Journal: IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine

Volume 6, Issue 4

3 -- 5Saraju P. Mohanty. Light to Serve as an Effective Wireless Communications Medium [Notes from the Editor]
6 -- 9Konstantin Glasman. IEEE CESoc TV ? The International Conference on Consumer Electronics 2017 Best Poster Video Award [Society News]
10 -- 12Stefan Mozar, Lee H. Hoke. The International Symposium on Consumer Electronics is 20 Years Old [Society News]
12 -- 13Soumya Kanti Datta. CE Society Future Directions Bootcamp: The Internet of Things and Connected Car [Society News]
13 -- 14Tom Coughlin. CE Society Distinguished Member Kees Immink Receives the IEEE Medal of Honor [Society News]
14 -- 15L. Dennis Shapiro. Visions of the Future [Society News]
16 -- 17Stefan Mozar. Consumer Technology and the IEEE Life Sciences Technical Community [Society News]
18 -- 19Brent Lunceford. New MEMS and Sensors Chapter in Texas [Society News]
20 -- 0Ezendu Ariwa. The IEEE Symposium on Consumer Electronics Applications in Smart Healthcare Systems [Conference Reports]
21 -- 23Stuart Lipoff. Visualizing Next-Generation Video with Still Photos [Future Directions]
24 -- 27Deepak Puthal, Saraju P. Mohanty, Priyadarsi Nanda, Uma Choppali. Building Security Perimeters to Protect Network Systems Against Cyber Threats [Future Directions]
28 -- 37Monica Figueiredo, Luis Nero Alves, Carlos Ribeiro. Lighting the Wireless World: The Promise and Challenges of Visible Light Communication
38 -- 47Akande Sheriff Abiodun, Mohammad Hossein Anisi, Ihsan Ali, Adnan Akhunzada, Muhammad Khurram Khan. Reducing Power Consumption in Wireless Body Area Networks: A Novel Data Segregation and Classification Technique
48 -- 56Chi Yang, Deepak Puthal, Saraju P. Mohanty, Elias Kougianos. Big-Sensing-Data Curation for the Cloud is Coming: A Promise of Scalable Cloud-Data-Center Mitigation for Next-Generation IoT and Wireless Sensor Networks
57 -- 63Xin Su, Rongzhi Gu, Guangjie Han, Dongmin Choi. Interaction Data Detection System to Upgrade Brick and Mortar Shops: Metrics Allow Offline Shops to Compete with Online Retailers
64 -- 69Himanshu Thapliyal, Vladislav Khalus, Carson Labrado. Stress Detection and Management: A Survey of Wearable Smart Health Devices
70 -- 80Christopher Langlois, Saideep Tiku, Sudeep Pasricha. Indoor Localization with Smartphones: Harnessing the Sensor Suite in Your Pocket
81 -- 91Linlin Zhao, Yimin Chen, Yibo Zou, Qingqun Ye. Shooting for Smarter Motion Detection in Cameras: Improvements for the Visual Background Extractor Algorithm Using Optical Flow
92 -- 96Carolyn McGregor, Brendan Bonnis. New Approaches for Integration: Integration of Haptic Garments, Big Data Analytics, and Serious Games for Extreme Environments
97 -- 104Samer Jaloudi. Software-Defined Radio for Modular Audio Mixers: Making Use of Market-Available Audio Consoles and Software-Defined Radio to Build Multiparty Audio-Mixing Systems
105 -- 106Dean Frew. There is Hope for Brick and Mortar Retail: A Time to Transform the Business Model
107 -- 115Katina Michael. Implantable Medical Device Tells All: Uberveillance Gets to the Heart of the Matter
116 -- 121Katina Michael. Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone, Social Media, and More?: The New AntiSocial App Could Help
122 -- 124Alp Ulku. The Next Generation In Personnel\/People Tracking: Active RFID Technology Has Allowed for Enhanced Security and Safety
125 -- 127Sally A. Applin. Amazon?s Echo Look: Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning or Subtle Exploitation of Human Vulnerability?
128 -- 163Valentina Niess, Susanne Wende. Intellectual Property and Product Liability Challenges in Three-Dimensional Printing [IP Corner]
130 -- 132Bob Frankston. Whither Consumer Electronics [Bits Versus Electrons]
133 -- 136Tom Coughlin. Market Trends are Driving Digital Storage Choices for Consumer Devices [The Art of Storage]
137 -- 139Narisa Nan Chu. IEEE and CTA's Work Toward Neurotech Standards for EEG Data [Standards]
140 -- 149Pallabi Sarkar, Anirban Sengupta, Santosh Rathlavat, Mrinal Kanti Naskar. Designing Low-Cost Hardware Accelerators for CE Devices [Hardware Matters]
150 -- 156Piyush Verma, Nitish Patel, Nirmal-Kumar C. Nair. Light-Emitting Diode Electronics, Harmonic Issues, and Augmenting Standards [Product Safety Perspectives]
157 -- 159Brian Markwalter. Engineering Our Connected Lives [CTA Insights]
160 -- 0Chandramouli Gopalakrishnan. Ten Things You Should Never Have on Your Resume [Professional Development]
162 -- 163Stefan Mozar. A Conversation with the Innovator in You [Book Reviews]

