Journal: Comput. Appl. Math.

Volume 42, Issue 8

322 -- 0Narendra Kumar, Diksha Tiwari, Amit Kumar Verma, Carlo Cattani. Hybrid model for the optimal numerical solution of nonlinear ordinary differential systems
323 -- 0Zheng Peng 0002, Xu Zhang, Zhiqiang Yao. A modified multivariate spectral gradient projection method for nonlinear complementarity problems
324 -- 0Phakakorn Panpho, Pairote Yiarayong. (p, q)-Rung linear Diophantine fuzzy sets and their application in decision-making
325 -- 0Thanyarat Jitpeera, Chirasak Mongkolkeha, Thanittha Kowan. Modified inertial algorithms for inclusion problems with numerical experiments and application to image restoration
326 -- 0Radica Bojicic, Marko D. Petkovic. Oscillation criteria for a second order half-linear differential equation with delay, with monotone nondecreasing delay function
327 -- 0Ridwanulahi I. Abdulganiy, Higinio Ramos, J. A. Osilagun, Solomon A. Okunuga, Sania Qureshi. A functionally-fitted block hybrid Falkner method for Kepler equations and related problems
328 -- 0Dan Peng, Mengjie Liu. ∞ control problem for 2-D nonlinear uncertain switched system with mixed time-varying delays under fuzzy rules
329 -- 0Ismat Beg, Monika Bisht, Shivam Rawat. An approach for solving fully generalized intuitionistic fuzzy transportation problems
330 -- 0Abdolsaeed Toomaj. Generalized cumulative residual Tsallis entropy and its properties
331 -- 0Venkatesan Maitreyi, Suresh Elumalai, Selvaraj Balachandran, Hechao Liu. The minimum Sombor index of trees with given number of pendant vertices
332 -- 0Lukás Tomek, Branislav Beran, Ján Erdélyi, Richard Honti, Karol Mikula. Multichannel segmentation of planar point clouds using evolving curves
333 -- 0Allaberen Ashyralyev, Haitham Al-Hazaimeh, Charyyar Ashyralyyev. Absolute stability of a difference scheme for the multidimensional time-dependently identification telegraph problem
334 -- 0Harmandeep Singh, Janak Raj Sharma. Generalized convergence conditions for the local and semilocal analyses of higher order Newton-type iterations
335 -- 0Zhehong Hao, Hao Chang. Robust time-consistent strategy for the defined contribution pension plan with a minimum guarantee under ambiguity
336 -- 0Mohamed Drissi, Said Mesmoudi, Mohamed Mansouri, Khalid Saadouni. On the use of an accurate implicit spectral approach for the telegraph equation in propagation of electrical signals
337 -- 0Zanyar A. Ameen, Samer Al Ghour. Cluster soft sets and cluster soft topologies
338 -- 0Sayed A. Dahy, H. M. El-Hawary, Alaa Fahim, Tarek Aboelenen. High-order spectral collocation method using tempered fractional Sturm-Liouville eigenproblems
339 -- 0Xavier Molinero, Fabián Riquelme, Salvador Roura, Maria J. Serna. Multidimension: a dimensionality extension of simple games
340 -- 0Srijita Mondal, Tanushree Murmu, Koyel Chakravarty, Ashis Kumar Sarkar, Sourav Kumar Sasmal. Mathematical modelling of HIV-1 transcription inhibition: a comparative study between optimal control and impulsive approach
341 -- 0Emin Beso, Senada Kalabusic, Esmir Pilav. Dynamics of the discrete-time Rosenzweig-MacArthur predator-prey system in the closed positively invariant set
342 -- 0Mohssine Es-saiydy, Mohamed Zitane. Dynamics analysis of delayed fuzzy Clifford-valued model: a case of Equi-Weyl almost periodic environment
343 -- 0Ehsan Kheirandish, Abbas Salemi. Generalized bilateral inverses of tensors via Einstein product with applications to singular tensor equations
344 -- 0Marzieh Mostafavi, Bijan Davvaz. Near semihypergroups on nearness approximation spaces
345 -- 0André Jacomel Torii, Riccelli Begnini, Henrique Machado Kroetz, Omar Mohamad Ismail Matar, Rafael Holdorf Lopez, Leandro Fleck Fadel Miguel. Global sensitivity analysis for mathematical models comparison
346 -- 0Preety Kumari, harendra pal singh, Swarn Singh. Global stability of novel coronavirus model using fractional derivative
347 -- 0Xiao Ai, Guoxi Ni, Tieyong Zeng. Color image restoration with mixed Gaussian-Cauchy noise and blur
348 -- 0Bibekananda Sitha, Jajati Keshari Sahoo, Ratikanta Behera, Predrag S. Stanimirovic, Alena A. Stupina. Generalized core-EP inverse for square matrices
349 -- 0Hongxing Wang, Chong Cui, Xiaoji Liu. Dual r-rank decomposition and its applications
350 -- 0Javad Alavi, Hossein Aminikhah. An efficient parametric finite difference and orthogonal spline approximation for solving the weakly singular nonlinear time-fractional partial integro-differential equation
351 -- 0Chinedu Izuchukwu, Maggie Aphane, Kazeem Olalekan Aremu. Two-step inertial forward-reflected-anchored-backward splitting algorithm for solving monotone inclusion problems
352 -- 0Jingpu Chang, Bao Qing Hu. O,O)-fuzzy rough sets based on overlap and grouping functions over complete lattices
353 -- 0Zohre Aminifard, Saman Babaie-Kafaki. A diagonally scaled Newton-type proximal method for minimization of the models with nonsmooth composite cost functions
354 -- 0Tong Ling, Xiaolei Tong, Luo Yi Shi. Two general splitting methods with alternated inertia for solving split equality problem in Hilbert spaces
355 -- 0Huipo Liu. A posteriori error estimates of a DG method for optimal control problems governed by the transport equation
356 -- 0Soheila Mohammadi, Mojtaba Fardi, Mehdi Ghasemi. A numerical investigation with energy-preservation for nonlinear space-fractional Klein-Gordon-Schrödinger system
357 -- 0Wen Sheng Du. Concise representations and limiting cases of q-rung orthopair fuzzy Hamacher-Bonferroni mean aggregations
358 -- 0Malihe Nobakht-Kooshkghazi, Hamidreza Afshin. The new Krylov subspace methods for solving tensor equations via T-product
359 -- 0Bostjan Bresar, Arti Pandey, Gopika Sharma. Computation of Grundy dominating sequences in (co-)bipartite graphs
360 -- 0Martin Milanic, Nevena Pivac. Computing well-covered vector spaces of graphs using modular decomposition
361 -- 0Oona Rainio, Mohamed M. S. Nasser, Matti Vuorinen, Riku Klén. Image augmentation with conformal mappings for a convolutional neural network
