Journal: IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine

Volume 2, Issue 4

3 -- 6Peter Corcoran 0001. Happy Birthday CE Magazine! [Notes from the Editor]
5 -- 6Stefan Mozar. The Signs of a Growing Society [President's Message]
8 -- 9R. Simon Sherratt. Enhancing Conference Papers for Submission to IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics [Society News]
9 -- 10Robin Bradbeer. Distinguished Lecturer Talk in Hong Kong and Taipei [Society News]
10 -- 0Larry Zhang. China Strategy Initiative Activities [Society News]
11 -- 12Larry Zhang. The Launching of the IEEE Games and Innovations Conference 2009 [Society News]
13 -- 17Bill Orner. Consumer Electronics Society Continues to Grow [Society News]
13 -- 0Tom Coughlin. The Consumer Electronics Society Young Members Support Fund Gains Sponsors [Society News]
17 -- 0Konstantin Glasman. Why CESoc TV? [Society News]
20 -- 25Peter Corcoran 0001. A Matter of Timing: Consumer Electronics and Network Time
26 -- 39Stuart Lipoff. Lessons from CE History: A Look at a 56-Year-Old NTSC Color TV Standard
40 -- 43Charles W. K. Gritton. What?s Wrong with Smart TV?: How to Improve User Experience
44 -- 46Tom Murphy. 40 Years After the First Cell Phone Call: Who Is Inventing Tomorrow?s Future?
48 -- 49William Lumpkins. Printing in the Third Dimension [Standards Corner]
50 -- 56Craig Sato. Consumer Electronics Safety Standard Development: A UL Perspective [Standards Corner]
52 -- 53Tom Wilson. ICCE 2014 Preview [Conference Reports]
53 -- 54Fernando Pescador. Showcasing New Technologies at ICCE [Conference Reports]
54 -- 0Alvis Cheuk M. Fong, Jie Tang. Evolving Social Networks in Consumer Electronics [Conference Reports]
55 -- 0Carsten Dolar. Special Event for Young Professionals [Conference Reports]
55 -- 56Stuart Lipoff. Gaming 102 [Conference Reports]
57 -- 61Bob Frankston. Deconstructing "the Smartphone" [Bits Versus Electrons]
59 -- 61Tom Coughlin. New Tech Review [The Art of Storage]
62 -- 0Craig Causer. IEEE Consumer Electronics Society

Volume 2, Issue 3

3 -- 5Peter Corcoran 0001. Of Cameras and Clouds [Notes from the Editor]
6 -- 8Stefan Mozar. Collaborative Efforts to Serve Our Members [President's Message]
9 -- 0Thomas Coughlin. Future Directions at ICCE 2014 [Society News]
10 -- 16Rani Malhotra. Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV: The Way Forward for Connected TVs
17 -- 24Piotr Palka. Future Terrestrial Broadcast Systems: An Overview of the Use of TV White Spaces
25 -- 29Joe Ziomek, Len Tedesco, Tom Coughlin. My Car, My Way: Why Not? I Paid for It!
30 -- 36Peter Corcoran 0001. Two Wires and 30 Years : A Tribute and Introductory Tutorial to the I2C Two-Wire Bus
37 -- 40William Lumpkins. Re-Envisioning the Present with an Outlook for the Future [Standards Corner]
40 -- 0William Lumpkins. Standard Development Organizations: Trying to Make the World Easier and Safer to Live in [Standards Corner]
40 -- 44Craig Sato. Underwriters Laboratories [Standards Corner]
45 -- 46Tom Wilson. From the ICCE 2014 Conference Chair [Conference Review]
46 -- 49William Lumpkins. ICCE - Las Vegas: A Perspective on the Future of Consumer Electronics [Conference Review]
49 -- 51Tom Coughlin. ICCE Tricorder Session Explores the Future of Home Health Care [Conference Review]
51 -- 0Francisco Bellido. ICCE 2013 Doctoral Workshop [Conference Review]
52 -- 54Carsten Dolar. A Visit to the Most Amazing Screen in Las Vegas [Conference Review]
54 -- 0Joe Decuir. A Perspective on ICCE 2013 from Joe DeCuir, Founding Engineer at Atari [Conference Review]
55 -- 0Christian Schuldt. An Audio Engineer's Perspective on ICCE 2013 [Conference Review]
56 -- 57Bob Frankston. The Internet of Things Versus the Access Framing [Bits Versus Electrons]
58 -- 59Craig Causer. The 32nd International Conference on Consumer Electronics 2014
60 -- 62William Lumpkins. An Unabashed Look at Consumer Products [Product Reviews]

