Journal: IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine

Volume 1, Issue 4

3 -- 0Peter Corcoran 0001. Change and the Consumer Electronics Industry [Notes from the Editor]
6 -- 9Stephen Dukes. Building Bridges to the East [President's Message]
10 -- 12Tom Coughlin, Bill Orner. IEEE Member Elevation - Your Opportunity for Recognition [Society News]
12 -- 13Craig Causer. 2013 ICCE [Society News]
14 -- 15Craig Causer. So that's GOLD! [Society News]
15 -- 16Tom Coughlin. Help Create the Next Wave of Consumer Electronics Professionals [Society News]
17 -- 22Trip Hawkins. A Browser Manifesto - Part 2 [Soapbox]
24 -- 29Wayne C. Luplow, John I. Taylor. Channel Surfing Redux: A Brief History of the TV Remote Control and a Tribute to Its Coinventors
30 -- 39Mamoru Doke, Hiroyuki Kaneko, Narichika Hamaguchi, Seiki Inoue. Engaging Viewers Through the Connected Studio: Virtual Participation in TV Programs
40 -- 46Sachin P. Kamat. Time to Market: Handheld Consumer Electronics Devices and Its Impact on Software Quality
48 -- 51Peter M. Corcoran. Wireless Remote Control [IP Corner]

Volume 1, Issue 3

3 -- 0Peter Corcoran 0001. A Summertime Welcome! [Notes from the Editor]
5 -- 7Stephen Dukes. Opportunities and Challenges [President's Message]
8 -- 10Thomas Coughlin. Strategic Plan of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society [Society News]
10 -- 11Peter Clout. Solicitation of Charitable Funds for the IEEE CE Society Young Members Support Fund [Society News]
11 -- 13L. Dennis Shapiro. Boston Chapter Is Born [Society News]
14 -- 19Trip Hawkins. A Browser Manifesto-Part I [Soapbox]
20 -- 28Yu Yuan, Roger Chang, Hairong Lv, Wen Jun Yin, Shun Xiang Yang. Selling the Smart Grid-Part 2: How Consumers Will Interact with the Smart Grid
29 -- 35Stephen Palm. Home Networks: From Bits to Gigabits: Lessons Learned from the Evolution of Home Networking
36 -- 46Mahsa T. Pourazad, Colin Doutre, Maryam Azimi, Panos Nasiopoulos. HEVC: The New Gold Standard for Video Compression: How Does HEVC Compare with H.264/AVC?
47 -- 48William Lumpkins. "Tapping" New Tech [Standards Corner]

Volume 1, Issue 2

3 -- 5Peter Corcoran 0001. A Springtime Welcome [Notes from the Editor]
6 -- 8Stephen Dukes. We're on the Move! [President's Message]
9 -- 10R. Simon Sherratt. What's New with IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics [Society News]
11 -- 12Stephen Dukes. Updates from the Society President [Society News]
12 -- 13Stephen Dukes. Expanded CE Society Conference Offerings for 2012 [Society News]
14 -- 19Peter M. Corcoran. Cloud Computing and Consumer Electronics: A Perfect Match or a Hidden Storm? [Soapbox]
20 -- 21Stefan Mozar. 30th Anniversary of ICCE [ICCE Update]
23 -- 0Yu Yuan. Relationship Between the Internet of Things and Consumer Electronics [Internet of Things]
24 -- 31Roger Chang, Yu Yuan, Hairong Lv, Wen Jun Yin, Shun Xiang Yang. Selling the Smart Grid - Part 1: Why Consumers Must Buy In for the Smart Grid to Succeed
32 -- 35Wayne C. Luplow. NGBT: Next-Generation Broadcast Television: Continued Rapid Technical Advances
36 -- 42Eisuke Nakasu. Super Hi-Vision on the Horizon: A Future TV System That Conveys an Enhanced Sense of Reality and Presence
43 -- 52Akitsugu Baba, Kinji Matsumura, Shigeaki Mitsuya, Masaru Takechi, Hiroshi Fujisawa, Hiroyuki Hamada, Shunji Sunasaki, Hisakazu Katoh. Seamless, Synchronous, and Supportive: Welcome to Hybridcast: An Advanced Hybrid Broadcast and Broadband System
53 -- 58Ian Vince McLoughlin. Open-Source and Consumer Electronics - The Back Door to World Domination: Why Reinvent the Wheel (Especially When Nice People Are Giving Wheels Away for Free)?
59 -- 62Mihajlo Katona. Introducing the Serbia and Montenegro Chapter [Chapter Reports]
63 -- 65Thomas Coughlin. 2012 Storage Visions Conference Focuses Toward Thin Clients [Conference Reports]
65 -- 68Stephen Dukes. A President on the Move! [Conference Reports]
69 -- 73Narisa N. Y. Chu, Nahum D. Gershon, Peter M. Corcoran. IGIC 2011 Report [Conference Reports]
74 -- 78Peter M. Corcoran. Understanding Patent Applications [IP Corner]

Volume 1, Issue 1

3 -- 5Peter Corcoran 0001. Our Very Own Magazine [Notes from the Editor]
7 -- 8Stephen Dukes. New Beginnings [President's Message]
15 -- 0Thanos Kakarountas. Greek Chapter Starts Its Life Cycle with Distinguished Lecturer Talk
17 -- 18Murlin Marks. Product Safety Society Collaborates with CE Society
19 -- 24Gary Shapiro. America's Comeback Starts with American Innovators [Soapbox]
25 -- 30Paul Gallagher. Smart-Phones Get Even Smarter Cameras [Future Visions]
31 -- 33William Lumpkins. Standards: What Place Do They Serve in the Consumer Electronics MarketPlace? [Standards Corner]
34 -- 38Paul Sweazey. Toward Consumer-Ownable Digital Personal Property: An Emerging Standard
39 -- 42Kyle Wiens. Dozuki Brings Technical Manuals into the 21st Century: A Breakthrough in the World of Documentation
43 -- 48Bernard Fong, C. K. Li. Methods for Assessing Product Reliability: Looking for enhancements by adopting condition-based monitoring
49 -- 60Ingo Doser, Frank Hassenpflug, Rainer Zwing. The Glasses Are Half Empty: Turn Your Sight to Autostereoscopic 3-D
61 -- 64Chris Dainty. Film Photography Is Dead: Long Live Film: What can Digital Photography Learn from the Film Era?
65 -- 75Illariu Raducan, Thomas Coughlin, Peter Corcoran 0001. What If Digital Cameras Didn't Need (Local) Storage?: Directing Photos to the Cloud
76 -- 78Thomas C. Schmidt, Matthias Wählisch, Hans L. Cycon, Horst Schwetlick. ICCE-Berlin 2011 [ICCE Update]