362 -- 0Lu-Yao Sun, Siu-Long Lei, Hai-wei Sun. Efficient finite difference scheme for a hidden-memory variable-order time-fractional diffusion equation
363 -- 0Philippe Gimenez, Diego Ruano, Rodrigo San-José. Entanglement-assisted quantum error-correcting codes from subfield subcodes of projective Reed-Solomon codes
364 -- 0Daniel Felisberto Traciná Filho, Cláudia Marcela Justel. About the type of broom trees
365 -- 0Leonardo Figueira Werneck, Juan Diego dos Santos Heringer, Grazione de Souza, Helio Pedro Amaral Souto. Numerical simulation of non-isothermal flow in oil reservoirs using a coprocessor and the OpenMP
366 -- 0Qin Gao, Dongying Fu, Minhong Chen. Optimal grid method for the recovery of the potential from two spectra
367 -- 0Nafisa A. Albasheir, Ammar Alsinai, Azmat Ullah Khan Niazi, Ramsha Shafqat, Romana, Mohammed Alhagyan, Ameni Gargouri. A theoretical investigation of Caputo variable order fractional differential equations: existence, uniqueness, and stability analysis
368 -- 0Majid Khalili, Rajab Ali Borzooei, D. Ebrahimi Bagha. A fuzzy model for NMT word alignment using quasi-perfect matching
369 -- 0Alireza Ansari. Comparative analysis for fractional Laplace and Helmholtz equations on sphere with mixed boundary conditions
370 -- 0Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen, Mai Viet Thuan, Nguyen Truong Thanh, Tran Nguyen Binh. Guaranteed cost control of fractional-order switched systems with mixed time-varying delays

Volume 42, Issue 7

299 -- 0Dan Wang, Jicheng Li. The nonlinear lopsided PSS-like and HSS-like modulus-based matrix splitting iteration methods for horizontal linear complementarity problem
300 -- 0Jia-Lin Zhang, Guo-Feng Zhang, Zhao-Zheng Liang, Li-Dan Liao. Momentum acceleration-based matrix splitting method for solving generalized absolute value equation
301 -- 0Zahid Hussain, Hafeeza Afzal, Rashid Hussain, Nasimullah. p metric and its applications to multicriteria decision-making with Pythagorean VIKOR and clustering
302 -- 0Nina Chiarelli, Matjaz Krnc, Martin Milanic, Ulrich Pferschy, Joachim Schauer. Fair allocation algorithms for indivisible items under structured conflict constraints
303 -- 0Nguyen Song Ha, Truong Minh Tuyen, Phan Thi Van Huyen. Inertial proximal point algorithm for the split common solution problem of monotone operator equations
304 -- 0Yan Yuan. On the arithmetic-geometric spectral radius of bicyclic graphs
305 -- 0Raman Yadav, Phool Singh. Asymmetric image authentication algorithm using double random modulus decomposition and CGI
306 -- 0Max L. N. Gonçalves, Tiago C. Menezes. A framework for convex-constrained monotone nonlinear equations and its special cases
307 -- 0Sedaghat Shahmorad, Younes Talaei, Cemil Tunç. Review of recursive and operational approaches of the Tau method with a new extension
308 -- 0V. Gokulakrishnan, R. Srinivasan. Exponential input-to-state stabilization of stochastic nonlinear reaction-diffusion systems with time-varying delays and exogenous disturbances via boundary control
309 -- 0Javad Tayyebi, Adrian Marius Deaconu, Hamid Bigdeli, Malihe Niksirat. Shortest path interdiction problem with convex piecewise-linear costs
310 -- 0Rizwan Gul, Muhammad Shabir, Muhammad Naeem 0008. A comprehensive study on (α , β )-bipolar fuzzified rough set model based on bipolar fuzzy preference relation and corresponding decision-making applications
311 -- 0Eduard M. Macías, Rosana Pérez, Héctor Jairo Martínez. Two global quasi-Newton algorithms for solving matrix polynomial equations
312 -- 0Sepideh Mohammadi, Behrooz Alizadeh, Esmaeil Afrashteh. Optimal algorithms for integer inverse obnoxious p-median location problems on tree networks
313 -- 0Bichitra Kumar Lenka, Swaroop Nandan Bora. Limiting behaviour of non-autonomous Caputo-type time-delay systems and initial-time on the real number line
314 -- 0Liliane Basso Barichello, Rudnei Dias da Cunha. Correction: On the solution of systems of linear equations associated to the ADO method in particle transport problems
315 -- 0Wei Wei, Tao Shi, Song Nie, Xiaoping Chen. On adaptive block coordinate descent methods for ridge regression
316 -- 0Naime Demirtas, Orhan Dalkiliç. Evaluation of medical diagnosis of prostate cancer based on fuzzy TOPSIS-database interaction
317 -- 0Rosário Fernandes, Maria Aguieiras A. de Freitas, Celso M. da Silva, Renata R. Del-Vecchio. On the multiplicities of distance Laplacian eigenvalues
318 -- 0Tazuddin Ahmed, Rashmita Baruah, Raman Kumar. A weak Galerkin finite-element method for singularly perturbed convection-diffusion-reaction problems with interface
319 -- 0Qiao-Li Dong. Linearized Douglas-Rachford method for variational inequalities with Lipschitz mappings
320 -- 0Mahmoud Muhammad Yahaya, Poom Kumam, Parin Chaipunya, Thidaporn Seangwattana. Structured adaptive spectral-based algorithms for nonlinear least squares problems with robotic arm modelling applications
321 -- 0Yingjie Cheng, Xiwang Cao, Gaojun Luo. Three new constructions of optimal linear codes with few weights

Volume 42, Issue 6

239 -- 0Yun Song, Junsheng Qiao. ${\mathscr {Q}}{\mathscr {L}}$-(operators) implications derived from quasi-overlap (quasi-grouping) functions and negations on bounded lattices
240 -- 0Kuo Pang, Li Zou, Ning Kang 0004, Shaoxiong Li, Mingyu Lu. The construction of fuzzy linguistic attribute partial ordered structure diagram
241 -- 0Jinlong Wan, Guangkui Xu. Bent functions constructed from finite pre-quasifield spreads
242 -- 0Arun Isaac, Abhijeet Jawlekar, Murugesan Venkatapathi. An algorithm for estimating non-convex volumes and other integrals in n dimensions
243 -- 0Na Ren, Ji-Bo Wang, Ershen Wang. Research on delivery times scheduling with truncated learning effects
244 -- 0Qiongya Gu, Lizhen Wang. Group classification, symmetry reductions and exact solutions of the time-fractional generalized thin film equation with variable coefficients
245 -- 0Ahsan Mahboob, Madeline Al Tahan, G. Muhiuddin. Fuzzy (m, n)-filters based on fuzzy points in ordered semigroups
