Journal: IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine

Volume 8, Issue 6

4 -- 6Saraju P. Mohanty. Security-Smart is of Paramount Importance for Autonomous Vehicles
11 -- 0Fabrice Labeau. News from the IEEE Sensors Council
12 -- 21Sumaiya Shomaji, Parisa Dehghanzadeh, Alex Roman, Domenic Forte, Swarup Bhunia, Soumyajit Mandal. Early Detection of Cardiovascular Diseases Using Wearable Ultrasound Device
22 -- 28Qiping Wang, Raymond Yiu-Keung Lau, Xudong Mao. Blockchain-Enabled Smart Contracts for Enhancing Distributor-to-Consumer Transactions
29 -- 34Chun-Yu Liu, Shanq-Jang Ruan, Yu-Ren Lai, Chih-Yuan Yao. Finger-Vein as a Biometric-Based Authentication
35 -- 41Sahil Garg, Gagangeet Singh Aujla, Neeraj Kumar 0001, Shalini Batra. Tree-Based Attack-Defense Model for Risk Assessment in Multi-UAV Networks
42 -- 46Guang-Gang Geng, Zhiwei Yan, Jong-Hyouk Lee, Xiao-Bo Jin, Dong-Jie Liu. An Efficient Antiphishing Method to Secure eConsume
47 -- 52Jorge Sainz-Raso, Sergio Martín, Gabriel Díaz, Manuel Castro. Security Vulnerabilities in Raspberry Pi-Analysis of the System Weaknesses
53 -- 55Ming Liu 0021, Yuxuan He, Zhi Xue, Xiangjian He, Jinjun Chen. MultiScan: A Private Online Virus Detection System
56 -- 61Kuldeep Kumar, Sumit, Sandeep Kumar, Lalit Kumar Singh. Evaluating Technologies for Reliable Software in Consumer Electronics: A Survey of Component Failure Modeling
62 -- 67Mohammadreza Robaei, Hui Zhao 0013. Broadcast-Based Hybrid Wired-Wireless NoC for Efficient Data Transfer in GPU of CE Systems
68 -- 75Junha Kim, Yeomin Nam, Moonju Park. Energy-Aware Core Switching for Mobile Devices with a Heterogeneous Multicore Processor
76 -- 78Bob Frankston. Connecting
79 -- 80Tom Coughlin. Immersive Storage
81 -- 83Himanshu Thapliyal, Saraju P. Mohanty, Stacy J. Prowell. Emerging Paradigms in Vehicular Cybersecurity
84 -- 90Milan Z. Bjelica, Zeljko Lukac. Central Vehicle Computer Design: Software Taking Over
91 -- 98Hatem Abou-zeid, Farhan Pervez, Abdulkareem Adinoyi, Mohammed Aljlayl, Halim Yanikomeroglu. Cellular V2X Transmission for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Standardization, Applications, and Enabling Technologies
99 -- 103Carson Labrado, Himanshu Thapliyal. Hardware Security Primitives for Vehicles
104 -- 110Michael Roy Moore, Robert A. Bridges, Frank L. Combs, Adam L. Anderson. Data-Driven Extraction of Vehicle States From CAN Bus Traffic for Cyberprotection and Safety
111 -- 116Jason M. Carter, Aaron E. Ferber. Using Map Matching for DeIdentification of Connected Vehicle Locations

