Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 15, Issue 4

329 -- 343Masataka Yoshimura. System Design Optimization for Product Manufacturing
345 -- 355Duhwan Mun, Kwangsub Jang, Soonhung Han, Junhwan Kim, Ho-Jin Hwang. Engineered-to-order Approach for Providing Flexibility in e-Commerce of Mold Parts
357 -- 368Yuming Qiu, Ping Ge, Solomon C. Yim. A Risk-based Global Coordination System in a Distributed Product Development Environment for Collaborative Design, Part I, Framework
369 -- 380Yuming Qiu, Ping Ge, Solomon C. Yim. A Risk-based Global Coordination System in a Distributed Product Development Environment for Collaborative Design, Part II, Application

Volume 15, Issue 3

257 -- 274Yuh-Jen Chen, Yuh-Min Chen, Chin-Bin Wang, Hui-Chuan Chu. Design and Implementation of a Cooperative Enterprise Selection Mechanism for Allied Concurrent Engineering Environment
275 -- 280Hong-Zhong Huang, Ying-Kui Gu. Graph Theory-based Logic Relationship Programming of Product Development Process
281 -- 289Huiwei Guan, Horace H. S. Ip. A Study of Parallel Data Mining in a Peer-to-Peer Network
291 -- 308Ming-Chyuan Lin, Yuan-Yeuan Tai, Ming-Shi Chen, C. Alec Chang. A Rule Based Assembly Sequence Generation Method for Product Design
309 -- 323Jitesh H. Panchal, Marco Gero Fernández, Christiaan J. J. Paredis, Janet K. Allen, Farrokh Mistree. An Interval-based Constraint Satisfaction (IBCS) Method for Decentralized, Collaborative Multifunctional Design

Volume 15, Issue 2

81 -- 83Jianxin Jiao, John K. Gershenson, Jeremy J. Michalek. Managing Modularity and Commonality in Product and Process Development
85 -- 111Sebastian K. Fixson. Modularity and Commonality Research: Past Developments and Future Opportunities
113 -- 126Katja Hölttä-Otto, Olivier de Weck. Degree of Modularity in Engineering Systems and Products with Technical and Business Constraints
127 -- 139Henri J. Thevenot, Fabrice Alizon, Timothy W. Simpson, Steven B. Shooter. An Index-based Method to Manage the Tradeoff between Diversity and Commonality during Product Family Design
141 -- 155J. S. Meehan, Alex H. B. Duffy, Robert Ian Whitfield. Supporting Design for Re-use with Modular Design
157 -- 173David M. Sharman, Ali A. Yassine. Architectural Valuation using the Design Structure Matrix and Real Options Theory
175 -- 186Hyeonju Seol, Chulhyun Kim, Changyong Lee, Yongtae Park. Design Process Modularization: Concept and Algorithm
187 -- 199Fabrice Alizon, Kiran Khadke, Henri J. Thevenot, John K. Gershenson, Tucker J. Marion, Steven B. Shooter, Timothy W. Simpson. Frameworks for Product Family Design and Development
201 -- 216Christopher B. Williams, Janet K. Allen, David W. Rosen, Farrokh Mistree. Designing Platforms for Customizable Products and Processes in Markets of Non-Uniform Demand
217 -- 235Anne-Françoise Cutting-Decelle, Robert I. M. Young, Jean-Jacques Michel, Reyes Grangel, J. Le Cardinal, J. P. Bourey. ISO 15531 Mandate: A Product-process-resource based Approach for Managing Modularity in Production Management
237 -- 249Christel Dartigues, Parisa Ghodous, Michael Gruninger, Denis Pallez, Ram Sriram. CAD/CAPP Integration using Feature Ontology

Volume 15, Issue 1

5 -- 6Mounib Mekhilef. Knowledge Management in Design: A Perspective?
7 -- 20Raymond Houe, Bernard Grabot. Knowledge Modeling for Eco-design
21 -- 32Karen J. Ostergaard, Joshua D. Summers. Resistance Based Modeling of Collaborative Design
33 -- 41Reza Movahed-Khah, Egon Ostrosi, Olivier Garro. Understanding the Dynamics of State-problems in Distributed and Collaborative Design Process
43 -- 52Jie Hu, Ying-hong Peng, Guangleng Xiong. Knowledge Network Driven Coordination and Robust Optimization to Support Concurrent and Collaborative Parameter Design
53 -- 62Yoon-Eui Nahm, Haruo Ishikawa, Young-Soon Yang. A Flexible and Robust Approach for Preliminary Engineering Design Based on Designer s Preference
63 -- 76Vassilis Agouridas, Phil Race. Enhancing Knowledge Management in Design Education Through Systematic Reflection Practice