Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 10, Issue 4

267 -- 277Pingyu Jiang, Yingfeng Zhang. Visualized Part Manufacturing via an Online e-Service Platform on Web
279 -- 290George Q. Huang, K. L. Mak. Agent-based Collaboration Between Distributed Web Applications: Case Study on Collaborative Design for X Using CyberCO
291 -- 298Richard J. Bateman, Kai Cheng. Devolved Manufacturing
299 -- 310Chun-Hsien Chen, Li Pheng Khoo, Wei Yan. Web-enabled Customer-oriented Product Concept Formation via Laddering Technique and Kohonen Association
311 -- 323Guanghui Zhou, Pingyu Jiang, Shuichi Fukuda. Using Mobile Agents to Schedule a Manufacturing Chain on the Internet
325 -- 333Heather J. Rea, Jonathan R. Corney, Douglas E. R. Clark, John Pritchard, Michael Breaks, Roddy MacLeod. Part-sourcing in a Global Market
335 -- 340Koichi Ohtomi, Masanori Ozawa. Innovative Design Process and Information Technology for Electromechanical Product Development
349 -- 356Chun-Fong You, Shen-Chou Yeh. Engineering Change Propagation System using STEP

Volume 10, Issue 3

187 -- 203Shi-Jie Chen, Li Lin. A Project Task Coordination Model for Team Organization in Concurrent Engineering
203 -- 211Fu Qian, Zhang Shensheng. Product Development Process Management System Based on P_PROCE Model
213 -- 228Kwai-Sang Chin, Dunbing Tang. Web-Based Concurrent Stamping Part and Die Development
229 -- 238Stephen Chi-fai Chan, Vincent T. Y. Ng. Real-Time Collaborative Solid Shape Design (RCSSD) on the Internet
239 -- 249Soonhung Han, Young Choi, Sangbong Yoo, Namkyu Park. Collaborative Engineering Design Based on an Intelligent STEP Database
251 -- 261El-Sayad Aziz, Constantin Chassapis. Knowledge-based Geometry Generation for Spur and Helical Gears

Volume 10, Issue 2

97 -- 111Hong-Sen Yan, Zheng Wang, Min Jiang. A Quantitative Approach to the Process Modeling and Planning in Concurrent Engineering
113 -- 128Xuehong Du, Jianxin Jiao, Mitchell M. Tseng. Graph Grammar Based Product Family Modeling
129 -- 142Francois Sprumont, Paul Xirouchakis. Towards a Knowledge-Based Model for the Computer Aided Design Process
143 -- 151Y. C. Ng, K. S. Tey, K. R. Subramanian, S. B. Tor, L. P. Khoo, S. G. Lee. An Intelligent, Multi-Agent Environment for Concurrent and Collaborative Configuration of Personal Computers
153 -- 164J. C. Sand, P. Gu, G. Watson. HOME: House Of Modular Enhancement---a Tool for Modular Product Redesign
165 -- 183Dunbing Tang, Li Zheng, Kwai-Sang Chin, Zhizhong Li, Yulan Liang, Xiaojian Jiang, Changjian Hu. E-DREAM: A Web-Based Platform for Virtual Agile Manufacturing

Volume 10, Issue 1

3 -- 14Javier Silva, Kuang-Hua Chang. Design Parameterization for Concurrent Design and Manufacturing of Mechanical Systems
15 -- 25Tianhong Jiang, Gale E. Nevill. Conflict Cause Identification in Web-Based Concurrent Engineering Design System
27 -- 39H. Z. Jia, Jerry Y. H. Fuh, Andrew Y. C. Nee, Y. F. Zhang. Web-based Multi-functional Scheduling System for a Distributed Manufacturing Environment
41 -- 53Wen-Yau Liang, Peter O Grady. An Object-Oriented Formalism for Feature-Based Distributed Concurrent Engineering
55 -- 66Iulian Grindeanu, Nam-Ho Kim, Kung K. Choi, Jiun-Shyan Chen. CAD-Based Shape Optimization Using a Meshfree Method
67 -- 74Kee M. Park, Kishore Pochiraju, Costas Chassapis, Souran Manoocheri. Rapid Manufacturability Evaluation of Die-Cast Components
75 -- 93Kulwant Pawar, Badr Haque, Frithjof Weber. Computer Based Initiatives for Implementing and Sustaining Concurrent Engineering