Volume 2, Issue 2

3 -- 5Peter Corcoran 0001. Columns, Content, and the Society Collective [Notes from the Editor]
6 -- 7Stefan Mozar. Meeting the needs of society members [President's Message]
10 -- 11Tom Wilson. ICCE 2013 Maintains Growth Trend [Society News]
11 -- 12Robin Bradbeer. Distinguished Lecturers and Chapter Chairs Meet in Las Vegas [Society News]
12 -- 13Narisa Chu. Backstage at the Grand Debate in GLOBECOM 2012 [Society News]
13 -- 14Joseph Wei, Pallab Chatterjee. A Remarkable Year and Looking Forward at the Santa Clara Valley CE Society [Society News]
14 -- 17Sudeendra Koushik. 2012 Report on the Bangalore Chapter [Society News]
17 -- 18L. Dennis Shapiro. Boston CE Society Annual Letter [Society News]
18 -- 0Tom Wilson. The CE Society AdCom Election Procedure [Society News]
19 -- 0Stephen Dukes, Charlotte Kobert. IEEE Consumer Electronics Society AdCom Call for Nominations 2014 [Society News]
20 -- 21Peter M. Corcoran. Writing for IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine [Society News]
22 -- 33Peter M. Corcoran. Biometrics and Consumer Electronics: A Brave New World or the Road to Dystopia? [Soapbox]
34 -- 41Skylar Roebuck, Scott A. Snyder. An Adoption Model for Consumer Wireless Sensor Initiatives: Aligning Company and Consumer Goals
42 -- 46Elena G. Bertozzi. How to Write a Good SBIR/STTR Grant Proposal with a Specific Focus on Gaming: An Opportunity for Digital Media Products Funding
47 -- 51William Lumpkins. The Internet of Things Meets Cloud Computing [Standards Corner]
52 -- 54Dietmar Hepper, Hans L. Cycon, Albrecht Rothermel, Francisco Bellido. Second ICCE-Berlin 2012: ICCE's Wonderful Sister Gets Going [Conference Reports]
54 -- 0Wen-Chung Kao. IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics 2013 [Conference Reports]
56 -- 58Bob Frankston. (Not) in Control of Your Home [Bits Versus Electrons]
59 -- 63Tom Coughlin. Evolving Storage Technology in Consumer Electronic Products [The Art of Storage]

Volume 2, Issue 1

3 -- 6Peter Corcoran 0001. The Sun Was Shining on CE ... [Notes from the Editor]
7 -- 11Stephen Dukes. Three Years of Progress [President's Message]
12 -- 13Stefan Mozar. Developments in IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Conferences [Society News]
14 -- 17Ulrich H. Reimers. For He's a Jolly Good Fellow [Society News]
17 -- 18Stefan Mozar. Introducing 2013 Consumer Electronics Society President Stefan Mozar [Society News]
19 -- 20Sharon Peng. Sharon Peng: 2013 Vice President for Planning and Operations [Society News]
23 -- 0Konstantin Glasman. IEEE CE Society President Offers Prospect of International Collaborations [Society News]
24 -- 0Konstantin Glasman. Президент открывает перспективы [Society News]
26 -- 31Bob Frankston. Refactoring Consumer Electronics [Soapbox]
32 -- 35Gary Shapiro. Consumer Electronics Association's Five Technology Trends to Watch: Exploring New Tech That Will Impact Our Lives
36 -- 41Satwant Kaur. The Revolution of Tablet Computers and Apps: A Look At Emerging Trends
42 -- 50Kyle Wiens, Peter Corcoran 0001. Repairability Smackdown: How Do the Latest Tablet Models Stack Up?
52 -- 54William Lumpkins. The Formation of the IEEE P1874 "O Manual" Working Group [Standards Corner]
55 -- 58Samad Ahmadi, Stephen Jacobs, Jon-Paul C. Dyson, Andrew M. Phelps. Designing for Play: IGIC 2012 [Conference Reports]
59 -- 63John G. Breslin. IGIC Keynote Reports [Conference Reports]
63 -- 68Samad Ahmadi. The History of IGIC [Conference Reports]
69 -- 70Tom Coughlin. The Art of Storage [Storage]
71 -- 0Craig Causer. IEEE Consumer Electronics Society