Volume 8, Issue 5

4 -- 5Saraju P. Mohanty. AI for Smart Consumer Electronics: At the Edge or in the Cloud?
6 -- 7Yu Yuan. IEEE CE Society President Visits Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area
8 -- 9Wen-Chung Kao, Wahab Almuhtadi. Report of IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics-Taiwan 2019
10 -- 19Peter Corcoran 0001, Joseph Lemley, Claudia Costache, Viktor Varkarakis. Deep Learning for Consumer Devices and Services 2 - AI Gets Embedded at the Edge
20 -- 25Jong-Hyouk Lee. Rise of Anonymous Cryptocurrencies: Brief Introduction
26 -- 30Hongxu Zhu, Chung Kit Wu, Cheon Hoi Koo, Yee Ting Tsang, Yucheng Liu, Hao Ran Chi, Kim Fung Tsang. Smart Healthcare in the Era of Internet-of-Things
31 -- 36Steven Lawrence Fernandes, Venkatesan Rajinikanth, Seifedine Kadry. A Hybrid Framework to Evaluate Breast Abnormality Using Infrared Thermal Images
37 -- 41Sandeep Pirbhulal, Wanqing Wu, Guanglin Li, Arun Kumar Sangaiah. Medical Information Security for Wearable Body Sensor Networks in Smart Healthcare
42 -- 45Umar Albalawi. A Device-to-Device System for Safety and Emergency Services of Mobile Users
46 -- 50Juan Fang, Xiaoting Hao, Qingwen Fan, Kai Li, Hui Zhao 0013. Efficient Data Transfer in a Heterogeneous Multicore-Based CE Systems using Cache Performance Optimization
51 -- 53Bob Frankston. Bits vs. Things
54 -- 56Tom Coughlin. Data Center Disaggregation Using NVMe
57 -- 59Tom Wilson. Entrepreneurs in Consumer Electronics
60 -- 61Haruhiko Okumura. Human Centric AR&VR Display and Interface Technologies for Automobile
62 -- 67Karlheinz Blankenbach. Requirements and System Aspects of AR-Head-Up Displays
68 -- 73Philippe Coni, Natacha Damamme, Jean-Luc Bardon. The Future of Holographic Head-Up Display
74 -- 78Kenichiro Ito, Hidekazu Nishimura, Tetsuro Ogi. Motorcycle Head-Up Display: Design of Presenting Navigation Information
79 -- 85Ramesh Lagoo, Vassilis Charissis, David K. Harrison. Mitigating Driver's Distraction: Automotive Head-Up Display and Gesture Recognition System
86 -- 91Tomoya Tsuruyama, Aira Hotta, Takashi Sasaki, Haruhiko Okumura. Multimirror Array Optics for Augmented Reality Devices in Automotive Applications
92 -- 98Sunkil Yun, Takaaki Teshima, Hidekazu Nishimura. Human-Machine Interface Design and Verification for an Automated Driving System Using System Model and Driving Simulator
99 -- 104Yoshitomo Isomae, Yosei Shibata, Takahiro Ishinabe, Hideo Fujikake. Phase-Only Holographic Head Up Display Without Zero-Order Diffraction Light for Automobiles

