Journal: Comput. Appl. Math.

Volume 41, Issue 8

0 -- 0C. G. Magadum, M. S. Bapat. An approximation method to solve coupled system ODEs of order second using fuzzy transform
0 -- 0Yongtang Chen, Qi Wang 0071. Convergence and stability of spectral collocation method for hyperbolic partial differential equation with piecewise continuous arguments
0 -- 0Zhiping Qiu, Nan Jiang. A symplectic homotopy perturbation method for stochastic and interval Hamiltonian systems and its applications in structural dynamic systems
0 -- 0Seda Gulen. A novel hybrid method based cubic B-spline for one-dimensional Stefan problem with moving PCM, size-dependent thermal conductivity and periodic boundary condition
0 -- 0Seda Çayan, B. Burak Özhan, Mehmet Sezer. An adaptive approach for solving fourth-order partial differential equations: algorithm and applications to engineering models
0 -- 0Guohui Wang, Chunming Tang. New constructions of optimal subsystem codes
0 -- 0Shanshan Hu, Yongxin Yuan. The symmetric solution of the matrix equation $$AXB=D$$ on subspace
0 -- 0Muhammad Akram 0001, Ghulam Muhammad, Tofigh Allahviranloo, Witold Pedrycz. Solution of initial-value problem for linear third-order fuzzy differential equations
0 -- 0Satpal Singh, Parvin Kumari, Devendra Kumar. An effective numerical approach for two parameter time-delayed singularly perturbed problems
0 -- 0Prahlad Majumdar, Bapin Mondal, Surajit Debnath, Susmita Sarkar, Uttam Ghosh. Effect of fear and delay on a prey-predator model with predator harvesting
0 -- 0Uzma Ahmad, Iqra Nawaz. Directed rough fuzzy graph with application to trade networking
0 -- 0Suruchi Singh, Swarn Singh, Anu Aggarwal. Cubic B-spline method for non-linear sine-Gordon equation
0 -- 0X. Liu, Z. W. Yang. Numerical analysis of a reaction-diffusion susceptible-infected-susceptible epidemic model
0 -- 0Mohammad Tamsir, M. J. Huntul, Neeraj Dhiman, Sukhveer Singh. Redefined quintic B-spline collocation technique for nonlinear higher order PDEs
0 -- 0César Torres Ledesma, Hernán C. Gutierrez, Jesús A. Rodríguez, Ziheng Zhang. Even non-increasing solution for a Schrödinger type problem with Liouville-Weyl fractional derivative
0 -- 0José Antonio Martínez, Ana Belén Castaño-Fernández, María Luz Puertas. The 2-domination number of cylindrical graphs
0 -- 0Talha Achouri. An efficient numerical simulation of the two-dimensional semilinear wave equation
0 -- 0A. K. Mittal. A spectrally accurate time-space pseudospectral method for reaction-diffusion Malaria infection model
0 -- 0Kanikar Muangchoo. Three novel two-step proximal-like methods for solving equilibrium and fixed point problems in real Hilbert spaces
0 -- 0Chaouki Aouiti, Hediene Jallouli. New results on stabilization of complex-valued second-order Memristive neural networks with mixed delays and discontinuous activations functions
0 -- 0Yan Sun, Bin Pang 0004, Shao-Yu Zhang. Binary relations induced from quasi-overlap functions and quasi-grouping functions on a bounded lattice
0 -- 0A. M. S. Mahdy, D. Sh. Mohamed. Approximate solution of Cauchy integral equations by using Lucas polynomials
0 -- 0Yifan Xing, Hong-Xu Li. Pseudo almost periodic solutions and global exponential stability of a generalized population model with delays and harvesting term
0 -- 0Harish Garg, Priyanka Majumder, Malay Nath. A hybrid trapezoidal fuzzy FUCOM-AHP approach and their application to identification of monkeypox risk factors
0 -- 0Vahid Mohebbi. Extragradient method with Bregman distances for solving vector quasi-equilibrium problems
0 -- 0Kanikar Muangchoo, Abubakar Adamu, Abdulkarim Hassan Ibrahim, Auwal Bala Abubakar. An inertial Halpern-type algorithm involving monotone operators on real Banach spaces with application to image recovery problems
0 -- 0Alexandru Mihai Bica, Diana Curila. The convergence properties of the Green's function method for third order functional differential equations
0 -- 0Hammed Anuoluwapo Abass, Olawale Kazeem Oyewole, O. K. Narain, Lateef Olakunle Jolaoso, B. I. Olajuwon. On split generalized equilibrium and fixed point problems with multiple output sets in real Banach spaces
0 -- 0Elyas Shivanian. Error estimate and stability analysis on the study of a high-order nonlinear fractional differential equation with Caputo-derivative and integral boundary condition
0 -- 0Suayip Toprakseven. Optimal order uniform convergence in energy and balanced norms of weak Galerkin finite element method on Bakhvalov-type meshes for nonlinear singularly perturbed problems
0 -- 0Qiling Gu, Yanping Chen, Yunqing Huang. Superconvergence analysis of a two-grid finite element method for nonlinear time-fractional diffusion equations
0 -- 0Puspendu Jana, Naresh Kumar, Bhupen Deka. A systematic study on weak Galerkin finite-element method for second-order wave equation
0 -- 0Yuying Liu, Qi Cao, Wensheng Yang. Influence of Allee effect and delay on dynamical behaviors of a predator-prey system
0 -- 0Nadeem Salamat, Ameer Hamza Arif, Muhammad Mustahsan, Malik Muhammad Saad Missen, V. B. Surya Prasath. On compacton traveling wave solutions of Zakharov-Kuznetsov-Benjamin-Bona-Mahony (ZK-BBM) equation
0 -- 0Ahmed Gamal Atta, Youssri Hassan Youssri. Advanced shifted first-kind Chebyshev collocation approach for solving the nonlinear time-fractional partial integro-differential equation with a weakly singular kernel
0 -- 0Duong Viet Thong, Prasit Cholamjiak, Nattawut Pholasa, Vu Tien Dung, Luong Van Long. A new modified forward-backward-forward algorithm for solving inclusion problems
0 -- 0Mahsa Motameni, Farshid Mehrdoust, Ali Reza Najafi. Lookback option pricing under the double Heston model using a deep learning algorithm
0 -- 0Devendra Kumar, Komal Deswal, Satpal Singh. Wavelet-based approximation with nonstandard finite difference scheme for singularly perturbed partial integrodifferential equations
0 -- 0Yngrid Zacharias Delgato, Vinícius Francisco Wasques. A study of the heat transfer in materials with interval and fuzzy values via extension principle
0 -- 0Lu Zhang, Ziyang Yuan, Hongxia Wang, Hui Zhang. A weighted randomized sparse Kaczmarz method for solving linear systems
0 -- 0Julieta Bollati, María F. Natale, José A. Semitiel, Domingo A. Tarzia. Exact solution for non-classical one-phase Stefan problem with variable thermal coefficients and two different heat source terms
0 -- 0André Guerino Castoldi, Anderson N. Martinhão, Emerson L. Monte Carmelo, Otávio J. N. T. N. dos Santos. Invariant codes, difference schemes, and distributive quasigroups
0 -- 0Tong Li, Jingjing Peng, Zhenyun Peng, Zengao Tang, Yongshen Zhang. Fixed-point accelerated iterative method to solve nonlinear matrix equation $$X - \sum \limits _{i = 1}^m {A_i^*{X^{ - 1}}{A_i} = Q^*}$$
0 -- 0Miglena N. Koleva, Lubin G. Vulkov. Positivity-preserving finite volume difference schemes for atmospheric dispersion models with degenerate vertical diffusion