Volume 6, Issue 3

0 -- 0Shingo Yamaguchi. A Repeat Performance: Flying Animals and the Art of Presentation [Society News]
3 -- 5Saraju P. Mohanty. Information Security and IP Protection Are Increasingly Critical in the Current Global Context [Notes from the Editor]
6 -- 7Brent Lunceford. New MEMS and Sensors Chapter in Texas [Society News]
8 -- 9Thinagaran Perumal. Yamaguchi University Delegation Visits the CE Society Malaysia Chapter [Society News]
10 -- 11Fernando Pescador. The IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics 2017 [Conference Reports]
12 -- 13W. K. Ling, Bernard Fong. The International Conference on Consumer Electronics?China [Conference Reports]
14 -- 17Tom Coughlin. Convergence Through the Cloud-to-Thing Consortium [Future Directions]
17 -- 19Alex Rubin. Magnetic Pixels: A World Beyond Touch Screens [Future Directions]
19 -- 23Jong-Hyouk Lee, Marc Pilkington. How the Blockchain Revolution Will Reshape the Consumer Electronics Industry [Future Directions]
24 -- 33Angelo Cangelosi, Sara Invitto. Human?Robot Interaction and Neuroprosthetics: A review of new technologies
34 -- 41Fynn Schwiegelshohn, Michael Hübner, Philipp Wehner, Diana Göhringer. Tackling The New Health-Care Paradigm Through Service Robotics: Unobtrusive, efficient, reliable, and modular solutions for assisted-living environments
42 -- 51Sonam Maurya, Vinod Kumar Jain. Energy-Efficient Network Protocol for Precision Agriculture: Using threshold sensitive sensors for optimal performance
52 -- 66A. Seetharaman, Niranjan Niranjan, Varun Tandon, Sindhja Devarajan, M. Krishna Moorthy, A. S. Saravanan. What Do Customers Crave in Mobile 5G?: A survey spotlights four standout factors
67 -- 73Nicholas Soures, Corey Merkel, Dhireesha Kudithipudi, Clare Thiem, Nathan R. McDonald. Reservoir Computing in Embedded Systems: Three variants of the reservoir algorithm
74 -- 82Arslan Munir, Prasanna Kansakar, Samee U. Khan. IFCIoT: Integrated Fog Cloud IoT: A novel architectural paradigm for the future Internet of Things
83 -- 91Saraju P. Mohanty, Anirban Sengupta, Parthasarathy Guturu, Elias Kougianos. Everything You Want to Know About Watermarking: From Paper Marks to Hardware Protection: From paper marks to hardware protection
92 -- 102Jungmin Park, Akhilesh Tyagi. Using Power Clues to Hack IoT Devices: The power side channel provides for instruction-level disassembly
103 -- 107David M. Cummings. Was the Jury Wrong About Toyota?s Software?: How questionable testimony on embedded software tipped the scales
108 -- 110Sally A. Applin. Autonomous Vehicle Ethics: Stock or custom?
111 -- 117Katina Michael, Anas Aloudat, M. G. Michael, Christine Perakslis. You Want to Do What with RFID?: Perceptions of radio-frequency identification implants for employee identification in the workplace
118 -- 121Katina Michael. Novel NFC Applications to Enrich Our Connections: The NFC Forum Innovation Awards
122 -- 123Bob Frankston. 5G and the Internet: The Internet Versus Telecom [Bits Versus Electrons]
124 -- 144Tom Coughlin. Supersize My Pi [The Art of Storage]
126 -- 133Anirban Sengupta. Hardware Vulnerabilities and Their Effects on CE Devices: Design for Security Against Trojans [Hardware Matters]
134 -- 136Jong-Hyouk Lee, Hyoungshick Kim. Security and Privacy Challenges in the Internet of Things [Security and Privacy Matters]
137 -- 139Bill Bisenius. Product Safety of the Internet of Things [Product Safety Perspectives]
140 -- 141Bill Belt. Working with the Government to Introduce New Product Categories [CTA Insights]
142 -- 143David Alan Grier. The Crisco Effect [Market-Based Analyses]