Volume 8, Issue 4

3 -- 4Saraju P. Mohanty. Video Cameras: An Omnipresent Consumer Electronics [Notes from the Editor]
5 -- 6Wahab Almuhtadi. Society Name Change-It Is the Time to Do It to Respond to and Reflect the Dynamic Changes in Industry [President's Message]
7 -- 0Shingo Yamaguchi, Tom Coughlin. The Young Professionals Event at ICCE 2019 [Society News]
8 -- 0Thinagaran Perumal. The Malaysia Project Competition on the IoT for Humanitarian Causes [Society News]
9 -- 72Thinagaran Perumal. Workshop on Consumer Technologies-Invent the Future Today [Society News]
10 -- 16Yasuo Takemura. The Development of Video-Camera Technologies: Many Innovations Behind Video Cameras Are Used for Digital Cameras and Smartphones
17 -- 21Li Cui, Rufael Mekuria, Marius Preda, Euee S. Jang. Point-Cloud Compression: Moving Picture Experts Group's New Standard in 2020
22 -- 27Rainer Iraschko, James Slevinsky. Next-Generation Video Network Design Tenets: Building a Better Video Delivery Service
28 -- 31Shuo Gao, Linxiao Wu. Why Piezoelectric Material Is Unsuccessful in Interactive Displays: Challenges in High Detection Accuracy
32 -- 37Peter Chondro, Chun-Yu Liu, Chun-Yen Chen, Shanq-Jang Ruan. Detecting Abnormal Massive Crowd Flows: Characterizing Fleeing En Masse by Analyzing the Acceleration of Object Vectors
38 -- 44Deepak K. Tosh, Sachin Shetty, Xueping Liang, Charles A. Kamhoua, Laurent L. Njilla. Data Provenance in the Cloud: A Blockchain-Based Approach
45 -- 49Jiaxi Hu, Debiao He, Qinglan Zhao, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo. Parking Management: A Blockchain-Based Privacy-Preserving System
50 -- 55Ioannis Paliokas, Nikolaos Tsoniotis, Konstantinos Votis, Dimitrios Tzovaras. A Blockchain Platform in Connected Medical-Device Environments: Trustworthy technology to guard against cyberthreats
56 -- 61Sanjeev Sharma, Vimal Bhatia, Amit Kumar Mishra. Wireless Consumer Electronic Devices: The Effects of Impulsive Radio-Frequency Interference
62 -- 66Sudeendra Kumar K, Naini Satheesh, Abhishek Mahapatra, Sauvagya Ranjan Sahoo, Kamala Kanta Mahapatra. Physical Unclonable Functions for On-Chip Instrumentation: Enhancing the Security of the Internal Joint Test Action Group Network
67 -- 69Rafael Aguilar-Gonzalez. The Tolling of Bells: A Traditional Communications System in Our Time
70 -- 72Bob Frankston. As a Service? [Bits Versus Electrons]
73 -- 79Tom Coughlin. Giving Your Home an Edge [The Art of Storage]
74 -- 75Tom Wilson 0002. Entrepreneurs in Consumer Electronics: Steve Penrod of Mycroft AI [Professional Development]
76 -- 79Stuart Lipoff. TV of Tomorrow [Product Reviews]
80 -- 0Dhruva Ghai. Computing in Geographic Information Systems [Book Review]

