Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 22, Issue 4

267 -- 276Tómas V. Guðlaugsson, Poul M. Ravn, Niels Henrik Mortensen, Rahimullah Sarban. Front-end conceptual platform modeling
277 -- 290Soonyoung Han, Hae-Jin Choi. Strategic conceptual design of mid-sized passenger aircraft based on future market performance prediction
291 -- 308Jian Huang, Yong Chen, Zhinan Zhang, You-Bai Xie. A part affordance-based approach for detailed design process planning in collaborative environment
309 -- 319Xinggang Luo, Wei Yang, C. K. Kwong, Jianguo Tang, Jiafu Tang. Linear programming embedded genetic algorithm for product family design optimization with maximizing imprecise part-worth utility function
320 -- 332Hadi Kandjani, Peter Bernus, Lian Wen. Reducing the structural complexity and transaction cost of collaborative networks using extended axiomatic design theory and virtual brokerage
333 -- 346Endris Kerga, Monica Rossi, Marco Taisch, Sergio Terzi. A serious game for introducing set-based concurrent engineering in industrial practices
347 -- 360Yuliang Li, Wei Zhao. An integrated change propagation scheduling approach for product design

Volume 22, Issue 3

183 -- 196Hung-Yuan Chen, Chih-Chieh Yang, Yao-Tsung Ko, Yu-Ming Chang, Hua-Cheng Chang. Product form feature selection methodology based on numerical definition-based design
197 -- 205Min-Suk Ko, Sang C. Park. Template-based modeling methodology of a virtual plant for virtual commissioning
206 -- 217Lina He, Yanrong Ni, Xinguo Ming, Miao Li, Xiuzhen Li. Integration of bill of materials with unified bill of materials model for commercial aircraft design to manufacturing
218 -- 233Youn-kyoung Joung, Sang Do Noh. Integrated modeling and simulation with in-line motion captures for automated ergonomic analysis in product lifecycle management
234 -- 252Christoffer Levandowski, Marcel T. Michaelis, Hans Johannesson. Set-based development using an integrated product and manufacturing system platform
253 -- 264Junguang Zhang, Xiwei Song, Estrella Díaz. Buffer sizing of critical chain based on attribute optimization

Volume 22, Issue 2

93 -- 105Fredrik Borjesson, Robert Fancher, Ulf Sellgren. On a methodology for component selection in modular branding: An industrial pilot study
106 -- 122Seyed Hossein Iranmanesh, Hamid Rastegar, Mohammad H. Mokhtarani. An intelligent fuzzy logic-based system to support quality function deployment analysis
123 -- 134Emanuela As Fielding, John R. McCardle, Benoît Eynard, Nathan Hartman, Alister Fraser. Product lifecycle management in design and engineering education: International perspectives
135 -- 147Hua-Cheng Chang, Hung-Yuan Chen. Optimizing product form attractiveness using Taguchi method and TOPSIS algorithm: A case study involving a passenger car
148 -- 161Vincent Holley, Marija Jankovic, Bernard Yannou. Physical interface ontology for management of conflicts and risks in complex systems
162 -- 171Janez Kusar, Lidija Rihar, Joze Duhovnik, Marko Starbek. Concurrent realisation and quality assurance of products in the automotive industry
172 -- 180Shih-Fang Wong, Yu-Yong Zhang. 2)

Volume 22, Issue 1

3 -- 16Faramak Zandi. A concurrent group decision-making framework for selection of business intelligence-based data warehouse architecture
17 -- 28Daniel Jugend, Sérgio Luis da Silva. Product-portfolio management: A framework based on Methods, Organization, and Strategy
29 -- 37Ki-Chang Kim, Sang Bong Yoo. Collaborative design by sharing multiple-level encryption files
38 -- 47Chien-Ping Chou, Kuen-Fang Jea. Language streams
48 -- 61Robin Chhabra, Mohammad Reza Emami. A holistic approach to concurrent engineering and its application to robotics
62 -- 76Hans Peter Lomholt Bruun, Niels Henrik Mortensen, Ulf Harlou. Interface diagram: Design tool for supporting the development of modularity in complex product systems
77 -- 88Yain-Whar Si, Marlon Dumas, Ka-Leong Chan. Evaluation of trade-offs between workflow escalation strategies