Volume 6, Issue 2

3 -- 4Saraju P. Mohanty. Deep Learning Can Be Crucial for Smart Consumer Electronics [Notes from the Editor]
5 -- 0Stefan Mozar. 2017 IEEE Medal of Honor Awarded to CE Society Member [Society News]
5 -- 0Thinagaran Perumal. Cyberphysical Systems and Consumer Electronics-The Way Forward [Society News]
7 -- 8Tom Coughlin. Flying Animals and the Art of Presentation [Society News]
8 -- 9Stefan Mozar, Charlotte Kobert. IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Board of Governors Call for Nominations 2018 [Society News]
10 -- 11Soumya Kanti Datta. Internet of Things Activities in 2016 [Conference Reports]
12 -- 15Tom Wilson. Sixth IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics-Berlin [Conference Reports]
16 -- 19Wataru Uemura, Tomoya Kawakami. Fifth IEEE Global Conference on Consumer Electronics [Conference Reports]
19 -- 21Joseph Decuir. Global Humanitarian Technology Conferences [Conference Reports]
22 -- 26Ronald E. Quirk. Are Your Company's Consumer Electronics Exempt from FCC Marketing Regulations? [Future Directions]
27 -- 31Parthasarathy Guturu. Explosive Wireless Consumer Demand for Network Bandwidth-Fifth Generation and Beyond [Future Directions]
31 -- 39Narisa N. Y. Chu. Surprising Prevalence of Electroencephalogram Brain-Computer Interface to Internet of Things [Future Directions]
39 -- 47Stephen F. Bush. Interoperable Nanoscale Communication [Future Directions]
48 -- 56Joe Lemley, Shabab Bazrafkan, Peter Corcoran. Deep Learning for Consumer Devices and Services: Pushing the limits for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision
57 -- 68Kiran Jot Singh, Divneet Singh Kapoor. Create Your Own Internet of Things: A survey of IoT platforms
69 -- 77Arslan Munir. Safety Assessment and Design of Dependable Cybercars: For today and the future
78 -- 88Alak Majumder, Joyeeta Goswami, Shirsha Ghosh, Rishu Shrivastawa, Saraju P. Mohanty, Bidyut K. Bhattacharyya. Pay-Cloak: A Biometric Back Cover for Smartphones: Facilitating secure contactless payments and identity virtualization at low cost to end users
89 -- 93Zhuorui Liang, Xiangmin Xu, Chunmei Qing. Natural Interaction in Freehand Pointing: Designing the mapping of interaction space
94 -- 98Wayne Yoshida, Sally A. Applin. Ham Stakes: Repurposing consumer electronics for amateur radio
99 -- 100Karl Stephan. Exploding Galaxies: How to do recalls right
101 -- 102Karl Stephan. Is Apple Losing Its Shine?: Concerns over worker safety in Chinese consumer electronics factories
103 -- 104Karl Stephan. Apple Versus the Feds: How a smartphone stymied the FBI
105 -- 117Sascha Pres, Susanne Wende. The European Union Trade-Secrets Directive: To-Dos for Companies? [IP Corner]
106 -- 107Bob Frankston. An Alien Drove My Car: A Cabbie from Mars? [Bits Versus Electrons]
108 -- 124Tom Coughlin. How Big Are Your Dreams? Gauging the Size of Future Content [The Art of Storage]
114 -- 117Narisa N. Y. Chu, Wayne Luptow. CE Standards of Interest: Wearables and Wireless TV [Standards]
118 -- 124Anirban Sengupta, Dipanjan Roy. Antipiracy-Aware IP Chipset Design for CE Devices: A Robust Watermarking Approach [Hardware Matters]
125 -- 126Brian Markwalter. The Path to Driverless Cars [CTA Insights]
127 -- 128Elya Joffe. EMC Made Simple: Printed Circuit Board and System Design [Book Reviews]

