 fuzzy sets and cellular automaton
0 -- 0Min Li, Chengming Huang, Wanyuan Ming. Barycentric rational collocation methods for Volterra integral equations with weakly singular kernels
0 -- 0Bo Wu, Xing-Bao Gao. Spectral analysis of the matrix splitting preconditioner for block two-by-two linear systems
0 -- 0Atendra Kumar, Rajendra K. Ray. Structural bifurcation analysis of vortex shedding from shear flow past circular cylinder
0 -- 0Nguyen The Vinh, Aviv Gibali. Gradient projection-type algorithms for solving equilibrium problems and its applications

Volume 38, Issue 2

0 -- 0Xiao-xu Dong, Zhi-bin Liu, Shun-Chu Li. Similar constructing method for solving nonlinear spherical seepage model with quadratic pressure gradient of three-region composite fractal reservoir
0 -- 0Isa Abdullahi Baba. A fractional-order bladder cancer model with BCG treatment effect
0 -- 0Juan Luis García Guirao, Jaume Llibre. On the periods of a continuous self-map on a graph
0 -- 0Noura Morcos, Toni Sayah. Reduced basis method for the adapted mesh and Monte Carlo methods applied to an elliptic stochastic problem
0 -- 0Mohammad Momenzadeh, Taher Lotfi. New iterative methods for finding matrix sign function: derivation and application
0 -- 0Shankar Rao Munjam. Fractional transform methods for coupled system of time fractional derivatives of non-homogeneous Burgers' equations arise in diffusive effects
0 -- 0Elham Taghizadeh 0003, Mashallah Matinfar. Modified numerical approaches for a class of Volterra integral equations with proportional delays
0 -- 0Mohamed A. Abdelkawy, António M. Lopes 0001, Mahmoud A. Zaky. Shifted fractional Jacobi spectral algorithm for solving distributed order time-fractional reaction-diffusion equations
0 -- 0Lei Fu, Yuechao Ma. Observer-based H∞ control for second-order neutral systems with actuator saturation and the application to mechanical system
0 -- 0Fei Li, Shengqiang Zhang, Xinzhu Meng. Dynamics analysis and numerical simulations of a delayed stochastic epidemic model subject to a general response function
0 -- 0Rashad M. Asharabi. Generalized bivariate Hermite-Gauss sampling
0 -- 0Zhenting Luan, Liping Zhang. A new programmable iterative algorithm for identifying strong H-tensors
0 -- 0Kishor D. Kucche, Ashwini D. Mali, J. Vanterler da C. Sousa. On the nonlinear $$\varvec{\varPsi }$$ Ψ -Hilfer fractional differential equations
0 -- 0Shehu Maitama, Weidong Zhao. Local fractional Laplace homotopy analysis method for solving non-differentiable wave equations on Cantor sets
0 -- 0Masoud Fatemi 0001. A new conjugate gradient method with an efficient memory structure
0 -- 0K. Reena Priya, V. Ganesh. An improved instability region for the extended Rayleigh problem of hydrodynamic stability
0 -- 0Tiago Mendonça da Costa, Geraldo Nunes Silva, Yurilev Chalco-Cano, Heriberto Román-Flores. Gauss-type integral inequalities for interval and fuzzy-interval-valued functions
0 -- 0Xiaoping Chen, Xi Yang, Wei Wei 0035, Jinde Cao, Shuai Tang. A novel method to compute all eigenvalues of the polynomial eigenvalue problems in an open half plane
0 -- 0Rani Sumaira Kanwal, Muhammad Shabir. Rough approximation of a fuzzy set in semigroups based on soft relations
0 -- 0Fazlollah Soleymani, Ashim Kumar. A fourth-order method for computing the sign function of a matrix with application in the Yang-Baxter-like matrix equation
0 -- 0Qilong Liu, Zhen Chen 0016. An algorithm for computing the spectral radius of nonnegative tensors
0 -- 0Jun Zhou 0019, Da Xu, Xiuxiu Dai. Weak Galerkin finite element method for the parabolic integro-differential equation with weakly singular kernel
