Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 19, Issue 4

269 -- 281S. M. Asadzadeh, Ali Azadeh, A. Ziaeifar. A Neuro-Fuzzy-Regression Algorithm for Improved Prediction of Manufacturing Lead Time with Machine Breakdowns
283 -- 294B. Shekar, R. Venkataram, B. M. Satish. Managing Complexity in Aircraft Design Using Design Structure Matrix
295 -- 305M. Sandberg, I. Tyapin, M. Kokkolaras, O. Isakasson, J.-O. Aidanpää, T. Larsson. A Knowledge-based Master-model Approach with Application to Rotating Machinery Design
307 -- 324B. Lu, J. Zhang, D. Xue, P. Gu. Systematic Lifecycle Design for Sustainable Product Development
325 -- 334D. H. Yu, M. Huang. The Batch Machine Scheduling of Continuous Caster with Flexible Jobs to Minimize Setup Costs
335 -- 344Y.-T. Ko, C.-C. Yang, P.-H. Kuo. A Problem-Oriented Design Method for Product Innovation

Volume 19, Issue 3

201 -- 212Chen-Lung Yang, Ming-Hai Ni, Chiu-Chi Wei. Timing for Launching a New Product to Maximize Overall Profit
213 -- 224Esra E. Aleisa, Nallan C. Suresh, Li Lin. Team Formation in Concurrent Engineering Using Group Technology (GT) Concepts
225 -- 234Dmytro Korposh, Yu-Cheng Lee, Chiu-Chi Wei, Chiou Shuei Wei. Modeling the Effects of Existing Knowledge on the Creation of New Knowledges
235 -- 243Mohammed Othman, Nadia Bhuiyan, Linghua Kong. Developing a Dynamic Wheelchair Using the Design Structure Matrix Method
245 -- 254Hong-Zhong Huang, Xiaoling Zhang, Wei Yuan, Debiao Meng, Xudong Zhang. Collaborative Reliability Analysis under the Environment of Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
255 -- 264Shun Takai, Tae Yang, John A. Cafeo. A Bayesian Method for Predicting Future Customer Need Distributions

Volume 19, Issue 2

101 -- 110Jong-Seong Kim, In-Goo Kim, Hoo-Gon Choi. 3D Virtual Knowledge Space for Collaboration in New Product Development Processes
111 -- 121A. Hambali, S. M. Sapuan, A. S. Rahim, N. Ismail, Y. Nukman. Concurrent Decisions on Design Concept and Material Using Analytical Hierarchy Process at the Conceptual Design Stage
123 -- 138Lin Wang, Wee Keong Ng, Bin Song. Extended DCSP Approach on Product Configuration with Cost Estimation
139 -- 156Stellan Gedell, Marcel T. Michaelis, Hans Johannesson. Integrated Model for Co-Development of Products and Production Systems - A Systems Theory Approach
157 -- 174Soumitra Nandi, Zahed Siddique, M. Cengiz Altan. A Grammatical Approach for Customization of Laminated Composite Materials
175 -- 186Roberto Pérez, Joaquim Ciurana, Carles Riba Romeva, Arturo Molina, David Romero, Luis W. Hernández-G., Ana M. Quesada. Concurrent Conceptual Evaluation of Tolerances Synthesis in Mechanical Design
187 -- 196Xiaoling Zhang, Hong-Zhong Huang, Zhonglai Wang, Yu Liu, Huan-Wei Xu. A New Method for Achieving Flexibility in Hierarchical Multilevel System Design

Volume 19, Issue 1

5 -- 18Byungchul Kim, Duhwan Mun, Soonhung Han. Web Service with Parallel Processing Capabilities for the Retrieval of CAD Assembly Data
19 -- 34Chao-Hua Wang, Robert Chien-Chung Chen. A MPCDM-enabled Product Concept Design via User Involvement Approach
35 -- 53Ming-Shi Chen, Chen-Cheng Lin, Yuan-Yeuan Tai, Ming-Chyuan Lin. A Grey Relation Approach to the Integrated Process of QFD and QE
55 -- 70C. Phaneendra Kiran, Shibu Clement, V. P. Agrawal. Design for X-Abilities of a Mechatronic System-A Concurrent Engineering and Graph Theory Based Approach
71 -- 84Xiao Hu, Jie Hu, Aicha Sekhari, Ying-hong Peng, Zhaomin Cao. A Fuzzy Knowledge Fusion Framework for Terms Conflict Resolution in Concurrent Engineering
85 -- 96P. P. Wang, X. G. Ming, D. Li, F. B. Kong, L. Wang, Z. Y. Wu. Modular Development of Product Service Systems