246 -- 0Qingqing Tian, Xuehua Yang, Haixiang Zhang, Da Xu. An implicit robust numerical scheme with graded meshes for the modified Burgers model with nonlocal dynamic properties
247 -- 0Tran Quoc Duy, Vo Si Trong Long. On global well-posedness of semi-infinite set optimization problems
248 -- 0Gabriel Ruiz Garzón, Rafaela Osuna Gómez, Antonio Rufián-Lizana, Antonio Beato-Moreno. Semi-infinite interval equilibrium problems: optimality conditions and existence results
249 -- 0Asad Mubarak, Muhammad Shabir, Waqas Mahmood. Pessimistic multigranulation rough bipolar fuzzy set and their application in medical diagnosis
250 -- 0Moosa Gabeleh, Sumit Som. Comments on the paper "best proximity points in noncommutative Banach spaces"
251 -- 0Muhammad Arshad, Sakander Hayat, Haziq Jamil. The domination number of the king's graph
252 -- 0F. Afiatdoust, Mohammad Hossein Heydari, M. M. Hosseini 0002. A block-by-block strategy for fractional systems of nonlinear weakly singular integro-differential equations
253 -- 0Waqar Arif, Waheed Ahmad Khan, Asghar Khan, Hossein Rashmanlou. Some indices of picture fuzzy graphs and their applications
254 -- 0Huanqin Wu, Zhongbing Xie, Min Li. An improved subgradient extragradient method with two different parameters for solving variational inequalities in reflexive Banach spaces
255 -- 0Suthep Suantai, Papatsara Inkrong, Prasit Cholamjiak. Forward-backward-forward algorithms involving two inertial terms for monotone inclusions
256 -- 0Reema Gupta, Santanu Saha Ray. A new effective coherent numerical technique based on shifted Vieta-Fibonacci polynomials for solving stochastic fractional integro-differential equation
257 -- 0Ram Prasad Yadav, Pratima Rai, Kapil K. Sharma. Finite element analysis of singularly perturbed problems with discontinuous diffusion
258 -- 0Gang Wang, Tongsong Jiang, Dong Zhang, V. I. Vasil'ev. An efficient method for the split quaternion equality constrained least squares problem in split quaternionic mechanics
259 -- 0Huaijun Yang. Unconditionally optimal error estimate of the Crank-Nicolson extrapolation Galerkin finite element method for Kuramoto-Tsuzuki equation
260 -- 0Jawad Ali 0001. Probabilistic hesitant bipolar fuzzy Hamacher prioritized aggregation operators and their application in multi-criteria group decision-making
261 -- 0Krishnendu Adhikary, Samarjit Kar. Multi-objective newsboy problem with random-fuzzy demand
262 -- 0Tahir Mahmood 0002, Ubaid Ur Rehman, Majed Albaity. Analysis of Γ-semigroups based on bipolar complex fuzzy sets
263 -- 0Jing Wang, Ying Ye, Danchen Zhu, Lingzhi Qian. Hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin reduced order model for the variable coefficient advection equation
264 -- 0Shu-Ru He, Fang Chen. Practical RPCG methods for complex symmetric linear systems
265 -- 0Hyeong Moon Yoon, Young Joon Ahn. Circular arc approximation by hexic polynomial curves
266 -- 0Shivani, Deepika Rani, Ali Ebrahimnejad. On solving fully rough multi-objective fractional transportation problem: development and prospects
267 -- 0Tahar Bechouat, Nadjib Boussetila. Numerical solution of the two-dimensional first kind Fredholm integral equations using a regularized collocation method
268 -- 0Michelle Sherman, Gilbert Kerr, Gilberto González-Parra. Analytical solutions of linear delay-differential equations with Dirac delta function inputs using the Laplace transform
269 -- 0Mohammad Ashraf, Washiqur Rehman, Ghulam Mohammad, Mohd Asim. On reversible codes over a non-chain ring
270 -- 0Abhimanyu Kumar, Sumit Kumar. Novel computational technique for the direct estimation of risk-neutral density using call price data quotes
271 -- 0Fang Chen, Meng Li, Yanmin Zhao, Yifa Tang. Convergence and superconvergence analysis of finite element methods for nonlinear Ginzburg-Landau equation with Caputo derivative
272 -- 0Chengli Li, Bo Zhou 0007. Minimizing the distance spectral radius of uniform hypertrees with given parameters
273 -- 0Süleyman Cengizci, Srinivasan Natesan. Hybridized successive complementary expansions for solving convection-dominated 2D elliptic PDEs with boundary layers
274 -- 0Manisha Malik, S. K. Gupta 0002, Manuel Arana-Jiménez. Developing solution algorithm for LR-type fully interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy linear programming problems using lexicographic-ranking method
275 -- 0Carlos Galindo 0001, Fernando Hernando, Ryutaroh Matsumoto. Steane enlargement of entanglement-assisted quantum error-correcting codes
276 -- 0Jianlun Liu, Ziheng Zhang. Normalized solutions to biharmonic Schrödinger equation with critical growth in ${\mathbb {R}}^N$
277 -- 0Hongbin Sun, Xiaoxia Guo, Weiguo Wang. Numerical methods for an algebraic Riccati equation arising in transport theory in the critical case
278 -- 0Aishwarya Jaiswal, Shashikant Kumar, Sunil Kumar 0002. A priori and a posteriori error analysis for a system of singularly perturbed Volterra integro-differential equations
279 -- 0Sakander Hayat, Muhammad Arshad, Ivan Gutman. Proofs to Some Open Problems on the Maximum Sombor Index of Graphs
280 -- 0Lu-Bin Cui, Xiao-Jing Zhang. Bounds of H-eigenvalues of interval tensors
281 -- 0Zhiwei Wan, Xiaofeng Ma, Yu Zhang, Taiping Jiang, Jianping Zhou. ∞ controller design for Lurie systems with switching exponential time-varying gains
282 -- 0Marcelo V. Flamarion, Roberto Ribeiro-Jr. The wave stability of solitary waves over a bump for the full Euler equations
283 -- 0Barenya Bikash Hazarika, Deepak Gupta 0004, Parashjyoti Borah. Robust support vector quantile regression with truncated pinball loss (RSVQR)
284 -- 0Abdollah Dinmohammadi, Ahmad Jafarabadi. Inverse heat conduction problem with a nonlinear source term by a local strong form of meshless technique based on radial point interpolation method
285 -- 0Hechao Liu, Yufei Huang. Sharp bounds on the symmetric division deg index of graphs and line graphs
286 -- 0Muhammad Riaz 0002, Harish Garg, Masooma Raza Hashmi, Hafiz Muhammad Athar Farid. Generalized linear diophantine fuzzy Choquet integral with application to the project management and risk analysis