Volume 8, Issue 3

3 -- 4Saraju P. Mohanty. Unmanned Arial Vehicles as Consumer Electronics [Notes from the Editor]
5 -- 6L. Dennis Shapiro. Boston Chapter Attuned to Hearing Health Care [Society News]
5 -- 0Tom Coughlin. Cioffi Inducted Into the Consumer Technology Association Hall of Fame [Society News]
6 -- 7Takahiro Ogawa, Shingo Yamaguchi. Young Professionals Activities at GCCE 2018 [Society News]
8 -- 9Michael J. Simon. Radio-Silent Communications [Future Directions]
10 -- 16Prosanta Gope, Jemin Lee, Ruei-Hau Hsu, Tony Q. S. Quek. Anonymous Communications for Secure Device-to-Device-Aided Fog Computing: Architecture, Challenges, and Solutions
17 -- 22Ming Liu, Zhi Xue, Xiangjian He, Jinjun Chen. Cyberthreat-Intelligence Information Sharing: Enhancing Collaborative Security
23 -- 27Shunli Zhang, Laurence T. Yang, Liwei Kuang, Jun Feng, Jinjun Chen, Vincenzo Piuri. A Tensor-Based Forensics Framework for Virtualized Network Functions in the Internet of Things: Utilizing Tensor Algebra in Facilitating More Efficient Network Forensic Investigations
28 -- 34Nicholas Kolokotronis, Konstantinos Limniotis, Stavros Shiaeles, Romain Griffiths. Secured by Blockchain: Safeguarding Internet of Things Devices
35 -- 39Gurveen Vaseer, Garima Ghai, Dhruva Ghai. Novel Intrusion Detection and Prevention for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: A Single- and Multiattack Case Study
40 -- 43Chi-Min Li, Yong-Lin Shu, Pao-Jen Wang. Synchronization for LTE-A System Downlink: A Proposed Novel Method Used at LTE Wireless Communications
44 -- 49Subhendu Kumar Sahoo, Pramod Kumar Meher, G. Ganesh Ganjikunta. Multichannel Filters for Wireless Networks: Lookup-Table-Based Efficient Implementation
50 -- 54Ayas Kanta Swain, Anil Kumar Rajput, Kamala Kanta Mahapatra. Network on Chip for Consumer Electronics Devices: An Architectural and Performance Exploration of Synchronous and Asynchronous Network-on-Chip-Based Systems
55 -- 59Akande Sheriff Abiodun, Mohammad Hossein Anisi, Muhammad Khurram Khan. Cloud-Based Wireless Body Area Networks: Managing Data for Better Health Care
60 -- 65Prasanna Kansakar, Arslan Munir, Neda Shabani. Technology in the Hospitality Industry: Prospects and Challenges
66 -- 67Neeraj Kumar, Deepak Puthal, Theocharis Theocharides, Saraju P. Mohanty. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Consumer Applications: New Applications in Current and Future Smart Environments
68 -- 73Sahil Vashist, Sushma Jain. Location-Aware Network of Drones for Consumer Applications: Supporting Efficient Management Between Multiple Drones
74 -- 80Ram Prasad Padhy, Suman Kumar Choudhury, Pankaj Kumar Sa, Sambit Bakshi. Obstacle Avoidance for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Using Visual Features in Unknown Environments
81 -- 86Lihua Jian, Zhen Li, Xiaomin Yang, Wei Wu 0002, Awais Ahmad 0001, Gwanggil Jeon. Combining Unmanned Aerial Vehicles With Artificial-Intelligence Technology for Traffic-Congestion Recognition: Electronic Eyes in the Skies to Spot Clogged Roads
87 -- 89Bob Frankston. Found Objects: A View From a Room [Bits Versus Electrons]
90 -- 91Tom Coughlin. When Memory Starts to Think [The Art of Storage]
92 -- 96Deepak Puthal, Saraju P. Mohanty, Sanjivani Ashok Bhavake, Graham Morgan, Rajiv Ranjan. Fog Computing Security Challenges and Future Directions [Energy and Security]
97 -- 98Richard Solomon. PCI Express [Product Reviews]