0 -- 0Kaiyan Yang, Lan Shu, Guowu Yang. Complex intuitionistic fuzzy ordered weighted distance measure
0 -- 0Hai Zhang 0002, Chen Wang, Weiwei Zhang, Hongmei Zhang. Mittag-Leffler stability and synchronization for FOQVFNNs including proportional delay and Caputo derivative via fractional differential inequality approach
0 -- 0Tran Van Su, Dinh Dieu Hang. Optimality conditions and duality theorems for nonsmooth semi-infinite interval-valued mathematical programs with vanishing constraints
0 -- 0Liang Li, Yan Zhang, Jun Zhu. A new type of high-order finite difference compact reconstruction multi-resolution WENO scheme for nonlinear degenerate parabolic equations
0 -- 0Subramanian Petchimuthu, Muhammad Riaz 0002, Hüseyin Kamaci. Correlation coefficient measures and aggregation operators on interval-valued linear Diophantine fuzzy sets and their applications
0 -- 0Tahir Mahmood 0002, Zeeshan Ali, Amrullah Awsar. Choquet-Frank aggregation operators based on q-rung orthopair fuzzy settings and their application in multi-attribute decision making
0 -- 0Wenxv Ding, Ying Li, Anli Wei, Xueling Fan, Mingcui Zhang. $$\mathcal {L_C}$$ structure-preserving method based on semi-tensor product of matrices for the QR decomposition in quaternionic quantum theory
0 -- 0Abdul Haseeb Ganie, Surender Singh, Mohammed M. Khalaf, Mohammed M. Ali Al-Shamiri. On some measures of similarity and entropy for Pythagorean fuzzy sets with their applications
0 -- 0Ji-Bo Wang, Li-Han Zhang, Zheng-Guo Lv, Dan-Yang Lv, Xin-Na Geng, Xinyu Sun. Heuristic and exact algorithms for single-machine scheduling problems with general truncated learning effects
0 -- 0Abhijit Jana, Sankar Kumar Roy. Harvesting in a toxicated intraguild delayed fishery model with variable carrying capacity
0 -- 0Yanzhao Cheng, Yanchao Shi. Synchronization of memristor-based complex-valued neural networks with time-varying delays
0 -- 0Shujiang Tang. High-order variable index weighted essentially non-oscillatory scheme for hyperbolic conservation law
0 -- 0Yuhang Liu, Haifeng Ma. Dual core generalized inverse of third-order dual tensor based on the T-product
0 -- 0Soudabeh Seyyedi Ghomi, Fahimeh Baroughi 0001. New approaches to the robust 1-center location problems on tree networks
0 -- 0Le Thanh Tung, Dang Hoang Tam. Optimality conditions and duality for continuous-time programming with multiple interval-valued objective functions
0 -- 0Jin Gao, Lihua Dai. Anti-periodic solutions of Clifford-valued fuzzy cellular neural networks with delays
0 -- 0Thanh Quoc Trinh, Le Van Vinh, Phan Tu Vuong. Finite convergence of extragradient-type methods for solving variational inequalities under weak sharp condition
0 -- 0Shanshan Li, Yong Duan, Libing Bai. On the meshless quasi-interpolation methods for solving 2D sine-Gordon equations
0 -- 0Marcelo V. Flamarion. Solitary wave collisions for the Whitham equation
0 -- 0Sudeshna Ghosh, Rekha Panghal. Study of gravitational settling of a flexible circular structure using immersed boundary method
0 -- 0Ali Memarpour Ghiaci, Harish Garg, Saeid Jafarzadeh Ghoushchi. Improving emergency departments during COVID-19 pandemic: a simulation and MCDM approach with MARCOS methodology in an uncertain environment
0 -- 0Xin-Hui Shao, Hui-Nan Meng. A generalized variant of modified relaxed positive-semidefinite and skew-Hermitian splitting preconditioner for generalized saddle point problems
0 -- 0Mostafa Haghir Chehreghani. On the theory of dynamic graph regression problem
0 -- 0Mina Shahidi, E. Esmi. On the existence of approximate solutions to fuzzy delay differential equations under the metric derivative
0 -- 0Xueling Fan, Ying Li, Mingcui Zhang, Jianli Zhao. Solving the least squares (anti)-Hermitian solution for quaternion linear systems
0 -- 0Reza Abazari, Hadi Rezazadeh, Lanre Akinyemi, Mustafa Inç. Numerical simulation of a binary alloy of 2D Cahn-Hilliard model for phase separation
0 -- 0Xia Li, Shaolin Zhang, Fanyong Meng 0001. Operation mode selection of public-funded private-run elderly care agencies based on triangular intuitionistic fuzzy preference relations group decision-making
0 -- 0Vipin Kumar 0003, Amar Debbouche, Juan J. Nieto. Existence, stability and controllability results for a class of switched evolution system with impulses over arbitrary time domain
0 -- 0Gabriel Bengochea, Manuel Duarte Ortigueira. Fractional derivative of power type functions
0 -- 0Abhijit Shit, Swaroop Nandan Bora. ESR fractional model with non-zero uniform average blood velocity
0 -- 0Yuchao Wang, Yiming Wei 0001. Generalized eigenvalue for even order tensors via Einstein product and its applications in multilinear control systems
0 -- 0Yongge Tian. A study of range equalities for mixed products of two matrices and their generalized inverses
0 -- 0Fangcheng Tang, Yushu Zhang, Jun Wang. How do enterprises determine which breakthrough invention should be commercialized? A multiple attribute group decision-making-based method
0 -- 0Zahra Eidinejad, Reza Saadati, Tofigh Allahviranloo. Attractiveness of pseudo almost periodic solutions for delayed cellular neural networks in the context of fuzzy measure theory in matrix-valued fuzzy spaces
0 -- 0Yuhang Zhang, Minghui Song, Mingzhu Liu, Bowen Zhao. Strong convergence rate of the stochastic theta method for nonlinear hybrid stochastic differential equations with piecewise continuous arguments
0 -- 0Xiaofeng Wang 0005, Hong Cheng. Two structure-preserving schemes with fourth-order accuracy for the modified Kawahara equation
0 -- 0Dongyun Wang. Sliding mode fault-tolerant control for T-S fuzzy system: a singular system approach
0 -- 0Ying Wang, Yuning Yang. Hot-SVD: higher order t-singular value decomposition for tensors based on tensor-tensor product
0 -- 0Fernanda Paula Rocha, Mateus Giesbrecht. Machine learning algorithms for dengue risk assessment: a case study for São Luís do Maranhão
0 -- 0Abdul Haseeb Ganie. Applicability of a novel Pythagorean fuzzy correlation coefficient in medical diagnosis, clustering, and classification problems
0 -- 0Naila Sajid, Zahida Perveen, Maasoomah Sadaf, Ghazala Akram, Muhammad Abbas, Thabet Abdeljawad, Manar A. Alqudah. Implementation of the Exp-function approach for the solution of KdV equation with dual power law nonlinearity
0 -- 0Mohammad Prawesh Alam, Arshad Khan. A new numerical algorithm for time-dependent singularly perturbed differential-difference convection-diffusion equation arising in computational neuroscience
0 -- 0Yifei Wang, Jin Huang, Ting Deng, Hu Li. An efficient numerical approach for solving variable-order fractional partial integro-differential equations
0 -- 0Joshua A. Mwasunda, Chacha S. Chacha, Mussa A. Stephano, Jacob Ismail Irunde. Modelling cystic echinococcosis and bovine cysticercosis co-infections with optimal control
0 -- 0Alireza Fakharzadeh Jahromi, Hajar Alimorad, Sedigheh Tuobaei. A linear technique for designing optimal rotated shapes