287 -- 0Murugan Palanikumar, Krishnan Arulmozhi, Chiranjibe Jana, Madhumangal Pal. Multiple attribute decision-making Pythagorean vague normal operators and their applications for the medical robots process on surgical system
288 -- 0Cássio de Lima Quiroga, Pedro Henrique Triguis Schimit. A multi-city epidemiological model based on cellular automata and complex networks for the COVID-19
289 -- 0Zhongguo Zhou, Ning Wang, Hao Pan, Yan Wang. The characteristic difference DDM for solving the time-fractional order convection-diffusion equations
290 -- 0Nicolás Jares, Damián Fernández, Pablo A. Lotito, Lisandro A. Parente. Traffic sensor location using Wardrop equilibrium
291 -- 0Antonio Gómez-Corral, Fatima Palacios-Rodríguez, María Teresa Rodríguez-Bernal. On the exact reproduction number in SIS epidemic models with vertical transmission
292 -- 0Thuy Nguyen Thi Thu, Nghia Nguyen Trung. A hybrid projection method for solving the multiple-sets split feasibility problem
293 -- 0Beatriz Laiate. On the properties of fuzzy differential equations under cross operations
294 -- 0Hongwei Jin, Shumin Xu, Yuzhen Wang, Xiaoji Liu. The Moore-Penrose inverse of tensors via the M-product
295 -- 0Reza Chaharpashlou, Ehsan Lotfali Ghasab, António M. Lopes 0001. On extended, and extended rectangular, Menger probabilistic b-metric spaces: applications to the existence of solutions of integral, and fractional differential, equations
296 -- 0Hyun-Gyoon Kim, So-Yoon Cho, Jeong-Hoon Kim. A martingale method for option pricing under a CEV-based fast-varying fractional stochastic volatility model
297 -- 0Maria Isabel Berenguer, Domingo Gámez, Ana Isabel Garralda-Guillem, Herb Kunze, Davide La Torre, Manuel Ruiz Galán. Solving inverse problems for mixed-variational equations on perforated domains
298 -- 0Gang Ren, Guanglan Gao. Retraction Note to: A fast adaptive algorithm for nonlinear inverse problems with convex penalty

Volume 42, Issue 4

0 -- 0Ziba Shahbazi, Mohammad Javidi. Fractional exponential fitting backward differential formulas for solving differential equations of fractional order
0 -- 0Azmat Hussain, Tahir Mahmood 0002, Florentin Smarandache, Shahzaib Ashraf. TOPSIS approach for MCGDM based on intuitionistic fuzzy rough Dombi aggregation operations
0 -- 0Jyoti, Mandeep Singh. An iterative technique for a class of Dirichlet nonlinear BVPs: Troesch's problem
0 -- 0Muhammad Ajmal, Masood Ur Rehman 0003, B. G. Rodrigues. Improved asymptotically optimal error correcting codes for avoidance crosstalk type-IV on-chip data buses
0 -- 0Shariefuddin Pirzada, Saleem Khan. On Zagreb index, signless Laplacian eigenvalues and signless Laplacian energy of a graph
0 -- 0Harry Oviedo, Rafael Herrera. A collection of efficient retractions for the symplectic Stiefel manifold
0 -- 0Fouad Mohammad Salama, Alla Tareq Balasim, Umair Ali, Muhammad Asim Khan. Efficient numerical simulations based on an explicit group approach for the time fractional advection-diffusion reaction equation
0 -- 0Pooja Girotra, Jyoti Ahuja. Analysis of magnetized Rayleigh-Taylor instability in nanofluids through porous medium
0 -- 0Chao Du, Zhi Ma, Yiting Liu. Quantum synchronizable codes from repeated-root quasi-cyclic codes
0 -- 0Michael Cary. Core-periphery models via integer programming: maximizing the influence of the core
0 -- 0Juliano B. Francisco, Douglas Soares Gonçalves. Nonmonotone feasible arc search algorithm for minimization on Stiefel manifold
0 -- 0Aydin Sarraf, Fatemeh Baharifard, Kamal Rashedi. A decoupled physics-informed neural network for recovering a space-dependent force function in the wave equation from integral overdetermination data
0 -- 0Shuo Liu, Zhaojie Zhou. Virtual element method for elliptic Neumann boundary optimal control problem
0 -- 0Qingqing Zheng. A reordering-based preconditioner for elliptic PDE-constrained optimization problems with small Tikhonov parameters
0 -- 0Xavier Emery, Emilio Porcu. The Schoenberg kernel and more flexible multivariate covariance models in Euclidean spaces
0 -- 0Guiying Zang, ShengLi Shi, Yuechao Ma. Finite-time $${H_\infty }$$ synchronization of Markov jump complex dynamical networks with additive time-varying delays: an event-triggered control strategy
0 -- 0Zuowei Cai, Lihong Huang. Stability and finite/fixed-time attractivity of time-delayed filippov system: application to switched neural networks
0 -- 0Jie Li, Hong-Li Li, Juanping Yang, Jikai Yang, Long Zhang 0002. Hybrid control-based synchronization of fractional-order delayed complex-valued fuzzy neural networks
0 -- 0Fábio M. Bayer, Guilherme Pumi, Tarciana L. Pereira, Tatiene C. Souza. Inflated beta autoregressive moving average models
0 -- 0Muhammad Mahmoud Alsuyuti, Eid H. Doha, Bayoumi I. Bayoumi, Samer S. Ezz-Eldien. Robust spectral treatment for time-fractional delay partial differential equations
0 -- 0Shujiang Tang. A smoothness indicators free third-order weighted ENO scheme for gas-dynamic Euler equations
0 -- 0Aida Abiad, Ángeles Carmona, Andrés M. Encinas, María José Jiménez. The M-matrix group inverse problem for distance-biregular graphs
0 -- 0Sonu Bose, Kaushik Mukherjee. A fast uniformly accurate global numerical approximation to solution and scaled derivative of system of singularly perturbed problems with multiple diffusion parameters on generalized adaptive mesh
0 -- 0Subburayan Veerasamy, Srinivasan Natesan. Robust numerical method for space shift 2D singularly perturbed parabolic convection diffusion differential equations
0 -- 0Emre Kirli, Dursun Irk. Efficient techniques for numerical solutions of Fisher's equation using B-spline finite element methods
0 -- 0Xueyu Qin, Zhen-Hua Jiang, Jian Yu, Lintao Huang, Chao Yan 0005. Strong stability-preserving three-derivative Runge-Kutta methods
0 -- 0Qing Chang, Hongjun Zhou, Michal Baczynski 0001. Characterizations for the migrativity of uninorms over N-ordinal sum implications
0 -- 0Cipriano Escalante, Enrique Domingo Fernández-Nieto, José Garres-Díaz, Tomás Morales de Luna, Yohan Penel. Non-hydrostatic layer-averaged approximation of Euler system with enhanced dispersion properties
