Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 18, Issue 4

261 -- 273Lidija Rihar, Janez Kusar, Joze Duhovnik, Marko Starbek. Teamwork as a Precondition for Simultaneous Product Realization
275 -- 289Chathura Withanage, Taezoon Park, Hae-Jin Choi. A Concept Evaluation Method for Strategic Product Design with Concurrent Consideration of Future Customer Requirements
291 -- 301Marc Antaki, Andrea Schiffauerova, Vince Thomson. The Performance of Technical Information Transfer in New Product Development
303 -- 310Leonard G. Stepanskiy, Yongjin Kwon. Modeling of Robot Availability for the Network-controllable Production System
311 -- 324Víctor Hugo Torres, José Ríos, Antonio Vizán, Jesús M. Pérez. Integration of Design Tools and Knowledge Capture into a CAD System: A Case Study

Volume 18, Issue 3

165 -- 183Sang Su Choi, HyunJei Jo, Juyeon Lee, Sang Do Noh. A Rule-based System for the Automated Creation of VR Data for Virtual Plant Review
185 -- 197Yutaka Nomaguchi, Tomohiro Taguchi, Kikuo Fujita. A Framework of Describing and Managing Engineering Analysis Modeling Knowledge for Design Validation
199 -- 205Hong-Zhong Huang, Huan-Wei Xu, Xu Zu. Petri Net-based Coordination Component for Collaborative Design
207 -- 217Yao-Tsung Ko, Ping-Hong Kuo. Modeling Concurrent Design Method for Product Variety
219 -- 232Marko Vujasinovic, Nenad Ivezic, Edward Barkmeyer, Zoran Marjanovic. Semantic B2B-integration Using an Ontological Message Metamodel
233 -- 253Yuh-Jen Chen, Yuh-Min Chen, Meng-Sheng Wu. Development of an Ontology-based Expert Recommendation System for Product Empirical Knowledge Consultation

Volume 18, Issue 2

101 -- 109Shun Takai, Kosuke Ishii. A Use of Subjective Clustering to Support Affinity Diagram Results in Customer Needs Analysis
111 -- 119Xiang-Hui Meng, You-Bai Xie. Design Decomposition for Cross-organizational Assignment of Design Tasks
121 -- 127Shun Takai. A Lifecycle-Cost Model for Set-based Concept Testing
129 -- 140Shilpitha Bomi Reddy, Zahed Siddique. Formulation and Search of Assembly Sequence Design Spaces for Efficient Use of Assembly Plant Resources for New Products
141 -- 155Yongjin Kwon, Yongmin Park, Jungwan Hong, Sang C. Park. Sensor-based Remote Quality Control Application in Automotive Components Assembly

Volume 18, Issue 1

5 -- 18David Shahan, Carolyn Conner Seepersad. Implications of Alternative Multilevel Design Methods for Design Process Management
19 -- 29Shun Takai, Kosuke Ishii. The Maximum Resource Allocation for Uncertainty Reduction in a Decision-analytic Concept Selection
31 -- 39Ming Dong, Dong Yang, Yile Wang. Optimal Decisions in Product Modularity Design Using Real Option Approach
41 -- 53Masato Inoue, Yoon-Eui Nahm, Soshi Okawa, Haruo Ishikawa. Design Support System by Combination of 3D-CAD and CAE with Preference Set-based Design Method
55 -- 63Zheng Wang, Qi Chen, Jia Hu, Haiyan Huang. A Proportional - Integral Control Policy of Two Coupled Concurrent Design Optimization Processes
65 -- 74Moisés Lima Dutra, Parisa Ghodous, Olivier Kuhn, Nguyen Minh Tri. A Generic and Synchronous Ontology-based Architecture for Collaborative Design
75 -- 91Sang Su Choi, HyunJei Jo, Stefan Boehm, Sang Do Noh. ONESVIEW: An Integrated System for One-Stop Virtual Design Review