0 -- 0Mustafa Sari, Emre Kolotoglu. An application of constacyclic codes to entanglement-assisted quantum MDS codes
0 -- 0Zexian Liu, Hongwei Liu, Xiping Wang. Accelerated augmented Lagrangian method for total variation minimization
0 -- 0Ali Abdi. General linear methods with large stability regions for Volterra integral equations
0 -- 0Mohsen Esmaeilbeigi, Omid Chatrabgoun, M. Cheraghi. The Role of Hilbert-Schmidt SVD basis in Hermite-Birkhoff interpolation in fractional sense
0 -- 0Ömür Kivanç Kürkçü, Ersin Aslan, Mehmet Sezer. An inventive numerical method for solving the most general form of integro-differential equations with functional delays and characteristic behavior of orthoexponential residual function
0 -- 0Nguyen Huy Tuan, Luu Vu Cam Hoan, Salih Tatar. An inverse problem for an inhomogeneous time-fractional diffusion equation: a regularization method and error estimate
0 -- 0Mohamed A. Ramadan, Naglaa M. El-Shazly, Basem I. Selim. The anti-reflexive solutions for the matrix equation $$ AV + BW = EVF + C $$ A V + B W = E V F + C
0 -- 0Maoyi Tian, Yan Zhang, Yudong Wang, Zhaolu Tian. A general multi-splitting iteration method for computing PageRank
0 -- 0Zhongshan Liu, Zhiping Xiong, Yingying Qin. A note on the forward order law for least square g-inverse of three matrix products
0 -- 0Rian Yan, Minggang Han, Qiang Ma 0004, Xiaohua Ding. A spectral collocation method for nonlinear fractional initial value problems with a variable-order fractional derivative
0 -- 0Beibei Guo, Jianxin Zhang, Yu Xiao. Graph-theoretic approach to synchronizing delayed coupled systems on networks via periodically intermittent control
0 -- 0Ping-Fan Dai, Jicheng Li, Jianchao Bai, Liqiang Dong. New error bounds for linear complementarity problems of S-Nekrasov matrices and B-S-Nekrasov matrices
0 -- 0Jian Su, Weiwei Fang, Qian Yu, Yibao Li. Numerical simulation of Swift-Hohenberg equation by the fourth-order compact scheme
0 -- 0Prem Kumar Singh. Single-valued neutrosophic context analysis at distinct multi-granulation
0 -- 0Yangyang Xu, Bing Zheng, Ruijuan Zhao. Some results on Brauer-type and Brualdi-type eigenvalue inclusion sets for tensors
0 -- 0Fernando A. Morales. A conforming primal-dual mixed formulation for the 2D multiscale porous media flow problem
0 -- 0Jufeng Xue, Yueqiang Shang. A two-level fully discrete finite element variational multiscale method for the unsteady Navier-Stokes equations
0 -- 0L. F. Werneck, M. M. de Freitas, G. de Souza, L. F. C. Jatobá, H. P. Amaral Souto. An OpenMP parallel implementation using a coprocessor for numerical simulation of oil reservoirs
0 -- 0Rishu Arora, Harish Garg. Group decision-making method based on prioritized linguistic intuitionistic fuzzy aggregation operators and its fundamental properties
0 -- 0Shui-xia Chen, Jian Qiang Wang, Tie-Li Wang. Cloud-based ERP system selection based on extended probabilistic linguistic MULTIMOORA method and Choquet integral operator
0 -- 0Xiulian Shi, Fenglin Huang, Hanzhang Hu. Convergence analysis of spectral methods for high-order nonlinear Volterra integro-differential equations
0 -- 0Shrijana Dhakal, Wutiphol Sintunavarat. The viscosity method for the implicit double midpoint rule with numerical results and its applications
0 -- 0Xin-Jiang He, Song-Ping Zhu. An alternative form to calibrate the correlated Stein-Stein option pricing model
0 -- 0Ankur Kanaujiya, Siddhartha P. Chakrabarty. Valuation of American passport option using a three-time level scheme
0 -- 0Mohammad Hossein Derakhshan, Alireza Ansari. Numerical approximation to Prabhakar fractional Sturm-Liouville problem