Volume 41, Issue 7

0 -- 0Ahmed M. Elsawah, Gajendra K. Vishwakarma. A systematic construction approach for nonregular fractional factorial four-level designs via quaternary linear codes
0 -- 0T. Cheraghzadeh, R. Khoshsiar Ghaziani, F. Toutounian. Projection schemes based on Hessenberg process for Sylvester tensor equation with low-rank right-hand side
0 -- 0My Driss Aouragh, Mohamed Nahli. Boundary stabilization of an axially moving system of elasticity with an exponentially bounded external disturbance
0 -- 0Jinbao Jian, Jianghua Yin, Chunming Tang, Dao-Lan Han. A family of inertial derivative-free projection methods for constrained nonlinear pseudo-monotone equations with applications
0 -- 0Ihsan Lateef Saeed, Mohammad Javidi, Mahdi Saedshoar Heris. On numerical methods for solving Riesz space fractional advection-dispersion equations based on spline interpolants
0 -- 0Jin Li 0010, Yu Sang, Xiaolei Zhang. Cubic spline quadrature rule to calculate supersingular integral on interval
0 -- 0Lin-Yi Hong, Nai-Min Zhang. On the preconditioned MINRES method for solving singular linear systems
0 -- 0S. Gopi Krishna, M. Shanmugapriya, Ammar Alsinai, Abdu Alameri. Prediction of thermal and energy transport of MHD Sutterby hybrid nanofluid flow with activation energy using Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH)
0 -- 0Mubashar Javed, Shomaila Javeed, Kifayat Ullah 0001, Harish Garg, Dragan Pamucar, Yasser Elmasry. Approach to multi-attribute decision-making problems based on neutrality aggregation operators of T-spherical fuzzy information
0 -- 0Mehdi Delkhosh, Hossein Cheraghian. An efficient hybrid method to solve nonlinear differential equations in applied sciences
0 -- 0Trung-Thuy Kieu, Duc-Trong Luong, Hoang-Long Ngo, Ngoc Khue Tran. Strong convergence in infinite time interval of tamed-adaptive Euler-Maruyama scheme for Lévy-driven SDEs with irregular coefficients
0 -- 0A. R. Yaghoobnia, Reza Ezzati. Numerical solution of Volterra-Fredholm integral equation systems by operational matrices of integration based on Bernstein multi-scaling polynomials
0 -- 0Rabia Aktas, Iván Area, Teresa E. Pérez. Three term relations for multivariate Uvarov orthogonal polynomials
0 -- 0R. K. Mohanty 0001, Bishnu Pada Ghosh. A high-resolution bi-parametric unconditionally stable ADI method for 2D uniform transmission line equation
0 -- 0Lateef Olakunle Jolaoso, Pongsakorn Sunthrayuth, Prasit Cholamjiak, Yeol Je Cho. Analysis of two versions of relaxed inertial algorithms with Bregman divergences for solving variational inequalities
0 -- 0Paul Augustine Ejegwa, Bijan Davvaz. An improved composite relation and its application in deciding patients medical status based on a q-rung orthopair fuzzy information
0 -- 0Qingqing Tian, Haixiang Zhang, Xuehua Yang, Xiaoxuan Jiang. An implicit difference scheme for the fourth-order nonlinear non-local PIDEs with a weakly singular kernel
0 -- 0Batoul Yousefi, Hossein Baradaran. A homotopy analysis solution to large deformation of a nanowire based on nonlocal elasticity theory
0 -- 0Rohul Amin, Kamal Shah, Nabil Mlaiki, Suayip Yüzbasi, Thabet Abdeljawad, Arshad Hussain. Existence and numerical analysis using Haar wavelet for fourth-order multi-term fractional differential equations
0 -- 0Fariba Najafzade, Sahar Khoshfetrat, Shahram Saeidi. A cross-efficiency model using bargaining theory in a two-stage network DEA
0 -- 0Lijiao Wu, Haixiang Zhang, Xuehua Yang, Furong Wang. A second-order finite difference method for the multi-term fourth-order integral-differential equations on graded meshes
0 -- 0Gang Hu, Huanxin Cao, Xinqiang Qin. Construction of transition surfaces with minimal generalized thin-plate spline-surface energies
0 -- 0Maitri Verma, Cherie Gautam. Optimal mitigation of atmospheric carbon dioxide through forest management programs: a modeling study
0 -- 0Carlos Magno Martins Cosme, Cassia Regina Santos Nunes Almeida, Inacio Silveira Latorre Moura, Yukio Shigaki, Eduardo Henrique da Rocha Coppoli. Gaussian belief propagation for transient reaction-diffusion problems
0 -- 0Manpal Singh, S. Das, Rajeev, S. H. Ong. Novel operational matrix method for the numerical solution of nonlinear reaction-advection-diffusion equation of fractional order
0 -- 0Mohammad Izadi, Dia Zeidan. A convergent hybrid numerical scheme for a class of nonlinear diffusion equations
0 -- 0D. Uma, H. Jafari, S. Raja Balachandar, S. G. Venkatesh. An approximate solution for stochastic Burgers' equation driven by white noise
0 -- 0Suparat Kesornprom, Prasit Cholamjiak, Choonkil Park. New proximal type algorithms for convex minimization and its application to image deblurring
0 -- 0Caili Sang, Jianxing Zhao. Direct methods to compute all Z-eigenpairs of a tensor with dimension 2 or 3
0 -- 0Ekta Jain, Kalpana Dahiya, Anuj Sharma, Vanita Verma. Task preference-based bottleneck assignment problem
0 -- 0Yi Yang, Jin Huang, Hu Li. A high-order and extra-dof-free generalized finite element method for time-fractional diffusion equation
0 -- 0Ke Zhang, Fu-Ting Li, Xiang-Long Jiang. Multi-step greedy Kaczmarz algorithms with simple random sampling for solving large linear systems
0 -- 0Jie Jin, Weijie Chen, Lv Zhao, Long Chen, Zhijun Tang. A nonlinear zeroing neural network and its applications on time-varying linear matrix equations solving, electronic circuit currents computing and robotic manipulator trajectory tracking
0 -- 0Tahir Mahmood 0002, Ubaid Ur Rehman. Multi-attribute decision-making method based on bipolar complex fuzzy Maclaurin symmetric mean operators
0 -- 0Faruk Karaaslan, Marwan Tareq Ahmed Ahmed, Mohammed Allaw Dawood Dawood. Distance measures of hesitant complex neutrosophic sets and their applications in decision-making
0 -- 0Sunil Singh Negi, Pankaj Singh Rana, Nitin Sharma 0004, Manvendra Singh Khatri. A novel SEIAHR compartment model for accessing the impact of vaccination, intervention policies, and quarantine on the COVID-19 pandemic: a case study of most affected countries Brazil, India, Italy, and USA
0 -- 0Mohamed Lajili, Badreddine Rjaibi, Anis Theljani, Maher Moakher. Edge sketches for multi-modal image registration based on Blake-Zisserman type energy
0 -- 0Felipe C. Minuzzi. Reaction diffusion manifolds (REDIMs) applied to soot formation in ethylene counterflow non-premixed flames: an uncoupled methodology