0 -- 0Dayoon Kim, Yong Hyun Shin. The effects of pre-/post-retirement borrowing constraints on optimal consumption, investment, and retirement
0 -- 0Wenli Wang, Gangrong Qu, Caiqin Song, Duo Liu. Block-row and block-column iterative algorithms for solving linear matrix equation
0 -- 0Ivair R. Silva, Debanjan Bhattacharjee, Yan Zhuang. Fixed-length interval estimation of population sizes: sequential adaptive Monte Carlo mark-recapture-mark sampling
0 -- 0YaLi Dong, Xinyue Tang. Finite-time stability and observer-based control for nonlinear uncertain discrete-time switched system
0 -- 0Honório Fernando, Larissa Martins, Weslley S. Pereira, Frédéric Valentin. A Petrov-Galerkin multiscale hybrid-mixed method for the Darcy equation on polytopes
0 -- 0R. B. Beshimov, D. Georgiou, Fotini Sereti. The small inductive dimension of finite lattices through matrices
0 -- 0Xiaoli Huang, Yongkun Li 0002. Weyl almost periodic solutions of octonion-valued high-order fuzzy neural networks with delays
0 -- 0Abdelkrim El Mouatasim, José Eduardo Souza de Cursi, Rachid Ellaia. Stochastic perturbation of subgradient algorithm for nonconvex deep neural networks
0 -- 0Feifei Wang, Hai-Ying Shan, Yuyao Zhai. On the $$\alpha $$-spectral radius of unicyclic and bicyclic graphs with a fixed diameter
0 -- 0Samala Rathan, Jiaxi Gu. A sixth-order central WENO scheme for nonlinear degenerate parabolic equations
0 -- 0Shumaila Yasmeen, Siraj-Ul-Islam, Rohul Amin. Higher order Haar wavelet method for numerical solution of integral equations
0 -- 0Raúl A. Feijóo, Pablo J. Blanco, Eduardo A. de Souza Neto, Pablo J. Sánchez. Novel multiscale models in a multicontinuum approach to divide and conquer strategies
0 -- 0Jie Wang, Ji-Teng Jia, Rong Xie. A tridiagonalization-based numerical algorithm for computing the inverses of (p, q)-pentadiagonal matrices
0 -- 0Mufutau Ajani Rufai, Thanh Tran, Zacharias A. Anastassi. A variable step-size implementation of the hybrid Nyström method for integrating Hamiltonian and stiff differential systems
0 -- 0Jiming Yang, Jing Zhou, Hongbin Chen. Analysis of a full-discrete two-grid discontinuous Galerkin method for nonlinear parabolic equations
200 -- 0Liliane Basso Barichello, Rudnei Dias da Cunha. On the solution of systems of linear equations associated to the ADO method in particle transport problems

Volume 42, Issue 3

0 -- 0Ines Adouani, Chafik Samir. Numerical algorithms for spline interpolation on space of probability density functions
0 -- 0Shaoyu Zhang, Bin Pang 0004. Overlap function-based amongness spaces
0 -- 0Muhammad Akram 0001, Sumera Naz, S. A. Edalatpanah 0001, Shamaila Samreen. A hybrid decision-making framework under 2-tuple linguistic complex q-rung orthopair fuzzy Hamy mean aggregation operators
0 -- 0Samat A. Kassabek, Durvudkhan Suragan. A heat polynomials method for the two-phase inverse Stefan problem
0 -- 0Daniel O. Veronese, Jairo S. Silva, Junior A. Pereira. Quasi-symmetric orthogonal polynomials on the real line: moments, quadrature rules and invariance under Christoffel modifications
0 -- 0Asmatullah Jan, Omar Barukab, Asghar Khan, Young Bae Jun, Sher Afzal Khan. Cubical fuzzy Hamacher aggregation operators in multi-attribute decision-making problems
0 -- 0Hongjuan Wang, Yi Liu, Chunyu Zhao. q-rung orthopair fuzzy bi-direction Choquet integral based on TOPSIS method for multiple attribute group decision making
0 -- 0Peide Liu, Zeeshan Ali, Tahir Mahmood 0002. Some Einstein interaction geometric aggregation operators based on improved operational laws of complex q-rung orthopair fuzzy set and their applications
0 -- 0Yu Lu, Meng Li. Unconditionally convergent and superconvergent FEMs for nonlinear coupled time-fractional prey-predator problem
0 -- 0E. Ahmady, Tofigh Allahviranloo, Nazanin Ahmady, S. S. Mansouri. An estimation of the solution of hybrid fuzzy differential equations
0 -- 0Fahd Hcini, Yulin Zhang. New algorithm for solving pentadiagonal CUPL-Toeplitz linear systems
0 -- 0A.-Qin Xiao, Jun-Feng Yin, Ning Zheng. On fast greedy block Kaczmarz methods for solving large consistent linear systems
0 -- 0Mesut Karabacak. Interval neutrosophic multi-criteria group decision-making based on Aczel-Alsina aggregation operators
0 -- 0Khushbakhat Asif, Muhammad Kamran Jamil, Hanen Karamti, Muhammad Azeem 0002, Kifayat Ullah 0001. Randić energies for T-spherical fuzzy Hamacher graphs and their applications in decision making for business plans
0 -- 0P. K. Singh, Santanu Saha Ray. Shifted Chebyshev spectral Galerkin method to solve stochastic Itô-Volterra integral equations driven by fractional Brownian motion appearing in mathematical physics
0 -- 0Xiao-Chuang Jin, Jun-Guo Lu, Qing-Hao Zhang. Delay-dependent and order-dependent asymptotic stability conditions for Riemann-Liouville fractional-order systems with time delays
0 -- 0Jon-Lark Kim. Binary optimal linear codes with various hull dimensions and entanglement-assisted QECCs
0 -- 0Sidong Xian, Danni Ma, Hailin Guo, Xu Feng. Route intelligent recommendation model and algorithm under the Pythagorean hesitant fuzzy linguistic environment
0 -- 0Kishore Kumar Naraparaju, Shivangi Joshi. Nonconforming spectral element method: a friendly introduction in one dimension and a short review in higher dimensions
0 -- 0Muhammad Riaz 0002, Hafiz Muhammad Athar Farid, Shahzaib Ashraf, Hüseyin Kamaci. Single-valued neutrosophic fairly aggregation operators with multi-criteria decision-making
0 -- 0Karla Cristiane Arsie, Clóvis C. Gonzaga, Elizabeth W. Karas, Gislaine A. Periçaro. Non-anticipative risk-averse analysis with effective scenarios applied to long-term hydrothermal scheduling
0 -- 0Wei Li, Bin Yang 0004, Junsheng Qiao. (O, G)-granular variable precision fuzzy rough sets based on overlap and grouping functions
0 -- 0Gouranga Pradhan, Jogen Dutta, Bhupen Deka. Virtual element methods for weakly damped wave equations on polygonal meshes