0 -- 0Nguyen Van Hung, Nguyen Minh Hai. Stability of approximating solutions to parametric bilevel vector equilibrium problems and applications
0 -- 0Azmat Hussain, Tahir Mahmood 0002, Muhammad Irfan Ali. Rough Pythagorean fuzzy ideals in semigroups
0 -- 0Jian-Hua Zhang, Xiao-Ping Chen, Jing Zhao. Generalized fast shift-splitting preconditioner for nonsymmetric saddle-point problems
0 -- 0Adeolu Taiwo, Lateef Olakunle Jolaoso, Oluwatosin Temitope Mewomo. A modified Halpern algorithm for approximating a common solution of split equality convex minimization problem and fixed point problem in uniformly convex Banach spaces
0 -- 0Muhammad Akram 0001, Ghulam Muhammad, Tofigh Allahviranloo. Bipolar fuzzy linear system of equations
0 -- 0Jun-Feng Lu, Lei Chen. Analysis of relaxed nonlinear inexact Uzawa algorithm for symmetric saddle point problems
0 -- 0Mehdi Delkhosh, Kourosh Parand. A hybrid numerical method to solve nonlinear parabolic partial differential equations of time-arbitrary order
0 -- 0Patrick Kandege Mwanakatwe, Lixin Song, Emmanuel Hagenimana, Xiaoguang Wang. Management strategies for a defined contribution pension fund under the hybrid stochastic volatility model
0 -- 0Liuyang Yuan, Fei Cui, Zhongping Wan, Weigang Li 0004, Wenbo Wang 0005. A nonmonotone smoothing Newton method for system of nonlinear inequalities based on a new smoothing function
0 -- 0André Guerino Castoldi, Emerson Luiz do Monte Carmelo, Robson da Silva. Partial sums of binomials, intersecting numbers, and the excess bound in Rosenbloom-Tsfasman space
0 -- 0Huiling Wang, Yufeng Nie, Zhanbin Yuan, Ling Zhang. The multigrid method for the combined hybrid elements of elasticity mechanical problem
0 -- 0Hyam Abboud, Clara Al Kosseifi, Jean-Paul Chehab. A stabilized bi-grid method for Allen-Cahn equation in finite elements
0 -- 0Zhao-Zheng Liang, Guo-Feng Zhang 0001. A class of modified DPSS preconditioners for generalized saddle-point linear systems
0 -- 0Khosro Sayevand, Mohammadreza Rostami. A reliable numerical approach for analyzing fractional variational problems with subsidiary conditions
0 -- 0Duong Viet Thong, Prasit Cholamjiak. Strong convergence of a forward-backward splitting method with a new step size for solving monotone inclusions
0 -- 0Behrouz Parsa Moghaddam, Arman Dabiri, António M. Lopes 0001, J. A. Tenreiro Machado. Numerical solution of mixed-type fractional functional differential equations using modified Lucas polynomials
0 -- 0Mustapha Malek, Nouh Izem, Mohammed Seaïd, M. Shadi Mohamed, Mohamed Wakrim. A partition of unity finite element method for nonlinear transient diffusion problems in heterogeneous materials
0 -- 0Muhammad Riaz, Syeda Tayyba Tehrim. Cubic bipolar fuzzy ordered weighted geometric aggregation operators and their application using internal and external cubic bipolar fuzzy data
0 -- 0Cai-Li Zhou, Jun-Hua Li, Xin Chen. Some properties and convergence theorems for fuzzy-valued Kluvánek-Lewis integrals
0 -- 0Babak Azarnavid, Mahdi Emamjome, Mohammad Nabati, Saeid Abbasbandy. A reproducing kernel Hilbert space approach in meshless collocation method
0 -- 0Xiaojun Yin, Liangui Yang, Hongli Yang, Ruigang Zhang, Jinmei Su. Nonlinear Schrödinger equation for envelope Rossby waves with complete Coriolis force and its solution

Volume 38, Issue 1

0 -- 0Gholam Hossein Roshani, Ali Karami, Ehsan Nazemi. An intelligent integrated approach of Jaya optimization algorithm and neuro-fuzzy network to model the stratified three-phase flow of gas-oil-water