Volume 41, Issue 6

0 -- 0Z. Naghizadeh, Omid Nikan, António Mendes Lopes. Multiplicity results for a nonlocal fractional problem
0 -- 0Duong Viet Thong, Vu Tien Dung, Luong Van Long. Inertial projection methods for finding a minimum-norm solution of pseudomonotone variational inequality and fixed-point problems
0 -- 0Fernando José Monteiro de Araújo, Renata Rojas Guerra, Fernando A. Peña-Ramírez. The Burr XII quantile regression for salary-performance models with applications in the sports economy
0 -- 0Muhammad Zeeshan 0003, Madad Khan, Saima Anis, Sohail Iqbal. Novel distance measures based on complex fuzzy sets with applications in signals
0 -- 0Sergio Amat, Juan Ruiz Álvarez, Chi-Wang Shu, Dionisio F. Yáñez. On the approximation of derivative values using a WENO algorithm with progressive order of accuracy close to discontinuities
0 -- 0Abdelouahed Alla Hamou, Rando R. Q. Rasul, Zakia Hammouch, Necati Özdemir. Analysis and dynamics of a mathematical model to predict unreported cases of COVID-19 epidemic in Morocco
0 -- 0T. Guo, Omid Nikan, Zakieh Avazzadeh, Wenlin Qiu. Efficient alternating direction implicit numerical approaches for multi-dimensional distributed-order fractional integro differential problems
0 -- 0S. Mohammadi, M. Ghasemi, Mojtaba Fardi. A fast Fourier spectral exponential time-differencing method for solving the time-fractional mobile-immobile advection-dispersion equation
0 -- 0Shiikhar Dorjsembe, Lkhagva Buyantogtokh, Kinkar Chandra Das, Batmend Horoldagva. Graphs with maximum irregularity
0 -- 0Ying Zhou, QingPing Zhou, Hongqiao Wang. Inferring the unknown parameters in differential equation by Gaussian process regression with constraint
0 -- 0Ubaid Ur Rehman, Tahir Mahmood 0002. The generalized dice similarity measures for bipolar complex fuzzy set and its applications to pattern recognition and medical diagnosis
0 -- 0Nadaniela Egidi, Josephin Giacomini, Pierluigi Maponi, Alessia Perticarini, Luca Cognigni, Lauro Fioretti. An advection-diffusion-reaction model for coffee percolation
0 -- 0Anli Wei, Ying Li, Wenxv Ding, Jianli Zhao. Two algebraic methods for least squares L-structured and generalized L-structured problems of the commutative quaternion Stein matrix equation
0 -- 0Xiaowei Ju, Yu Yang. Turing instability of the periodic solution for a generalized diffusive Maginu model
0 -- 0Javid Ghahremani-Nahr, Abdolsalam Ghaderi. Robust-fuzzy optimization approach in design of sustainable lean supply chain network under uncertainty
0 -- 0Yuming Chu, Mustafa Inç, Mir Sajjad Hashemi, S. Eshaghi. Analytical treatment of regularized Prabhakar fractional differential equations by invariant subspaces
0 -- 0Youngin Yoon, Jun-Ho Seo, Jeong-Hoon Kim. Closed-form pricing formulas for variance swaps in the Heston model with stochastic long-run mean of variance
0 -- 0Guanyu Xue, Yulong Gao. A Samarskii domain decomposition method for two-dimensional convection-diffusion equations
0 -- 0Elhan Hassani Sadrabadi, Bijan Davvaz. A new relationship between population genetics and fuzzy sets
0 -- 0Payel Das, Kapil Kant, B. V. Ratish Kumar. Modified Galerkin method for Volterra-Fredholm-Hammerstein integral equations
0 -- 0Gholamreza Hesamian, Mohammad Ghasem Akbari. A fuzzy empirical quantile-based regression model based on triangular fuzzy numbers
0 -- 0Nelson Vieira, Maria Manuela Fernandes Rodrigues, Milton Ferreira. Time-fractional diffusion equation with $$\psi $$-Hilfer derivative
0 -- 0Xiaohui Yu, Qingbiao Wu. Modified Newton-SSTS method for solving a class of nonlinear systems with complex symmetric Jacobian matrices
0 -- 0Qiang Su, Ronghang Jiang, Wei Yang. One-way carsharing facility planning under uncertain demand
0 -- 0Xiao-Yong Xiao. New techniques to develop higher order iterative methods for systems of nonlinear equations
0 -- 0Jun Zhang, Zhaoyang Liu, Mingxi Ma. Hyperspectral image fusion with a new hybrid regularization
0 -- 0Julio B. Clempner. A Lyapunov approach for stable reinforcement learning
0 -- 0Lina Wang, Yanxia Wu, Hao Zhang. Stability of traveling wave fronts for a modified vector disease model
0 -- 0Olawale Kazeem Oyewole, Lateef Olakunle Jolaoso, Kazeem Olalekan Aremu, M. O. Olayiwola. Inertial self-adaptive Bregman projection method for finite family of variational inequality problems in reflexive Banach spaces
0 -- 0Jin Li 0010, Yongling Cheng. Superconvergence of Newton-Cotes rule for computing hypersingular integral on a circle
0 -- 0Xueyuan Gao, Fuyuan Xiao 0001. An improved belief $$\chi ^2$$ divergence for Dempster-Shafer theory and its applications in pattern recognition
0 -- 0Sedat Yalcin, Ihsan Kaya. Analyzing of process capability indices based on neutrosophic sets
0 -- 0Gonglin Yuan, Zhan Wang, Pengyuan Li. Global convergence of a nonmonotone Broyden family method for nonconvex unconstrained minimization
0 -- 0Nima Ghanbari. On the Sombor characteristic polynomial and Sombor energy of a graph
0 -- 0Xuewei Chen, Xi Liu, Zhifu Tao, Jian Zhang, Haifeng Luo. Similarity and dissimilarity measures of basic uncertain information and their applications in group decision-making
0 -- 0Syed Ahmad Aidil Adha Said Mad Zain, Md Yushalify Misro. Shape analysis and fairness metric of generalized fractional Bézier curve
0 -- 0Hecong Gao, Hui Liang 0001. Discontinuous piecewise polynomial collocation methods for integral-algebraic equations of Hessenberg type
0 -- 0Ran-Ran Li, Hao Liu. On randomized partial block Kaczmarz method for solving huge linear algebraic systems
0 -- 0Na Zhang, Rui-xia Li, Jian Li 0029. Lopsided shift-splitting preconditioner for saddle point problems with three-by-three structure
0 -- 0Xinchen Zhou, Zhaoliang Meng, Xin Fan 0001, Zhongxuan Luo. High accuracy analysis of a nonconforming rectangular finite element method for the Brinkman model
0 -- 0Souvik Gayen, Arun Sarkar, Animesh Biswas. Development of q-rung orthopair trapezoidal fuzzy Hamacher aggregation operators and its application in MCGDM problems
0 -- 0Mohammad Ghasem Akbari, Gholamreza Hesamian. A fuzzy linear regression model with autoregressive fuzzy errors based on exact predictors and fuzzy responses
0 -- 0Amr M. S. Mahdy, D. Shokry, Kh. Lotfy. Chelyshkov polynomials strategy for solving 2-dimensional nonlinear Volterra integral equations of the first kind
0 -- 0Lina Rojas-García, Marco Mendoza, Isela Bonilla, César Alejandro Chavez-Olivares. Adaptive force control with active damping for robot manipulators with bounded inputs
0 -- 0Saman Babaie-Kafaki, Zohre Aminifard, Saeide Ghafoori. A hybrid quasi-Newton method with application in sparse recovery
0 -- 0Musa Çakir, Yilmaz Ekinci, Erkan Cimen. A numerical approach for solving nonlinear Fredholm integro-differential equation with boundary layer
0 -- 0Yousef Estaremi, S. Shamsigamchi. Unbounded WCT operators and applications to linear equations
0 -- 0Tahereh Eftekhari, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini. A new and efficient approach for solving linear and nonlinear time-fractional diffusion equations of distributed order
0 -- 0Mohammed Yusuf Waziri, Kabiru Ahmed, Abubakar Sani Halilu. A modified Dai-Kou-type method with applications to signal reconstruction and blurred image restoration
0 -- 0S. Priyadarshana, Jugal Mohapatra, S. R. Pattanaik. Parameter uniform optimal order numerical approximations for time-delayed parabolic convection diffusion problems involving two small parameters
0 -- 0Zhengge Huang, Jingjing Cui. An efficient modulus-based matrix splitting iteration method for quasi-complementarity problems
0 -- 0Mohamed Abdelhakem, A. Ahmed, Dumitru Baleanu, Mamdouh El-kady. Monic Chebyshev pseudospectral differentiation matrices for higher-order IVPs and BVPs: applications to certain types of real-life problems
0 -- 0Tahir Mahmood 0002, Zeeshan Ali. A method to multiattribute decision making problems under interaction aggregation operators based on complex Pythagorean fuzzy soft settings and their applications
0 -- 0B. Sagar, Santanu Saha Ray. Numerical solution of fractional Kersten-Krasil'shchik coupled KdV-mKdV system arising in shallow water waves
0 -- 0Safoura Rezaei Aderyani, Reza Saadati, Tofigh Allahviranloo. Existence, uniqueness and matrix-valued fuzzy Mittag-Leffler-Hypergeometric-Wright stability for $$\mathfrak {P}$$-Hilfer fractional differential equations in matrix-valued fuzzy Banach space
0 -- 0Tarek Aboelenen. Stability analysis and error estimates of implicit-explicit Runge-Kutta local discontinuous Galerkin methods for nonlinear fractional convection-diffusion problems
0 -- 0Mario Enrique Duarte Gonzalez, Gustavo Terra Bastos, Reginaldo Palazzo Júnior. Identification of proteins by the use of Chinese remainder theorem codes over finite commutative rings
0 -- 0Fang Chen, Yu Zhu. A variant of two-step modulus-based matrix splitting iteration method for Retinex problem
0 -- 0Mohammad Akil, Haidar Badawi, Serge Nicaise. Stability results of locally coupled wave equations with local Kelvin-Voigt damping: Cases when the supports of damping and coupling coefficients are disjoint
0 -- 0Tanmoy Mahapatra, Ganesh Ghorai, Madhumangal Pal. Competition graphs under interval-valued m-polar fuzzy environment and its application
0 -- 0Eshetu B. Derzie, Justin B. Munyakazi, Tekle Gemechu. A parameter-uniform numerical method for singularly perturbed Burgers' equation
0 -- 0Wenshui Lin, Peifang Fu, Guodong Zhang, Peng Hu, Yikai Wang. On two conjectures concerning trees with maximal inverse sum indeg index
0 -- 0Deivanayagampillai Nagarajan, Ramalingam Sujatha, G. Kuppuswami, J. Kavikumar 0001. Real-time forecasting of the COVID 19 using fuzzy grey Markov: a different approach in decision-making
0 -- 0Amir Hossein Yadollahi, Ali Ebrahimnejad, Reza Kazemi Matin. Centralized resource reallocation in two-stage network structures with undesirable products
0 -- 0Peilin Liu, Fuyuan Xiao 0001. Earth Mover's divergence of belief function
0 -- 0Yikang Yu, Xuemin Yang, Yuanquan Cui, Jing Niu. A broken reproducing kernel method for the multiple interface problems
0 -- 0Adnène Arbi, Najeh Tahri. New results on time scales of pseudo Weyl almost periodic solution of delayed QVSICNNs
0 -- 0Om Prakash 0004, Shikha Yadav, Habibul Islam, Patrick Solé. Self-dual and LCD double circulant codes over a class of non-local rings
0 -- 0Beibei Li, Jingjing Cui, Zhengge Huang, Xiaofeng Xie. On preconditioned MQHSS iterative method for solving a class of complex symmetric linear systems
0 -- 0Jiaxuan Zhang, Suogang Gao, Bo Hou, Wen Liu. An approximation algorithm for the group prize-collecting Steiner tree problem with submodular penalties
0 -- 0Arran Fernandez, Hafiz Muhammad Fahad. On the importance of conjugation relations in fractional calculus

