Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 17, Issue 4

245 -- 256Jen-Chi Wu, Ming C. Leu, Xiaoqing Frank Liu. A Hierarchical Object-oriented Functional Modeling Framework for Co-Design of Mechatronic Products
257 -- 266Tzu-An Chiang. The Minimum-cost PD Process Planning and Control Methodology with the Consideration of Resource/Time Constraints and Skill Levels
267 -- 277Yan Ling Cai, Andrew Y. C. Nee, Wen-Feng Lu. Optimal Design of Hierarchic Components Platform under Hybrid Modular Architecture
279 -- 289Daniel Fletcher, Robert W. Brennan, Peihua Gu. A Method for Quantifying Adaptability in Engineering Design
291 -- 300F. B. Kong, X. G. Ming, L. Wang, X. H. Wang, P. P. Wang. On Modular Products Development

Volume 17, Issue 3

173 -- 181Naresh Kumar Sharma, Elizabeth A. Cudney. Signal-to-Noise Ratio for Operating Window Using Unified Methodology
183 -- 202F. Giudice, F. Ballisteri, G. Risitano. A Concurrent Design Method Based on DFMA - FEA Integrated Approach
203 -- 211Kun-Lin Hsieh. Multi-response Problem with Adaptive Weight Consideration by Using Weight Aggregator and ANNs
213 -- 224Elise Marcandella, Marie-Gaëtane Durand, Jean Renaud, Vincent Boly. Past Projects Memory: Knowledge Capitalization from the Early Phases of Innovative Projects
225 -- 236Joze Duhovnik, Urban Zargi, Janez Kusar, Marko Starbek. Project-driven Concurrent Product Development

Volume 17, Issue 2

101 -- 102Weidong Li, Yongsheng Ma. Special issue on: Collaborative and Multi-disciplinary Product Design
103 -- 109L. Ding, J. Matthews, Chris A. McMahon, G. Mullineux. An Information Support Approach for Machine Design & Building Companies
111 -- 119Yongsheng Ma. Towards Semantic Interoperability of Collaborative Engineering in Oil Production Industry
121 -- 128X. Z. Chu, L. Gao, W. D. Li, H. B. Qiu, X. Y. Shao. An Uncertainty Analysis Approach to Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
129 -- 137Dunbing Tang, Renmiao Zhu, Sheng Dai, Guangjun Zhang. Enhancing Axiomatic Design with Design Structure Matrix
139 -- 146Yingguang Li, Jianbang Jian, Ruijie Yan, Wenhe Liao. Aircraft Tooling Collaborative Design Based on Multi-agent and PDM
147 -- 157Jinsang Hwang, Duhwan Mun, Soonhung Han. Representation and Propagation of Engineering Change Information in Collaborative Product Development using a Neutral Reference Model
159 -- 166Jiang Liang, Sun Tiebing, Qu Fuzheng. OMBMDID: A Preliminary Attempt at Automatic Utilization of Knowledge Contained in Mechanical Design Documents

Volume 17, Issue 1

5 -- 19Jitesh H. Panchal, Marco Gero Fernández, Christiaan J. J. Paredis, Janet K. Allen, Farrokh Mistree. A Modular Decision-centric Approach for Reusable Design Processes
21 -- 33Sang Su Choi, Johannes Herter, Andreas Bruening, Sang Do Noh. MEMPHIS: New Framework for Realistic Virtual Engineering
35 -- 42Hamdi A. Bashir, Khalid AlZebdeh, Jamil Abdo. An Eigenvalue Based Approach for Assessing the Decomposability of Interdependent Design Project Tasks
43 -- 59Ding-Bang Luh, Yao-Tsung Ko, Chia-Hsiang Ma. A Dynamic Planning Approach for New Product Development
61 -- 72Linghua Kong, Nadia Bhuiyan, Vincent Thomson. The Value of Organizational Structures