0 -- 0Gantulga Tsedendorj, H. Isshiki. Numerical study of unsteady diffusion in circle: Steady-state fundamental solution approach
0 -- 0Rafael A. M. Lopes, Valdemir Carrara, Hélio K. Kuga. Stepwise modeling with friction/inertia effects separation and velocity control with dynamic compensation of a reaction wheel
0 -- 0Surender Singh, Sumita Lalotra. On generalized correlation coefficients of the hesitant fuzzy sets with their application to clustering analysis
0 -- 0Predrag M. Rajkovic, Sladjana D. Marinkovic, Marko D. Petkovic. A class of orthogonal polynomials related to the generalized Laguerre weight with two parameters
0 -- 0Swaraj Paul, Modan Mohan Panja, B. N. Mandal. Approximate solution of first kind singular integral equation with generalized kernel using Legendre multiwavelets
0 -- 0Parisa Mousavi, Ali Tavakoli. A new algorithm for image inpainting in Fourier transform domain
0 -- 0Tianling Gao, Xiaofei Wang, Qiang Liu, Zhiguang Zhang. A fixed-point algorithm for second-order total variation models in image denoising
0 -- 0Jun Zhang, Xiangling Chen. Superconvergence analysis of local discontinuous Galerkin methods for linear convection-diffusion equations in one space dimension
0 -- 0S. K. Upadhyay, Komal Khatterwani. Characterizations of certain Hankel transform involving Riemann-Liouville fractional derivatives
0 -- 0Zhongguo Zhou, Lin Li 0012. Conservative domain decomposition schemes for solving two-dimensional heat equations
0 -- 0Prasit Cholamjiak, Suthep Suantai, Pongsakorn Sunthrayuth. An iterative method with residual vectors for solving the fixed point and the split inclusion problems in Banach spaces
0 -- 0Mingxue Shi, Hao Zhang, Bin Wang. Diagonal implicit symplectic extended RKN methods for solving oscillatory Hamiltonian systems
0 -- 0B. V. Rathish Kumar, Abdul Halim. A linear fourth-order PDE-based gray-scale image inpainting model
0 -- 0Mehmet Senol, Sevda Atpinar, Zarife Zararsiz, Soheil Salahshour, Ali Ahmadian. Approximate solution of time-fractional fuzzy partial differential equations
0 -- 0Fang Xie, Qing-Biao Wu, Ping-Fei Dai. Modified Newton-SHSS method for a class of systems of nonlinear equations
0 -- 0Sumera Naz, Muhammad Akram 0001. Novel decision-making approach based on hesitant fuzzy sets and graph theory
0 -- 0Ning Du, Hai-wei Sun, Hong Wang 0018. A preconditioned fast finite difference scheme for space-fractional diffusion equations in convex domains
0 -- 0Yufei Li, Zexian Liu, Hongwei Liu. A subspace minimization conjugate gradient method based on conic model for unconstrained optimization
0 -- 0Khaldoun El-Khaldi, Majdi Khasawneh, Elias G. Saleeby. A Rothe-modified shooting method for solving a nonlinear boundary value problem arising in particulate processes
0 -- 0Jiayu Shen. An uncertain parallel machine problem with deterioration and learning effect
0 -- 0H. Alimorad. A new approach for determining multi-objective optimal control of semilinear parabolic problems
0 -- 0Amiya Das, Niladri Ghosh. Bifurcation of traveling waves and exact solutions of Kadomtsev-Petviashvili modified equal width equation with fractional temporal evolution
0 -- 0J. Vanterler da C. Sousa, E. Capelas De Oliveira. On the $$\Psi $$ Ψ -fractional integral and applications
0 -- 0Vasily E. Tarasov, Valentina V. Tarasova. Phillips model with exponentially distributed lag and power-law memory
0 -- 0Hai-Long Shen, Hong-Yu Wu, Xin-Hui Shao, Xiao-Di Song. The PPS method-based constraint preconditioners for generalized saddle point problems
0 -- 0Rafel Farré, Narcís Sayols, Sebastià Xambó-Descamps. On PGZ decoding of alternant codes