Volume 41, Issue 5

0 -- 0Asma Rouatbi, Ahlem Ghiloufi, Khaled Omrani. An efficient tool for solving the Rosenau-Burgers equation in two dimensions
0 -- 0Orhan Dalkiliç, Naime Demirtas. Decision analysis review on the concept of class for bipolar soft set theory
0 -- 0Yuru Hu, Feng Zhang, Xiangpeng Xin. Nonlocal symmetry, exact solutions and conservation laws of the (1+1)-dimensional Levi equation
0 -- 0Maryam Baghipur, Modjtaba Ghorbani, Hilal A. Ganie, Shariefuddin Pirzada. On the eigenvalues and spread of the generalized distance matrix of a graph
0 -- 0Junsheng Qiao. Directional monotonic fuzzy implication functions induced from directional increasing quasi-grouping functions
0 -- 0Neslisah Imamoglu Karabas, Sila Övgü Korkut, Gurhan Gurarslan, Gamze Tanoglu. A reliable and fast mesh-free solver for the telegraph equation
0 -- 0Reza Vaghefi, Mohammad Reza Mahmoudi. Nonlinear transient thermo-elastoplastic analysis of temperature-dependent FG plates using an efficient 3D meshless model
0 -- 0Nadaniela Egidi, Josephin Giacomini, Pierluigi Maponi. A Fredholm integral operator for the differentiation problem
0 -- 0Xuanyi Zhao, Ying Wang, Jinggai Li, Chungang Zhu. Algorithms for computing the approximation of offsets of toric Bézier curves
0 -- 0Srikanta Behera, Santanu Saha Ray. On a wavelet-based numerical method for linear and nonlinear fractional Volterra integro-differential equations with weakly singular kernels
0 -- 0Yingqi Zhang, Xiao Li, Jingjing Yan. Event-triggered finite-time synchronization for uncertain neural networks with quantizations
0 -- 0Nora Nasr, Noureddine Moussaid, Omar Gouasnouane. The Kalai Smorodinsky solution for blind deconvolution
0 -- 0Jingjun Zhao, Zhiqiang Lv, Yang Xu 0014. A weak Galerkin method with rectangle partitions for the Signorini problem
0 -- 0Ho Vu 0001, Ngo Van Hoa. Hyers-Ulam stability of random functional differential equation involving fractional-order derivative
0 -- 0Kennedy C. Onyelowe, Ahmed M. Ebid. Compaction energy-hammer fall rate (E-t) constitutive model by Brachistochrone technique
0 -- 0Tao Li, Liyuan Zhang 0003. Multiple-attribute group decision-making method based on intuitionistic multiplicative linguistic information
0 -- 0Sidong Xian, Wenhua Wan, Huilan Pan, Xin Li. 2-tuple linguistic hesitant Pythagorean fuzzy MULTIMOORA with MSA and its application in the site selection problem of shared vehicle charging pile
0 -- 0Renu, Ashish, Renu Chugh. On the dynamics of a discrete difference map in Mann orbit
0 -- 0M. Guadalupe Morales, Zuzana Doslá. Almost oscillatory fractional differential equations
0 -- 0Truong Minh Tuyen, Nguyen Minh Trang. Two projection algorithms for the common solution of the monotone inclusion, the fixed point and the null point problems in Hilbert spaces
0 -- 0Qiao Chen, Xinge Liu, Peiyu Guo, Hua Liu, Xiayun Li. Improved results on stability and $$H_{\infty }$$ performance analysis for discrete-time neural networks with time-varying delay
0 -- 0Di Mao, Yuechao Ma. Robust $${{H}_{\infty }}$$ control for uncertain Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems with state and input time-varying delays
0 -- 0Dongdong Liu, Kangning Yu, Lihui Guo. The initial-boundary value problem for a strictly hyperbolic equations
0 -- 0Solomon B. Zegeye, Mengistu G. Sangago, Habtu Zegeye. Approximation of common solutions of nonlinear problems in Banach spaces
0 -- 0K. C. Sivakumar, Raju Nandi. Group inverses of adjacency matrices of cycles, wheels and brooms
0 -- 0A. K. Misra, Anjali Jha. Modeling the effect of budget allocation on the abatement of atmospheric carbon dioxide
0 -- 0Harish Garg, Iman Mohamad Sharaf. A new spherical aggregation function with the concept of spherical fuzzy difference for spherical fuzzy EDAS and its application to industrial robot selection
0 -- 0Kamal Rashedi. A spectral method based on Bernstein orthonormal basis functions for solving an inverse Roseneau equation
0 -- 0Xavier Emery, Ana Paula Peron, Emilio Porcu. Dimension walks on hyperspheres
0 -- 0Tareq M. Al-shami. Soft somewhat open sets: soft separation axioms and medical application to nutrition
0 -- 0Prashant Kumar Pandey, Farzad Ismail, Ritesh Kumar Dubey. High-resolution WENO schemes using local variation-based smoothness indicator
0 -- 0Emilio Porcu, Xavier Emery, Nadia Mery. Criteria and characterizations for spatially isotropic and temporally symmetric matrix-valued covariance functions
0 -- 0Xianhe Meng, Xian Zhang 0002, Yantao Wang. Exponential Lagrangian stability and stabilization of memristor-based neural networks with unbounded time-varying delays