Volume 8, Issue 2

3 -- 4Saraju P. Mohanty. Smart Energy Is the Key for Sustainability [Notes from the Editor]
5 -- 6Narisa Nan Chu. The 2018 Brain Data Bank Competition in Xi'an, China [Society News]
6 -- 96Shingo Yamaguchi. Young Professionals Events at the IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics Berlin 2018 [Society News]
7 -- 8Chih-Peng Fan, Yu-Cheng Fan, Yin-Tsung Hwang, Bernard Fong. The IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics-Taiwan 2018 [Conference Reports]
8 -- 9Narisa Nan Chu. The IEEE International Conference on Video and Audio Signal Processing in the Context of Neurotechnology [Conference Reports]
10 -- 15Raj Kamal Kaur, Lalit Kumar Singh, Babita Pandey. Security Analysis of Smart Grids: Successes and Challenges
16 -- 21Khay Wai See, Kai Chin Lim, Sam Batternally, Neng Zhang. Charge-Based Self-Equalization for Imbalance Battery Pack in an Energy Storage Management System: Developing a Time-Based Equalization Algorithm
22 -- 27Shashank Singh, Amit Roy, M. P. Selvan. Smart Load Node for Nonsmart Load Under Smart Grid Paradigm: A New Home Energy Management System
28 -- 34Kazim Rifat Ozyilmaz, Arda Yurdakul. Designing a Blockchain-Based IoT With Ethereum, Swarm, and LoRa: The Software Solution to Create High Availability With Minimal Security Risks
35 -- 38Wazir Zada Khan, Mohammed Y. Aalsalem, Muhammad Khurram Khan, Quratul-Ain Arshad. Data and Privacy: Getting Consumers to Trust Products Enabled by the Internet of Things
39 -- 43Lalit Purohit, Sandeep Kumar. Web Services in the Internet of Things and Smart Cities: A Case Study on Classification Techniques
44 -- 49Yibo Fan, Yize Jin, Zihao Meng, Xiaoyang Zeng. Pixels and Panoramas: An Enhanced Cubic Mapping Scheme for Video\/Image-Based Virtual-Reality Scenes
50 -- 55Cristobal Medina-López, Max Bastian Mertens, Vicente Gonzalez-Ruiz, Leocadio González Casado. Reducing Streaming Cost While Increasing Privacy: A Case Study on a Smartphone and Chromecast Using Peer-to-Peer Technology to Skip Third-Party Servers
56 -- 60Mohammad Wazid, Sherali Zeadally, Ashok Kumar Das. Mobile Banking: Evolution and Threats: Malware Threats and Security Solutions
61 -- 65Zhitao Guan, Yue Zhang, Guanlin Si, Zhenyu Zhou, Jun Wu 0001, Shahid Mumtaz, Jonathan Rodriguez 0001. ECOSECURITY: Tackling Challenges Related to Data Exchange and Security: An Edge-Computing-Enabled Secure and Efficient Data Exchange Architecture for the Energy Internet
66 -- 70Omar R. Daoud. Multiband Orthogonal Wavelet Division Multiplexing: Complexity and Power Peaks Enhancement
71 -- 0Shanq-Jang Ruan. Intelligent Systems for Smart Health Care: Leveraging Information for Better Well-Being
72 -- 77Yi-Hung Liu, Shiuan Huang, Hao-Chuan Huang, Wei-Hao Peng. Novel Motor Imagery-Based Brain Switch for Patients With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Case Study Using Two-Channel Electroencephalography
78 -- 83Eka Adi Prasetyo Joko Prawiro, Nai-Kuan Chou, Ming-Wei Lee, Yuan-Hsiang Lin. A Wearable System That Detects Posture and Heart Rate: Designing an Integrated Device With Multiparameter Measurements for Better Health Care
84 -- 89Ting-Kuo Chang, Ching-Chi Hsu, Ming-An Yang, Devina Sutaji. Effects of Fusion Device Designs on Spine Biomechanics: Computational Simulation for Smart Health Care
90 -- 93Katina Michael, Rebecca Monteleone. Consumer Electronic Instrument Search and Seizure at International Borders: New Laws Allow Border Agents to Demand Passwords for Digital Devices
94 -- 96Bob Frankston. Seeing the Light-Properties of 400-800-Terahertz Radios [Bits Versus Electrons]
97 -- 99Tom Coughlin. A Road Map for Technologies That Drive Consumer Storage [The Art of Storage]
100 -- 102Dipanjan Roy, Anirban Sengupta. Multilevel Watermark for Protecting DSP Kernel in CE Systems [Hardware Matters]
103 -- 107Sagar K. Rastogi, Arun Sankar, Kushagra Manglik, Santanu K. Mishra, Saraju P. Mohanty. Toward the Vision of All-Electric Vehicles in a Decade [Energy and Security]
108 -- 0Brian Markwalter. The Consumer Technology Market-Past and Present [CTA Insights]