Volume 6, Issue 1

3 -- 39Saraju P. Mohanty. Consumer Electronics Can Help Improve Life [Notes from the Editor]
5 -- 0Tom Coughlin. Consumer Electronics Loses One of its Best Chroniclers [Society News]
6 -- 7Sharon Peng. Rapid Development and New Technologies [President's Message]
8 -- 14Saraju P. Mohanty. IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine Editorial Board
15 -- 16Lili Zhang. Bringing the Best of Digital Senses to Guangzhou, China [Society News]
16 -- 19Jong-Hyouk Lee. Black Hat: Knowledge Resource for Cybersecurity [Society News]
19 -- 22Konstantin Glasman. CE Society TV: High Efficiency Video coding (HEVC) [Society News]
22 -- 23Joseph Wei. State of the Hardware Incubators and Accelerators in the United States [Society News]
23 -- 26Mario Milicevic. The Career Game Cheat Code: IEEE Young Professionals [Society News]
26 -- 27Robin Bradbeer. Keep in Touch with Your Fellow CE Society Members [Society News]
27 -- 28Thanos Kakarountas. Greece Chapter's Booth at Science Exhibition Proves Popular [Society News]
29 -- 0Tomohiro Hase. The Open Data Symposium [Conference Reports]
30 -- 121Soumya Kanti Datta. The Internet of Things Symposium in Mumbai [Conference Reports]
33 -- 34Stuart Lipoff. The Winds of Change [Publications Round-Up]
35 -- 37Tom Coughlin. Report of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Future Directions Committees [Future Directions]
37 -- 39Don Christian. Around the World in an Electric Vehicle [Future Directions]
40 -- 41Yu Yuan. Changing the World with Virtual\/Augmented Reality Technologies
42 -- 44Mark Sage. Creating Augmented Reality Experiences for Enterprise: Good practices, lessons learned, and technological insights
45 -- 47Koreen Pagano, Angela Haddad, Tai Crosby. Virtual Reality-Making Good On the Promise of Immersive Learning: The effectiveness of in-person training, with the logistical and cost-effective benefits of computer-based systems
48 -- 50Philip Rosedale. Virtual Reality: The Next Disruptor: A new kind of worldwide communication
51 -- 52Peter Corcoran 0001. Mobile-Edge Computing and Internet of Things for Consumers: Part II: Energy efficiency, connectivity, and economic development
53 -- 60Alaa Awad, Amr Mohamed, Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini. Dynamic Network Selection in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks: A user-centric scheme for improved delivery
61 -- 65Sasmita Mohanty, Sudhir K. Routray. CE-Driven Trends in Global Communications: Strategic sectors for economic growth and development
66 -- 72Sreekanth Dama, Valin Sathya, Kiran Kuchi, Thomas Valerrian Pasca S. A Feasible Cellular Internet of Things: Enabling Edge Computing and the IoT in Dense Futuristic Cellular Networks
73 -- 81Siddharth Advani, Peter A. Zientara, Nikhil Shukla, Ikenna Okafor, Kevin M. Irick, Jack Sampson, Suman Datta, Vijaykrishnan Narayanan. A Multitask Grocery Assist System for the Visually Impaired: Smart glasses, gloves, and shopping carts provide auditory and tactile feedback
82 -- 93Shirsha Ghosh, Alak Majumder, Joyeeta Goswami, Abhishek Kumar, Saraju P. Mohanty, Bidyut K. Bhattacharyya. Swing-Pay: One Card Meets All User Payment and Identity Needs: A Digital Card Module using NFC and Biometric Authentication for Peer-to-Peer Payment
94 -- 103Hai Helen Li, Yiran Chen, Chenchen Liu, John Paul Strachan, Noraica Davila. Looking Ahead for Resistive Memory Technology: A broad perspective on ReRAM technology for future storage and computing
104 -- 110Anabela Berenguer, Jorge Gonçalves, Simo Hosio, Denzil Ferreira, Theodoros Anagnostopoulos, Vassilis Kostakos. Are Smartphones Ubiquitous?: An in-depth survey of smartphone adoption by seniors
111 -- 115Jessica Brown. World of Worry: Examining the dark side of World of Warcraft
116 -- 119John Romkey. Toast of the IoT: The 1990 Interop Internet Toaster
120 -- 121Yu Yuan. Up-and-Coming Industry Connections and Standards Activities in the CE Field of Interest [Standards]
122 -- 125Bob Frankston. Site Insites: Refreshing [Bits Versus Electrons]
126 -- 133Tom Coughlin. A Timeline for Flash Memory History [The Art of Storage]
130 -- 133Anirban Sengupta. Hardware Security of CE Devices [Hardware Matters]
134 -- 136Bill Bisenius. Fighting Fire with... [Product Safety Perspectives]
137 -- 138David Alan Grier. Toy Engineering [Market-Based Analyses]
139 -- 143William Lumpkins Sanitate. Connecting You to New Products [Product Reviews]
144 -- 145Laura Goughnour. Baby Owlet Monitor [Product Reviews]
147 -- 148Elias Kougianos. Nanoelectronic Mixed-Signal System Design [Book Reviews]