Volume 41, Issue 4

0 -- 0Iztok Peterin, Gabriel Semanisin. Geodesic transversal problem for join and lexicographic product of graphs
0 -- 0Adriano A. Alcântara, Bruno A. Carmo, Haroldo R. Clark, Ronald R. Guardia, Mauro A. Rincon. Nonlinear wave equation with Dirichlet and Acoustic boundary conditions: theoretical analysis and numerical simulation
0 -- 0Anshika, Debdas Ghosh. Interval-valued value function and its application in interval optimization problems
0 -- 0Mohamed Souissi, Brahim Hnich. A safe sequential screening technique for solving multi-attribute choice problems under ranked weights
0 -- 0John Sebastian H. Simon, Hirofumi Notsu. A shape design problem for the Navier-Stokes flow with a convective boundary condition
0 -- 0Asif Yokus, Hulya Durur, Serbay Duran, Md. Tarikul Islam. Ample felicitous wave structures for fractional foam drainage equation modeling for fluid-flow mechanism
0 -- 0Xiuli Wang, Ni Jin, Miao Cao, Yuming Wen. Construction of authentication codes based on orthogonal array and Latin square
0 -- 0Harish Garg, Yong Deng 0001, Zeeshan Ali, Tahir Mahmood 0002. Decision-making strategy based on Archimedean Bonferroni mean operators under complex Pythagorean fuzzy information
0 -- 0Sadaf Shaheen, Sirajul Haq, Abdul Ghafoor. A meshfree technique for the numerical solutions of nonlinear Fornberg-Whitham and Degasperis-Procesi equations with their modified forms
0 -- 0Vladimir Angulo-Castillo, Yurilev Chalco-Cano, Élder Jesús Villamizar-Roa. Applications of generalized fixed points theorems to the existence of uncertainly hyperbolic partial differential equations with finite delay
0 -- 0Akram Esmaeili Avval, Farzad Dehghanian, Mohammadali Pirayesh. Auction design for the allocation of carbon emission allowances to supply chains via multi-agent-based model and Q-learning
0 -- 0N. Padmaja, P. Balasubramaniam 0001. Results on passivity analysis of delayed fractional-order neural networks subject to periodic impulses via refined integral inequalities
0 -- 0Dijana Mosic, Predrag S. Stanimirovic, Vasilios N. Katsikis. Properties of the CMP inverse and its computation
0 -- 0Xi-Ming Fang. The convergence of the modulus-based Jacobi (MJ) iteration method for solving horizontal linear complementarity problems
0 -- 0Hai-yang Xu, Heng-you Lan, Fan Zhang. General semi-implicit approximations with errors for common fixed points of nonexpansive-type operators and applications to Stampacchia variational inequality
0 -- 0Jianxi Zhao. A novel low-rank matrix approximation algorithm for face denoising and background/foreground separation
0 -- 0Faisal Fairag, Ke Chen 0002, Shahbaz Ahmad. An effective algorithm for mean curvature-based image deblurring problem
0 -- 0Feng Zhang, Yuru Hu, Xiangpeng Xin, Hanze Liu. Darboux transformation, soliton solutions of the variable coefficient nonlocal modified Korteweg-de Vries equation
0 -- 0S. Hasan, N. Harrouche, Shrideh K. Al-Omari, M. Al-Smadi, S. Momani, C. Cattani. Hilbert solution of fuzzy fractional boundary value problems
0 -- 0Nouhayla Ait Oussaid, Khalid Akhlil, Sultana Ben Aadi, Mourad El Ouali, Anand Srivastav. Hemivariational inequalities on graphs
0 -- 0Liangliang Guo, YaLi Dong. Robust exponential stabilization of delayed neural networks with external disturbance via extended reciprocally convex matrix inequality
0 -- 0Srinivasulu Bathala, Padmapani Seneviratne. $$\mathbb {Z}_2\mathbb {Z}_2[u^4]$$-cyclic codes and their duals
0 -- 0Khursheed J. Ansari, Faruk Özger, Zeynep Ödemis Özger. Numerical and theoretical approximation results for Schurer-Stancu operators with shape parameter $$ \lambda $$
0 -- 0Sagar Adhurya, Fahad Al Basir, Santanu Ray. Stage-structure model for the dynamics of whitefly transmitted plant viral disease: an optimal control approach
0 -- 0Farshid Nourian, Mehrdad Lakestani, Sedigheh Sabermahani, Yadollah Ordokhani. Touchard wavelet technique for solving time-fractional Black-Scholes model
0 -- 0Charyyar Ashyralyyev. On the second order of accuracy stable difference scheme for integral type non-local elliptic source identification problem
0 -- 0Afsaneh Moradi, Ali Abdi, Gholamreza Hojjati. Strong stability preserving implicit and implicit-explicit second derivative general linear methods with RK stability
0 -- 0Othmane Baiz, Hicham Benaissa. Finite element approximation and numerical analysis of thermoelectroelastic frictional contact problem with frictional heating
0 -- 0Tugçe Aydin, Serdar Enginoglu. Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy parameterized interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy soft matrices and their application to performance-based value assignment to noise-removal filters
0 -- 0Ruo-Cheng Xu, Min-Hong Chen, Ping-Fei Dai. AQTTTS-based iteration methods for weakly nonlinear systems with diagonal-plus-Toeplitz structure
0 -- 0Barbara Ikica, Bostjan Gabrovsek, Janez Povh, Janez Zerovnik. Clustering as a dual problem to colouring
0 -- 0Yang-Fan Xu, Qing-Wen Wang 0001, Long-Sheng Liu, Mahmoud Saad Mehany. A constrained system of matrix equations
0 -- 0Manoj Kumar, A. J. Shaiju. Necessary conditions for Turing instability in the reaction-diffusion systems associated with replicator dynamics
0 -- 0Renata R. Del-Vecchio, Miriam Abdón. Seidel spectrum of threshold graphs
0 -- 0Shivani, Deepika Rani, Ali Ebrahimnejad. An approach to solve an unbalanced fully rough multi-objective fixed-charge transportation problem
0 -- 0Shio Gai Quek, Ganeshsree Selvachandran, D. Ajay, P. Chellamani, David Taniar, Hamido Fujita, Phet Duong, Le Hoang Son, Long Giang Nguyen. New concepts of pentapartitioned neutrosophic graphs and applications for determining safest paths and towns in response to COVID-19
0 -- 0Manuel Ceballos. New advances on (pseudo)digraphs and evolution algebras
0 -- 0Saroj Rani, Hai Q. Dinh 0001. RT distances and Hamming distances of constacyclic codes of length $$8p^s$$ over $${\mathbb {F}}_{p^m}+u{\mathbb {F}}_{p^m}$$
0 -- 0Huiming Song, Zhanwen Yang, Yu Xiao. Iterated collocation methods for nonlinear third-kind Volterra integral equations with proportional delays
0 -- 0Sina Khodaee, Emad Roghanian, Nader Ghaffari-Nasab. Competitive multiple allocation hub location problem considering primary and backup routes
0 -- 0Samat A. Kassabek, Durvudkhan Suragan. Numerical approximation of the one-dimensional inverse Cauchy-Stefan problem using heat polynomials methods
0 -- 0Ali Bashan, Nuri Murat Yagmurlu. A mixed method approach to the solitary wave, undular bore and boundary-forced solutions of the Regularized Long Wave equation
0 -- 0Kishore Kumar Naraparaju, Subhashree Mohapatra. Performance of nonconforming spectral element method for Stokes problems
0 -- 0A. J. Stacey, John J. Shepherd. Analysis of a continuously stirred two tank reactor cascade with Haldane kinetics
0 -- 0José Luis Díaz Palencia. Analytical assessments to model a flame propagation with a porous medium equation
0 -- 0Vijay, N. Vijender, A. K. B. Chand. Generalized zipper fractal approximation and parameter identification problems
0 -- 0Shuang Zhao. Scheduling jobs with general truncated learning effects including proportional setup times
0 -- 0Martin Bohner, Vasile Lupulescu, Donal O'Regan, Waqas Ali Azhar. Vector-valued functions on time scales and random differential equations
0 -- 0M. Taghipour, Hossein Aminikhah. A fast collocation method for solving the weakly singular fractional integro-differential equation
0 -- 0Hamid Reza Maimani, Maryam Mohammadpour Sabet, Modjtaba Ghorbani. GHWs of codes derived from the incidence matrices of some graphs
0 -- 0Ahmed M. Elsawah. Improving the space-filling behavior of multiple triple designs
0 -- 0Wumei Sun, Yufei Li, Ting Wang, Hongwei Liu 0001. A new subspace minimization conjugate gradient method based on conic model for large-scale unconstrained optimization
0 -- 0Lin He, Jiali Zhang, Haohui Zhu, Baoli Shi. A new hybrid regularization scheme for removing salt and pepper noise
0 -- 0Hechao Liu. Extremal problems on Sombor indices of unicyclic graphs with a given diameter
0 -- 0Jing Bai, Huaiqin Wu, Jinde Cao. Secure synchronization and identification for fractional complex networks with multiple weight couplings under DoS attacks
0 -- 0Mostafa M. A. Khater. Abundant accurate solitonic water and ionic liquid wave structures of the nanoparticle hybrid system
0 -- 0Muhammad Akram 0001, Muhammad Saqib, Shahida Bashir, Tofigh Allahviranloo. An efficient numerical method for solving m-polar fuzzy initial value problems
0 -- 0Godwin Chidi Ugwunnadi, Chinedu Izuchukwu, Abdul Rahim Khan. Dynamical technique for split common fixed point problem in Banach spaces
0 -- 0Emilio Gómez-Déniz, Víctor Leiva, Enrique Calderín-Ojeda, Christophe Chesneau. A novel claim size distribution based on a Birnbaum-Saunders and gamma mixture capturing extreme values in insurance: estimation, regression, and applications
0 -- 0Hajar Narimani, Reza Khoshsiar Ghaziani. Bifurcation analysis of an intraguild predator-prey model
0 -- 0Yan-Lan Zhang, Chang-qing Li. Relationships between two pairs of covering approximation operators and belief structures
0 -- 0Duong Viet Thong, Xiaoxiao Li, Qiao-Li Dong, Nguyen Thi Cam Van, Hoang Van Thang. Revisiting the extragradient method for finding the minimum-norm solution of non-Lipschitzian pseudo-monotone variational inequalities
0 -- 0Gajendra K. Vishwakarma, Abhishek Singh. Generalized estimator for computation of population mean under neutrosophic ranked set technique: An application to solar energy data
0 -- 0Tarmizi Adam, Raveendran Paramesran, Kuru Ratnavelu. A combined higher order non-convex total variation with overlapping group sparsity for Poisson noise removal
0 -- 0Dajana Conte, Giovanni Pagano, Beatrice Paternoster. Two-step peer methods with equation-dependent coefficients
0 -- 0Zhijian Wei, Meina Sun. Exact delta shock wave solution to the Riemann problem for the three-component chromatography model
0 -- 0Rafaela Osuna Gómez, Tiago Mendonça da Costa, Yurilev Chalco-Cano, Beatriz Hernández-Jiménez. Quasilinear approximation for interval-valued functions via generalized Hukuhara differentiability