Volume 8, Issue 1

3 -- 4Saraju P. Mohanty. Consumer Electronics Can Ensure Food Safety [Notes from the Editor]
5 -- 6Wahab Almuhtadi. Overcoming Challenges and Reaching Common Objectives for Our Society's Longevity [President's Message]
7 -- 8Joseph Wei, Wenbo Yin. Empowering Female Entrepreneurs at the 2018 WIE ILC Start-Up Pitch Competition [Society News]
10 -- 11Dmitry Tkachenko. The International Symposium on Consumer Technologies 2018 [Conference Reports]
12 -- 18Naren Vikram Raj Masna, Shubhra Deb Paul, Cheng Chen, Soumyajit Mandal, Swarup Bhunia. Eat, but Verify: Low-Cost Portable Devices for Food Safety Analysis
19 -- 24Shadan Golestan, Athar Mahmoudi-Nejad, Hadi Moradi. A Framework for Easier Designs: Augmented Intelligence in Serious Games for Cognitive Development
25 -- 29Massimo Panella, Rosa Altilio. A Smartphone-Based Application Using Machine Learning for Gesture Recognition: Using Feature Extraction and Template Matching via Hu Image Moments to Recognize Gestures
30 -- 35Llyr ap Cenydd, Christopher J. Headleand. Movement Modalities in Virtual Reality: A Case Study from Ocean Rift Examining the Best Practices in Accessibility, Comfort, and Immersion
36 -- 41Trinette Wright, Sandrine de Ribaupierre, Roy Eagleson. Leap Motion Performance in an Augmented Reality Workspace: Integrating Devices with an Interactive Platform
42 -- 48Aditya Khune, Sudeep Pasricha. Mobile Network-Aware Middleware Framework for Cloud Offloading: Using Reinforcement Learning to Make Reward-Based Decisions in Smartphone Applications
49 -- 54Biswa P. S. Sahoo, Ching-Chun Chou, Chung-Wei Weng, Hung-Yu Wei. Enabling Millimeter-Wave 5G Networks for Massive IoT Applications: A Closer Look at the Issues Impacting Millimeter-Waves in Consumer Devices Under the 5G Framework
55 -- 60Gabriel Martins Dias, Cintia Borges Margi, Filipe C. P. de Oliveira, Boris Bellalta. Cloud-Empowered, Self-Managing Wireless Sensor Networks: Interconnecting Management Operations at the Application Layer
61 -- 65Nanda Kishora Holla, Siva Sankar Yellampalli. Smart Receivers with Modular and Multifunctional Front-End Blocks: The Benefits of Using Programmable Modulators and Demodulators
66 -- 0Amit Kumar Mishra. Electronics for Sustainable Development: State-of-the-Art Research Advances
67 -- 71Asit Mishra, Marcel Loomans, Risto Kosonen. Actimetry for Estimating Occupant Activity Levels in Buildings: A Step Toward Optimal and Energy-Efficient Indoor Conditioning
72 -- 77Jessica Fell, Justin Pead, Kevin Winter. Low-Cost Flow Sensors: Making Smart Water Monitoring Technology Affordable
78 -- 81Arijit Datta, Vimal Bhatia, Josef Noll, Sudhir Dixit. Bridging the Digital Divide: Challenges in Opening the Digital World to the Elderly, Poor, and Digitally Illiterate
82 -- 86Margaret H. Pinson. Caught in the Act: Law-Enforcement Feedback on Video Surveillance Recordings
87 -- 91Corinna Georg. Smart Products Could Essentially Modify the Traditional Product Recall [IP Corner]
88 -- 89Bob Frankston. From Hi-Fi to CLI [Bits Versus Electrons]
90 -- 91Tom Coughlin. New Media Resolutions Drive Storage Requirements [The Art of Storage]
92 -- 94Pallabi Sarkar, Dipanjan Roy, Anirban Sengupta, Mrinal Kanti Naskar. Signature-Free Watermark for Protecting Digital Signal Processing Cores Used in CE Devices [Hardware Matters]
95 -- 99Dalton A. Hahn, Arslan Munir, Saraju P. Mohanty. Security and Privacy Issues in Contemporary Consumer Electronics [Energy and Security]
100 -- 101Rehan Ehsan. Standardization of Television Energy Consumption [CTA Insights]
102 -- 103Narisa Nan Chu, Katerina Malakhova. Neuroiconics [Book Reviews]