Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 13, Issue 4

257 -- 276Yuh-Jen Chen, Yuh-Min Chen, Hui-Chuan Chu, Chin-Bin Wang, Derchian Tsaih, Hui-Mei Yang. Integrated Clustering Approach to Developing Technology for Functional Feature and Engineering Specification-based Reference Design Retrieval
277 -- 289Jiafu Tang, Yan-e Zhang, Yiliu Tu, Yizeng Chen, Ying Dong. Synthesis, Evaluation, and Selection of Parts Design Scheme in Supplier Involved Product Development
291 -- 300Corneliu-Alexandru Slavila, Christophe Decreuse, Michel Ferney. Fuzzy Approach for Maintainability Evaluation in the Design Process
301 -- 310Jian Cao, Shensheng Zhang, Minglu Li, Jie Wang. Distributed Design Process Coordination based on a Service Event Notification Model
311 -- 319X. G. Ming, J. Q. Yan, W. F. Lu, D. Z. Ma. Technology Solutions for Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management - Status Review and Future Trend
321 -- 330R. Curran, M. Price, S. Raghunathan, E. Benard, S. Crosby, S. Castagne, P. Mawhinney. Integrating Aircraft Cost Modeling into Conceptual Design
331 -- 342Marcus Sandberg, Patrik Boart, Tobias Larsson. Functional Product Life-cycle Simulation Model for Cost Estimation in Conceptual Design of Jet Engine Components

Volume 13, Issue 3

171 -- 183Svetan M. Ratchev, Kulwant S. Pawar, Esmond Urwin, Dirk Mueller. Knowledge-enriched Requirement Specification for One-of-a-kind Complex Systems
185 -- 197Shi-Jie (Gary) Chen. An Integrated Methodological Framework for Project Task Coordination and Team Organization in Concurrent Engineering
199 -- 207S. Grewal, C. K. Choi. An Integrated Approach to Manufacturing Process Design and Costing
209 -- 217Sami Kara, Berman Kayis. The Effect of the Learning Process in Concurrent Engineering Projects
219 -- 232Charles Chan-Woo Chung, Jun-Ki Choi, Karthik Ramani, Harshal Patwardhan. Product Node Architecture: A Systematic Approach to Provide Structured Flexibility in Distributed Product Development
233 -- 239António M. Gonçalves-Coelho, António J. F. Mourão, Zulema L. Pereira. Improving the use of QFD with Axiomatic Design
241 -- 251Michael David, Zahra Idelmerfaa, Jacques Richard. Managing and Organizing Concurrent Processes According to the CMM Levels

Volume 13, Issue 2

85 -- 94Marcos Esterman Jr., Kosuke Ishii. The Development of Project Risk Metrics for Robust Concurrent Product Development (CPD) across the Supply Chain
95 -- 109Ming-Chyuan Lin, Lung-An Chen. A Matrix Approach to the Customer-oriented Product Design
111 -- 122Andrew T. Olewnik, Kemper Lewis. On Validating Engineering Design Decision Support Tools
123 -- 133Yoon-Eui Nahm, Haruo Ishikawa. Representing and Aggregating Engineering Quantities with Preference Structure for Set-based Concurrent Engineering
135 -- 144Mickaël Gardoni. Concurrent Engineering in Research Projects to Support Information Content Management in a Collective Way
145 -- 153Benoît Eynard, Sébastien Liénard, Sébastien Charles, Aurélien Odinot. Web-based Collaborative Engineering Support System: Applications in Mechanical Design and Structural Analysis
155 -- 166Marek B. Zaremba, Roman M. Palenichka. Relevance-based Content Modeling and Object Retrieval from Multi-source Image Data

Volume 13, Issue 1

5 -- 11Masataka Yoshimura, Kazuhiro Izui, Shusaku Kida. Decision Support System for Selecting Collaborative Product Development Partners
13 -- 27Marco Gero Fernández, Carolyn Conner Seepersad, David W. Rosen, Janet K. Allen, Farrokh Mistree. Decision Support in Concurrent Engineering - The Utility-Based Selection Decision Support Problem
29 -- 42Akihiro Takezawa, Shinji Nishiwaki, Kazuhiro Izui, Masataka Yoshimura, Hidekazu Nishigaki, Yasuaki Tsurumi. Concurrent Design and Evaluation Based on Structural Optimization using Structural and Function-oriented Elements at the Conceptual Design Phase
43 -- 56Chin-Bin Wang, Yuh-Jen Chen, Yuh-Min Chen, Hui-Chuan Chu. Knowledge Refinement for Engineering Knowledge Management
57 -- 67Seyed Hossein Iranmanesh, Vincent Thomson, Mohammad Hossein Salimi. Design Parameter Estimation using a Modified QFD Method to Improve Customer Perception
69 -- 80Nicholas Xydas, David Tsi, Vladimir Gurevich, Mark Krichever, Imin Kao. Dynamic Taguchi Methods and Parameter Design as Applied in Barcode Scanning and Scanners