Volume 41, Issue 3

0 -- 0Jiaoyue Zheng, Gang Hu, Xiaomin Ji, Xinqiang Qin. Quintic generalized Hermite interpolation curves: construction and shape optimization using an improved GWO algorithm
0 -- 0Peiting Gao, Wang Tao, Xilin Liu, Yongfei Wu. An efficient three-term conjugate gradient-based algorithm involving spectral quotient for solving convex constrained monotone nonlinear equations with applications
0 -- 0Clarianne Luciola de A. V. M. Lucas, Renata R. Del-Vecchio, Maria Aguieiras A. de Freitas, Joice S. do Nascimento. Relationships between algebraic connectivity and vertex connectivity
0 -- 0Bojan Nikolic, Marko Djukanovic, Dragan Matic. New mixed-integer linear programming model for solving the multidimensional multi-way number partitioning problem
0 -- 0. Correction to Various articles
0 -- 0Quanwei Ren, Hongjiong Tian. Mean-square convergence and stability of two-step Milstein methods for stochastic differential equations with Poisson jumps
0 -- 0M. Shafiya, Gnaneswaran Nagamani. Extended dissipativity criterion for fractional-order neural networks with time-varying parameter and interval uncertainties
0 -- 0Yuyan Gao, Zhengjie Sun. Multi-symplectic quasi-interpolation method for the KdV equation
0 -- 0Amália S. V. Vasconcelos, Josenildo S. Lima, Rodrigo T. N. Cardoso, José L. Acebal, Aníbal M. Loaiza. Optimal control of Aedes aegypti using rainfall and temperature data
0 -- 0Hongbing Zhang, Yanjun Zhang, Yajing Li, Hongtao Fan. An improved two-sweep iteration method for absolute value equations
0 -- 0Soyoon Bak. A mixed approximate method to simulate generalized Hirota-Satsuma coupled KdV equations
0 -- 0A. Belafhal, N. Nossir, Talha Usman. Integral transforms involving orthogonal polynomials and its application in diffraction of cylindrical Waves
0 -- 0Chiranjibe Jana, Madhumangal Pal, Peide Liu. Multiple attribute dynamic decision making method based on some complex aggregation functions in CQROF setting
0 -- 0Kishor D. Kucche, Ashwini D. Mali. On the nonlinear $$\Psi $$-Hilfer hybrid fractional differential equations
0 -- 0Lateef Olakunle Jolaoso, Maggie Aphane. A self-adaptive parallel subgradient extragradient method for finite family of pseudomonotone equilibrium and fixed point problems
0 -- 0M. J. Huntul, Muhammad Abbas, Muhammad Kashif Iqbal. An inverse problem for investigating the time-dependent coefficient in a higher-order equation
0 -- 0Sujeet Kumar Singh, Shiv Prasad Yadav. Scalarizing fuzzy multi-objective linear fractional programming with application
0 -- 0Liang Ge, Tongjun Sun. An adaptive hp-version stochastic Galerkin method for constrained optimal control problem governed by random reaction diffusion equations
0 -- 0Yonglin Yang, Shenghu Ding, Wenshuai Wang, Xu Wang, Xing Li. The numerical algorithms of infinite integrals involving products of Bessel functions of arbitrary order
0 -- 0Shih Yu Chang, Yiming Wei 0001. T-product tensors - part II: tail bounds for sums of random T-product tensors
0 -- 0Renu Choudhary, Satpal Singh, Devendra Kumar. A second-order numerical scheme for the time-fractional partial differential equations with a time delay
0 -- 0Fei Li, Nianyu Yi. Analysis of a goal-oriented adaptive two-grid finite-element algorithm for semilinear elliptic problems
0 -- 0Gholamreza Hesamian, Mohammad Ghasem Akbari. A fuzzy quantile method for AR time series model based on triangular fuzzy random variables
0 -- 0Junpeng Zhou, Zhongxun Zhu. Some properties on $$\alpha $$-least eigenvalue of uniform hypergraphs and their applications
0 -- 0Dan Peng, Hongshuang Xu. Quantized feedback control for 2D uncertain nonlinear systems with time-varying delays in a networked environment
0 -- 0Murugan Palanikumar, Krishnan Arulmozhi, Chiranjibe Jana. Multiple attribute decision-making approach for Pythagorean neutrosophic normal interval-valued fuzzy aggregation operators
0 -- 0Muhammad Zeeshan 0003, Madad Khan, Sohail Iqbal. Distance function of complex fuzzy soft sets with application in signals
0 -- 0Yuanyuan Liu, Youlong Yang. A novel similarity-based consensus model for probabilistic linguistic sets and its application in multi-attribute large-scale group decision making
0 -- 0Dia Zeidan, Chi-Kin Chau, Tzon-Tzer Lu. On the development of Adomian decomposition method for solving PDE systems with non-prescribed data
0 -- 0Maurizio Brunetti, Zoran Stanic. Unbalanced signed graphs with extremal spectral radius or index
0 -- 0Haifeng Ma. Perturbation bounds for the core inverse of matrices
0 -- 0Boubekeur Targui, Omar Hernandez-Gonzalez, Carlos-Manuel Astorga-Zaragoza, Maria Eusebia Guerrero-Sánchez, Guillermo Valencia-Palomo. Disturbance observer for uncertain Lipschitz nonlinear systems under multiple time-varying delays
0 -- 0Bing Tan 0001, Sun-Young Cho. Inertial extragradient algorithms with non-monotone stepsizes for pseudomonotone variational inequalities and applications
0 -- 0Noosheza Rani, Arran Fernandez. Solving Prabhakar differential equations using Mikusiński's operational calculus
0 -- 0Hamid Reza Marasi, Mohammad Hossein Derakhshan. Haar wavelet collocation method for variable order fractional integro-differential equations with stability analysis
0 -- 0Talha Aziz, Mujeeb ur Rehman. Generalized Mellin transform and its applications in fractional calculus
0 -- 0Abdul Hussain Surosh, Javad Alidousti, Reza Khoshsiar Ghaziani. Stability and Hopf bifurcation analysis for a three-species food chain model with fear and two different delays
0 -- 0Licheng Feng, Jay Katupitiya. Radial basis function-based vector field algorithm for wildfire boundary tracking with UAVs
0 -- 0Sani Salisu, Poom Kumam, Songpon Sriwongsa, Jamilu Abubakar. On minimization and fixed point problems in Hadamard spaces
0 -- 0Ismail Aydogdu, Roghayeh Mohammadi Hesari, Karim Samei. Double skew cyclic codes over $$\mathbb {F}_q$$
0 -- 0Huiyuan Zhang, Guiwu Wei, Xudong Chen. Spherical fuzzy Dombi power Heronian mean aggregation operators for multiple attribute group decision-making

