Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 11, Issue 4

249 -- 265Egon Ostrosi, M. Ferney, Olivier Garro. A Fractal-Based Approach for Concurrent Engineering
267 -- 278Bart Husslage, Edwin van Dam, Dick den Hertog, Peter Stehouwer, Erwin Stinstra. Collaborative Metamodeling: Coordinating Simulation-based Product Design
279 -- 288Li Pheng Khoo, Chun-Hsien Chen, Limin Jiao. A Dynamic Fuzzy Decision Support Scheme for Concurrent Design Planning
289 -- 299Ahmed Al-Ashaab, Karina Rodríguez, Arturo Molina, Mauro Cardenas, Joaquín Aca, Mohammed Saeed, Hassan Abdalla. Internet-Based Collaborative Design for an Injection-moulding System
301 -- 312Jinmin Hu, Jianxun Liu, Brian Prasad. A Constraint-driven Execution Plan for Maximizing Concurrency in Product Development
313 -- 325Wonchang Hur, Hyerim Bae, Suk-Ho Kang. Customizable Workflow Monitoring

Volume 11, Issue 3

163 -- 0Mark Klein, Dan Braha, Hiroki Sayama, Yaneer Bar-Yam. Special Issue on a Complex Systems Perspective on Concurrent Engineering
165 -- 176Ali Yassine, Dan Braha. Complex Concurrent Engineering and the Design Structure Matrix Method
177 -- 186David N. Ford, John D. Sterman. Overcoming the 90 Syndrome: Iteration Management in Concurrent Development Projects
187 -- 199Christoph Loch, Jürgen Mihm, Arnd Huchzermeier. Concurrent Engineering and Design Oscillations in Complex Engineering Projects
201 -- 209Mark Klein, Hiroki Sayama, Peyman Faratin, Yaneer Bar-Yam. The Dynamics of Collaborative Design: Insights from Complex Systems and Negotiation Research
211 -- 219David N. Ford, John D. Sterman. The Liar s Club: Concealing Rework in Concurrent Development
221 -- 234Xiu-Tian Yan. A Multiple Perspective Product Modeling and Simulation Approach to Engineering Design Support
235 -- 244J. Legardeur, Jean-François Boujut, H. Tiger. ID2: A New Tool to Foster Innovation During the Early Phases of Design Projects

Volume 11, Issue 2

81 -- 0Joris S. M. Vergeest, Imre Horváth, P. Li. Knowledge-Intensive Tools and Methods of Collaboration in Engineering
83 -- 92Robert Ian Whitfield, Alex H. B. Duffy, Graham Coates, William Hills. Efficient Process Optimization
93 -- 105Kikuo Fujita, Shin ichi Kikuchi. Distributed Design Support System for Concurrent Process of Preliminary Aircraft Design
107 -- 120Lars Almefelt, Krister Sutinen, Johan Malmqvist. Computer Support for Systematic Design Applied in a Cross-functional Commercial Concept Development Project
121 -- 128Y. Zhang, John K. Gershenson. An Initial Study of Direct Relationships between Life-Cycle Modularity and Life-Cycle Cost
129 -- 138Birgit Bayer, Wolfgang Marquardt. A Comparison of Data Models in Chemical Engineering
139 -- 149Ronald E. Giachetti, Juan Arango. A Design-Centric Activity-Based Cost Estimation Model for PCB Fabrication
151 -- 158Haeseong J. Jee, R. Ian Campbell. Internet-Based Design Visualization for Layered Manufacturing

Volume 11, Issue 1

7 -- 15Casper Wickman, Rikard Söderberg. Increased Concurrency between Industrial and Engineering Design Using CAT Technology Combined with Virtual Reality
17 -- 25Michael Lapinski, Michael W. Sobolewski. Managing Notifications in a Federated S2S Environment
27 -- 36Laurent Deshayes, Christel Dartigues, Parisa Ghodous, Jean François Rigal. Collaborative System for Cutting Data Management Based on STEP Standard
37 -- 46Nenad Cus-Babic, Danijel Rebolj, Ales Magdic, Milan Radosavljevic. MC as a Means for Supporting Information Flow in Construction Processes
47 -- 54J. M. García-Fornieles, Ip-Shing Fan, A. Perez, C. Wainwright, Kamal Sehdev. A Work Breakdown Structure that Integrates Different Views in Aircraft Modification Projects
55 -- 64Stephen Chi-fai Chan, Tharam S. Dillon, Vincent T. Y. Ng. Exchanging STEP Data through XML-Based Mediators
65 -- 75Anne-Françoise Cutting-Decelle, Robert I. M. Young, Chimay J. Anumba, Andrew N. Baldwin, N. M. Bouchlaghem. The Application of PSL to Product Design Across Construction and Manufacturing