0 -- 0Seid Kassaw Muhie, Daniele Ettore Otera, Francesco G. Russo. Factorization number and subgroup commutativity degree via spectral invariants
0 -- 0Ping-Fan Dai, Jinping Li, Shaoyu Zhao. Infinity norm bounds for the inverse for $$\textrm{GSDD}_1$$ matrices using scaling matrices
0 -- 0Xianxia Wang, Yuanjing Nie, Danxia Wang. A second-order backward differentiation formula for the numerical solution of Cahn-Hilliard-Hele-Shaw system
0 -- 0L. Jones Tarcius Doss, L. Aishwarya. An $$H^{1}-$$Galerkin mixed finite element method for rosenau equation
0 -- 0Xiangjun Meng, Zhengru Zhang. An adaptive BDF2 implicit time-stepping method for the no-slope-selection epitaxial thin film model
0 -- 0Majid Haghi, Mohammad Ilati, Mehdi Dehghan 0002. A radial basis function-Hermite finite difference (RBF-HFD) method for the cubic-quintic complex Ginzburg-Landau equation
0 -- 0Aleksandar Radonjic, Nabin Kumar Pokhrel, Pankaj Kumar Das. Integer codes correcting burst errors within two bytes
0 -- 0Jingya Yang, Yuanling Niu, QingPing Zhou. A CVAE-within-Gibbs sampler for Bayesian linear inverse problems with hyperparameters
0 -- 0Yige Liao, Li-Bin Liu, Lei Xu, Guangqing Long. Richardson extrapolation method for 2D-SPP on VB mesh singularly perturbed convection-diffusion problem on a Vulanović-Bakhvalov mesh
0 -- 0Jae-Hwa Lee, Yoon Mo Jung, Sangwoon Yun. A limited-memory trust-region method for nonlinear optimization with many equality constraints
0 -- 0Clara Burgos, Tomás Caraballo, Juan Carlos Cortés, Laura Villafuerte, Rafael-Jacinto Villanueva. Constructing reliable approximations of the random fractional Hermite equation: solution, moments and density
0 -- 0Feiyu Zhang, Wendi Bao, Weiguo Li, Qin Wang. On sampling Kaczmarz-Motzkin methods for solving large-scale nonlinear systems
0 -- 0Mengjie Wang, Xinjie Dai, Yanyan Yu, Aiguo Xiao. Fast $$\theta $$-Maruyama scheme for stochastic Volterra integral equations of convolution type: mean-square stability and strong convergence analysis
0 -- 0Mohsen Tadi, Miloje S. Radenkovic. A unified solution method for linear elliptic Cauchy problems

Volume 42, Issue 2

0 -- 0Yuying Li, Peikang Zhang, Kexiang Xu. The spectra of signed graphs obtained by $$\dot{H}$$-(generalized) join operation
0 -- 0Hechao Liu. Comparison between Merrifield-Simmons index and some vertex-degree-based topological indices
0 -- 0Yahui Wang. Improved weighted essentially non-oscillatory schemes with modified stencil approximation
0 -- 0Kiattiyot Juagwon, Withun Phuengrattana. Iterative approaches for solving equilibrium problems, zero point problems and fixed point problems in Hadamard spaces
0 -- 0Vsevolod Bohaienko, Anton Lytvynenko. Computational aspects of cyclic voltammetry simulation for the case of porous electrodes of fractal structure
0 -- 0Dajana Conte, Leila Moradi, Beatrice Paternoster. Frequency evaluation for adapted peer methods
0 -- 0Shutao Tang. Control point reduction for lofted B-spline surface interpolation based on serial closed contours
0 -- 0Ivair R. Silva, Yan Zhuang, Debanjan Bhattacharjee, Igor R. de Almeida. Regression model for the reported infected during emerging pandemics under the stochastic SEIR
0 -- 0Gilberto González-Parra, Abraham J. Arenas, Benito M. Chen-Charpentier, Sharmin Sultana. Mathematical modeling of toxoplasmosis with multiple hosts, vertical transmission and cat vaccination
0 -- 0Alireza Hosseinian, Pouria Assari, Mehdi Dehghan. The numerical solution of nonlinear delay Volterra integral equations using the thin plate spline collocation method with error analysis
0 -- 0Iqtadar Hussain, Amir Anees, Temadher Alassiry Al-Maadeed. A novel encryption algorithm using multiple semifield S-boxes based on permutation of symmetric group
0 -- 0Jeremiah N. Ezeora, Cyril D. Enyi, Francis O. Nwawuru, Richard C. Ogbonna. An algorithm for split equilibrium and fixed-point problems using inertial extragradient techniques
0 -- 0Nasser S. Al-Salti, Erkinjon Tulkinovich Karimov, Sebti Kerbal. A boundary problem for the time-fractional Hallaire-Luikov moisture transfer equation with Hilfer derivative
0 -- 0Azamat Sultonov, Sergey A. Matveev, Stanislav S. Budzinskiy. Low-rank nonnegative tensor approximation via alternating projections and sketching
0 -- 0Liqin Sun, Youlong Yang, Tong Ning. A novel feature selection using Markov blanket representative set and Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm
0 -- 0Tahir Mahmood 0002, Zeeshan Ali. Multi-attribute decision-making methods based on Aczel-Alsina power aggregation operators for managing complex intuitionistic fuzzy sets
0 -- 0Ruguang Zhou, Hongyang Zhu. An integrable matrix NLS equation on star graph and symmetry-dependent connection conditions of vertex
0 -- 0Ömür Kivanç Kürkçü. A streamlined numerical method to treat fractional nonlinear terminal value problems with multiple delays appearing in biomathematics
0 -- 0Nguyen Minh Tung. On robust Karush-Kuhn-Tucker multipliers rules for semi-infinite multiobjective optimization with data uncertainty
0 -- 0A. Arun Govind Neelan, R. Jishnu Chandran, Manuel A. Diaz, Raimund Bürger. An efficient three-level weighted essentially non-oscillatory scheme for hyperbolic equations
0 -- 0Manh Tuan Hoang. A class of second-order and dynamically consistent nonstandard finite difference schemes for nonlinear Volterra's population growth model
0 -- 0Somayeh Mashayekhi, S. Sedaghat. Study the genetic variation using Eta functions
0 -- 0Ahmad Aliyari Boroujeni, Reza Pourgholi, Seyed Hashem Tabasi. A new improved teaching-learning-based optimization (ITLBO) algorithm for solving nonlinear inverse partial differential equation problems
0 -- 0Fatih Hezenci. Fractional inequalities of corrected Euler-Maclaurin-type for twice-differentiable functions
0 -- 0Parisa Rahimkhani, Yadollah Ordokhani. Performance of Genocchi wavelet neural networks and least squares support vector regression for solving different kinds of differential equations
0 -- 0P. Prakash, Reetha Thomas, T. Bakkyaraj. Invariant subspaces and exact solutions: $$(1+1)$$ and $$(2+1)$$-dimensional generalized time-fractional thin-film equations