Volume 41, Issue 2

0 -- 0Tipu Sultan Haque, Shariful Alam, Avishek Chakraborty. Selection of most effective COVID-19 virus protector using a novel MCGDM technique under linguistic generalised spherical fuzzy environment
0 -- 0Mehdi Dehghan 0002, Akbar Shirilord. Approximating optimal parameters for generalized preconditioned Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting (GPHSS) method
0 -- 0Meenakshi Shivhare, Pramod Chakravarthy Podila. Numerical study of two-parameter singularly perturbed problem in two dimensions on an exponentially graded mesh
0 -- 0Wen-Ling Tang, Shu-Xin Miao. On the solvability and Picard-type method for absolute value matrix equations
0 -- 0Nazim I. Mahmudov, Arzu Ahmadova, Ismail T. Huseynov. A novel technique for solving Sobolev-type fractional multi-order evolution equations
0 -- 0Ning Cui, Pei Wang, Qi Li 0009. A second-order BDF scheme for the Swift-Hohenberg gradient flows with quadratic-cubic nonlinearity and vacancy potential
0 -- 0A. A. Khajehnasiri, Reza Ezzati. Boubaker polynomials and their applications for solving fractional two-dimensional nonlinear partial integro-differential Volterra integral equations
0 -- 0Manxia Cao, Wei Huang, Shuaijun Lv. Weighted $$\ell _{p}(0<p\le 1)$$ minimization with non-uniform weights for sparse recovery under partial support information
0 -- 0Manuel Arana-Jiménez, Carmen Sánchez-Gil, Sebastián Lozano, Atefeh Younesi. Efficiency assessment using fuzzy production possibility set and enhanced Russell Graph measure
0 -- 0Qi Zhang, Haiming Song, Yongle Hao. Semi-implicit FEM for the valuation of American options under the Heston model
0 -- 0Ghaleb Gumah. Numerical solutions of special fuzzy partial differential equations in a reproducing kernel Hilbert space
0 -- 0Soumak Biswas, Maheshanand Bhaintwal. On m-spotty weight enumerators of $$\mathbb {Z}_2(\mathbb {Z}_2+u\mathbb {Z}_2)$$-linear codes and Griesmer type bound
0 -- 0Noelia Bazarra, José R. Fernández, Ramón Quintanilla. On the numerical approximation of a problem involving a mixture of a MGT viscous material and an elastic solid
0 -- 0S. Behera, Santanu Saha Ray. A wavelet-based novel technique for linear and nonlinear fractional Volterra-Fredholm integro-differential equations
0 -- 0Yong Chen. Second-order convergent IMEX scheme for integro-differential equations with delays arising in option pricing under hard-to-borrow jump-diffusion models
0 -- 0Kamaluddeen Umar Danmalam, Hassan Mohammad, Mohammed Yusuf Waziri. Structured diagonal Gauss-Newton method for nonlinear least squares
0 -- 0Sumit, Shashikant Kumar, Sunil Kumar. A high order convergent adaptive numerical method for singularly perturbed nonlinear systems
0 -- 0Xiaojie Huang, Xuerui Cao, Yuechao Ma. Sampled-data exponential synchronization of complex dynamical networks with time-varying delays and T-S fuzzy nodes
0 -- 0Yu Zhong, Shuang Lin. M-fuzzifying k-pseudo metric space and its induced M-fuzzifying structures
0 -- 0Waddah Saeed. Frequency-based ensemble forecasting model for time series forecasting
0 -- 0Ömer Civalek, Büsra Uzun, Mustafa Özgür Yayli. An effective analytical method for buckling solutions of a restrained FGM nonlocal beam
0 -- 0Anusha Vulimiri, Sireesha Veeramachaneni. Einstein Heronian mean aggregation operator and its application in decision making problems

Volume 41, Issue 1

0 -- 0Zhengmin Liu, Xinya Wang, Wenxin Wang, Di Wang, Peide Liu. An integrated TOPSIS-ORESTE-based decision-making framework for new energy investment assessment with cloud model
0 -- 0Prashant Pandey, Jagdev Singh. An efficient computational approach for nonlinear variable order fuzzy fractional partial differential equations
0 -- 0Zichun Chen, Penghui Liu. Intuitionistic fuzzy value similarity measures for intuitionistic fuzzy sets
0 -- 0Ismat Beg, Ayush Bartwal, Shivam Rawat, R. C. Dimri. Best proximity points in noncommutative Banach spaces
0 -- 0Higinio Ramos, Anurag Kaur, Vinay Kanwar. Using a cubic B-spline method in conjunction with a one-step optimized hybrid block approach to solve nonlinear partial differential equations
0 -- 0Aakansha, Sunil Kumar 0002, Joginder Singh. An efficient numerical method for coupled systems of singularly perturbed parabolic delay problems
0 -- 0Silvio Antônio Bueno Salgado, Onofre Rojas, Sérgio Martins de Souza, Danilo Machado Pires, Leandro Ferreira. Modeling the linear drag on falling balls via interactive fuzzy initial value problem
0 -- 0Shengbing Deng, Sihui Xiong. Existence of ground state solutions for fractional Kirchhoff Choquard problems with critical Trudinger-Moser nonlinearity
0 -- 0Mario Ignacio Simoy, Juan Pablo Aparicio. Socially structured model for COVID-19 pandemic: design and evaluation of control measures
0 -- 0S. T. R. Rizvi, Aly R. Seadawy, S. O. Abbas, S. Latif, Saad Althobaiti. Exact and numerical solutions to the system of the chlorite iodide malonic acid chemical reactions
0 -- 0Daniel Eduardo Sánchez, Vinícius Francisco Wasques, Estevão Esmi, Laécio Carvalho de Barros. Solution to the Bessel differential equation with interactive fuzzy boundary conditions
0 -- 0Liuxin Chen, Xiaoling Gou. The application of probabilistic linguistic CODAS method based on new score function in multi-criteria decision-making
0 -- 0Hanane Belhireche, Hamza Guebbai. On the mixed nonlinear integro-differential equations with weakly singular kernel
0 -- 0Xiaojun Ma, Hongwei Liu, Xiaoyin Li. The iterative method for solving the proximal split feasibility problem with an application to LASSO problem
0 -- 0Farshid Mirzaee, Shadi Rezaei, Nasrin Samadyar. Application of combination schemes based on radial basis functions and finite difference to solve stochastic coupled nonlinear time fractional sine-Gordon equations
0 -- 0Mohamed A. Abdelkawy, A. Z. M. Amin, António M. Lopes 0001. Fractional-order shifted Legendre collocation method for solving non-linear variable-order fractional Fredholm integro-differential equations
0 -- 0Saurabh Tomar, A. K. Verma, K. Vajravelu. An effective method for solving singular boundary value problems with some relevant physical applications
0 -- 0Simone Cacace, Roberto Ferretti. Efficient implementation of characteristic-based schemes on unstructured triangular grids
0 -- 0Junxiang Yang, Junseok Kim. Numerical simulation and analysis of the Swift-Hohenberg equation by the stabilized Lagrange multiplier approach
0 -- 0Hong Du, Huixian Lin. Image reconstruction based on improved block compressed sensing
0 -- 0Swapnil Kale, Debasish Pradhan. Error estimates of fictitious domain method with an $$H^1$$ penalty approach for elliptic problems
0 -- 0Farshad Mehdifar, Ali Khani. Extrapolation of the Galerkin solution for two-dimensional nonlinear Fredholm integral equations with orthogonal basis of Boubaker polynomials
0 -- 0Liangjie Mao, Xiaocheng Zhang, Jibiao Xue, Ning Zhan. Dynamic overflow characteristics of special structure wells
0 -- 0P. Prakash, K. S. Priyendhu, K. M. Anjitha. Initial value problem for the $$(2+1)$$-dimensional time-fractional generalized convection-reaction-diffusion wave equation: invariant subspaces and exact solutions
0 -- 0Zarife Zararsiz, Muhammad Riaz. Bipolar fuzzy metric spaces with application
0 -- 0R. Najafi, Fariba Bahrami, Sedaghat Shahmorad. Fractional differential equations, compatibility, and exact solutions
0 -- 0Serkan Onar, Bayram Ali Ersoy, Bijan Davvaz, Kostaq Hila. Intuitionistic fuzzy multi-polygroups
0 -- 0Junjun Wang, Houchao Zhang. Superconvergence analysis of a BDF-3 finite element method for nonlinear parabolic equation
0 -- 0Adriana Villalón-Falcón, Alberto Prieto Moreno, Marcos Quiñones-Grueiro, Orestes Llanes-Santiago. Computational adaptive multivariable degradation model for improving the remaining useful life prediction in industrial systems
0 -- 0Surender Singh, Abdul Haseeb Ganie. On a new picture fuzzy correlation coefficient with its applications to pattern recognition and identification of an investment sector
0 -- 0J. C. Bortolete, Luis Felipe Bueno, R. Butkeraites, A. A. Chaves, G. Collaço, M. Magueta, F. J. R. Pelogia, L. L. Salles Neto, T. S. Santos, T. S. Silva, F. N. C. Sobral, H. H. Yanasse. A support tool for planning classrooms considering social distancing between students
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