0 -- 0Samundra Regmi, Ioannis K. Argyros, Santhosh George, Michael I. Argyros. Extended Kantorovich theory for solving nonlinear equations with applications
0 -- 0Abdul Razaq 0002, Musheer Ahmad, Ahmed A. Abd El-Latif. A novel algebraic construction of strong S-boxes over double GF(27) structures and image protection
0 -- 0Joydev Halder, Suman Kumar Tumuluri. A numerical scheme for a diffusion equation with nonlocal nonlinear boundary condition
0 -- 0H. Tamimi, S. Saiedinezhad, Mohammad Bagher Ghaemi. Study on the integro-differential equations on $${C^1}({\mathbb {R}}_{+})$$
0 -- 0Muhammad Shakeel, Aysha Bibi, Asim Zafar, Muhammad Sohail. Solitary wave solutions of Camassa-Holm and Degasperis-Procesi equations with Atangana's conformable derivative
0 -- 0Ana Luísa Custódio, Miguel A. Fortes, A. M. Sajo-Castelli. Filling holes under non-linear constraints
0 -- 0Mir Sajjad Hashemi, A. Haji-Badali, F. Alizadeh, Mustafa Inç. Classical and non-classical Lie symmetry analysis, conservation laws and exact solutions of the time-fractional Chen-Lee-Liu equation
0 -- 0Anshima Singh, Sunil Kumar 0002. A convergent exponential B-spline collocation method for a time-fractional telegraph equation
0 -- 0Dev Akre, Nuh Aydin, Matthew J. Harrington, Saurav R. Pandey. New binary and ternary quasi-cyclic codes with good properties
0 -- 0Kai Deng, Huazhong Lü, Tingzeng Wu. Forcing and anti-forcing polynomials of a type of polyomino graphs

Volume 42, Issue 1

0 -- 0Paul D. Manuel, Bostjan Bresar, Sandi Klavzar. The geodesic transversal problem on some networks
0 -- 0Kushal Dhar Dwivedi, José Francisco Gómez-Aguilar. An efficient numerical method to solve ordinary differential equations using Fibonacci neural networks
0 -- 0Satpal Singh, Renu Choudhary, Devendra Kumar. An efficient numerical technique for two-parameter singularly perturbed problems having discontinuity in convection coefficient and source term
0 -- 0El abed Assali. A spectral radius-based global exponential stability for Clifford-valued recurrent neural networks involving time-varying delays and distributed delays
0 -- 0Mourad Ghiat, Boutheina Tair, Hamza Ghuebbai, Soumia Kamouche. Block-by-block method for solving non-linear Volterra integral equation of the first kind
0 -- 0Harmandeep Singh, Janak Raj Sharma. Simple yet highly efficient numerical techniques for systems of nonlinear equations
0 -- 0Raluca Vernic. On a fuzzy discretization of continuous distributions with applications to risk models
0 -- 0Ning Wang, Xinxia Zhang, Zhongguo Zhou, Hao Pan, Yan Wang. An efficient conservative splitting characteristic difference method for solving 2-d space-fractional advection-diffusion equations
0 -- 0Khizar Hayat 0001, Muhammad Saeed Raja, Edwin Lughofer, Naveed Yaqoob. New group-based generalized interval-valued q-rung orthopair fuzzy soft aggregation operators and their applications in sports decision-making problems
0 -- 0Mohd Rashid Admon, Norazak Senu, Ali Ahmadian, Zanariah Abdul Majid, Soheil Salahshour. A new accurate method for solving fractional relaxation-oscillation with Hilfer derivatives
0 -- 0Mohamed Rahioui, El Hassan El Kinani, Abdelaziz Ouhadan. Lie symmetry analysis and conservation laws for the time fractional generalized advection-diffusion equation
0 -- 0G. D. Reddy, D. Pradeep. A class of parameter choice strategies for the finite dimensional weighted Tikhonov regularization scheme
0 -- 0Tiantai Lin, Bin Yang 0004. Three-way group conflict analysis based on q-rung orthopair fuzzy set theory
0 -- 0Huifang Zhang, Chuanjun Chen, Tong Zhang. Two-level iterative finite element methods for the stationary natural convection equations with different viscosities based on three corrections
0 -- 0Guilherme N. B. Sá, Lucas Antunes de Almeida, Marcelo Resende Thielo, Luiz de Siqueira Martins-Filho. Planning of multiple coexisting trajectories for autonomous vehicles based on self-organizing maps
0 -- 0Yu Wu, Yongbin Ge, Lin Zhang. A high-order compact LOD method for solving the three-dimensional reaction-diffusion equation with nonlinear reaction term
0 -- 0Pratibha Rani, Arunodaya Raj Mishra, Peide Liu. New similarity and divergence measures-based Pythagorean fuzzy MULTIMOORA approach for decision-making problems
0 -- 0Kamel Mohamed, Mahmoud A. E. Abdelrahman. The NHRS scheme for the two models of traffic flow
0 -- 0Feng Xue. A generalized forward-backward splitting operator: degenerate analysis and applications
0 -- 0Gourav Kumar, Debdas Ghosh. Ekeland's variational principle for interval-valued functions
0 -- 0Haifeng Wang, Yabing Sun, Xu Qian, Songhe Song. A high-order compact difference scheme on graded mesh for time-fractional Burgers' equation
0 -- 0Yaping Li, Xingwen Liu, Shiquan Shao, Jun Yang, Jun Wang. Further results on exponential stability of switched systems
0 -- 0Juan Song, Yongzhong Song. Relaxed-based matrix splitting methods for solving absolute value equations
0 -- 0Huiyuan Zhang, Guiwu Wei. Location selection of electric vehicles charging stations by using the spherical fuzzy CPT-CoCoSo and D-CRITIC method
0 -- 0Abdullah Alazemi, Milica Andelic, Tamara Koledin, Zoran Stanic. Chain graphs with simple Laplacian eigenvalues and their Laplacian dynamics
0 -- 0J. Vanterler da C. Sousa, Sadek Gala, E. Capelas De Oliveira. On the uniqueness of mild solutions to the time-fractional Navier-Stokes equations in $$L^{N} \left( \mathbb {R} ^{N}\right) ^{N}$$
0 -- 0Benjamín R. C. Bedregal, Lucélia Lima, Marcus P. da Rocha, Graçaliz Pereira Dimuro, Humberto Bustince. Interval-valued Atanassov intuitionistic t-norms and t-conorms endowed with the usual or admissible orders
0 -- 0Wansheng Wang, Chengyu Jin, Yi Huang, Linhai Li, Chun Zhang. Comparison of implicit-explicit and Newton linearized variable two-step BDF methods for semilinear parabolic equations
0 -- 0Yufeng Zhang, Jing Li, Shaotao Zhu, Hongwu Wang. Asymptotical stability and synchronization of Riemann-Liouville fractional delayed neural networks
0 -- 0Zixin Deng, Zheng-Hai Huang, Xinhe Miao. Sufficient conditions for judging quasi-strictly diagonally dominant tensors
0 -- 0Fábio Antonio Dorini, Maria Cristina C. Cunha, Leyza Baldo Dorini. A note on the solution to the random Burgers-Riemann problem subject to independent and uniformly distributed initial conditions
0 -- 0Jiayi Zheng, Chenjian Ran. Distributed fusion robust estimators for multisensor networked singular control system with uncertain-variance correlated noises and missing measurement
0 -- 0A. Oulmelk, Lekbir Afraites, A. Hadri. An inverse problem of identifying the coefficient in a nonlinear time-fractional diffusion equation
0 -- 0Yanhong Li, Gang Sun. A unified ranking method of intuitionistic fuzzy numbers and Pythagorean fuzzy numbers based on geometric area characterization
0 -- 0Timilehin Opeyemi Alakoya, V. A. Uzor, Oluwatosin Temitope Mewomo. A new projection and contraction method for solving split monotone variational inclusion, pseudomonotone variational inequality, and common fixed point problems
0 -- 0Elaheh Lotfian, Mohsen Mohammadzadeh. Multi-objective optimization of spatial sampling using a new hybrid AMOSA_NSGA-II algorithm
0 -- 0Pablo Olivares, Ciro Díaz. A finite elements approach for spread contract valuation via associated two-dimensional PIDE
0 -- 0Zijuan Ding, Huan Han, Huinan Wang. Two-dimensional diffeomorphic model for multi-modality image registration
0 -- 0Resat Aslan. Approximation properties of univariate and bivariate new class $$\lambda $$-Bernstein-Kantorovich operators and its associated GBS operators
0 -- 0Leila Safikhani, Alireza Vahidi, Tofigh Allahviranloo, Mozhdeh Afshar Kermani. Multi-step gH-difference-based methods for fuzzy differential equations
0 -- 0Hassan Ranjbar, Leila Torkzadeh, Kazem Nouri. Analytical and numerical investigation of stochastic differential equations with applications using an exponential Euler-Maruyama approach
0 -- 0Yaser Rowshan, Mostafa Gholami. Multicolor bipartite Ramsey numbers for paths, cycles, and stripes
0 -- 0Longzhao Qi, Yanren Hou. An energy-stable second-order finite element method for the Swift-Hohenberg equation
0 -- 0Juan Carlos García-Ardila, Misael Marriaga. Sobolev orthogonality of polynomial solutions of second-order partial differential equations
0 -- 0Zhenting Luan, Zhenyu Ming, Yuchi Wu, Wei Han 0004, Xiang Chen, Bo Bai 0001, Liping Zhang. Hankel tensor-based model and $$L_1$$-Tucker decomposition-based frequency recovery method for harmonic retrieval problem
0 -- 0Nilay Yönet, Burcu Gürbüz, Aytül Gökçe. An alternative numerical approach for an improved ecological model of interconnected lakes with a fixed pollutant
0 -- 0Anteneh Getachew Gebrie. Resolvent-Mann-type algorithm for bilevel problems with split feasibility problem constraint
0 -- 0Breno Raphaldini, Mausumi Dikpati, Carlos F. M. Raupp. Quasi-geostrophic MHD equations: Hamiltonian formulation and nonlinear stability
0 -- 0Bao Chen, Zhichang Guo, Wenjuan Yao, Xiaohua Ding, Dazhi Zhang. A novel low-light enhancement via fractional-order and low-rank regularized retinex model
0 -- 0Kesavan Janani, A. Vignesh, Kumarasamy Pradeepa Veerakumari, Krishnan Vasanth, R. Rakkiyappan. Identifying native endemic plant species in Nilgiris using the interval type 2 q-rung orthopair fuzzy Bonferroni mean operator
0 -- 0F. Afiatdoust, Mohammad Hossein Heydari, M. M. Hosseini. A block-by-block method for nonlinear variable-order fractional quadratic integral equations
0 -- 0Karl Glasner. Data-driven learning of differential equations: combining data and model uncertainty
0 -- 0Osama Rashed Sayed, O. G. Hammad, José Carlos Rodriguez Alcantud. Uniform spaces based on a way below relation
0 -- 0Long-Ze Tan, Xue-Ping Guo. On multi-step greedy randomized coordinate descent method for solving large linear least-squares problems
0 -- 0Honglei Fan, Chao Wang. Stability and convergence rate of Jungck-type iterations for a pair of strongly demicontractive mappings in Hilbert spaces
0 -- 0Tomás Chacón Rebollo, Soledad Fernández-García, David Moreno-Lopez, Isabel Sánchez Muñoz. Spectral variational multi-scale method for parabolic problems: application to 1D transient advection-diffusion equations
0 -- 0Mudasir Younis, Dhirendra Bahuguna. A unique approach to graph-based metric spaces with an application to rocket ascension
0 -- 0Juan Carlos Cortés, Elena López-Navarro, José Vicente Romero, María Dolores Roselló. Probabilistic analysis of a cantilever beam subjected to random loads via probability density functions
0 -- 0Marcin Anholcer, Sylwia Cichacz, Iztok Peterin. On b-acyclic chromatic number of a graph
0 -- 0Xiaofeng Xie, Zhengge Huang, Jingjing Cui, Beibei Li. Minimum residual two-parameter TSCSP method for solving complex symmetric linear systems
0 -- 0Sani Aji, Poom Kumam, Aliyu Muhammed Awwal, Mahmoud Muhammad Yahaya, Abubakar Muhammad Bakoji. A new inertial-based method for solving pseudomonotone operator equations with application
0 -- 0Raphael Costa Carvalho, Iasmin Louzada Herzog, Helcio R. B. Orlande, Marcelo José Colaço, Italo Marcio Madeira, Nirupam Chakraborti. Parameter estimation with the Markov Chain Monte Carlo method aided by evolutionary neural networks in a water hammer model
0 -- 0Li-Bin Liu, Yige Liao, Guangqing Long. A novel parameter-uniform numerical method for a singularly perturbed Volterra integro-differential equation
0 -- 0Inoussa Tougri, Marcelo J. Colaço, Fabio Bozzoli. Inverse problem estimation of internal heat transfer coefficients in ducts through a time-dependent reciprocity functional method
0 -- 0Arun Sarkar, Nayana Deb, Animesh Biswas. Weighted dual hesitant $$q$$-rung orthopair fuzzy sets and their application in multicriteria group decision making based on Hamacher operations
0 -- 0Yingchao Zhang, Liangcai Mei, Yingzhen Lin. Multiscale orthonormal method for nonlinear system of BVPs
0 -- 0Babak Azarnavid. The Bernoulli polynomials reproducing kernel method for nonlinear Volterra integro-differential equations of fractional order with convergence analysis