Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 25, Issue 4

289 -- 302Poul Martin Ravn, Niels Henrik Mortensen, Lars Hvam. Identification of critical technology building blocks
303 -- 315Marwa Bouzid, Mohamed Ayadi, Mansour Ikbal, Vincent Cheutet, Mohamed Haddar. KSim: An information system for knowledge management in Digital Factory
316 -- 330Songhua Ma, Zhaoliang Jiang, WenPing Liu. Multi-variation propagation prediction based on multi-agent system for complex mechanical product design
331 -- 342Zhenzhen Xu, Xin Chen, Xiujuan Xu, Xiaowei Zhao, Jie Dai, Mingfei Jia. A look-ahead algorithm for online multiple workflow scheduling problem in heterogeneous systems
343 -- 359Lars Hvam, Dagny Hauksdottir, Niels Henrik Mortensen, Anders Haug. Including product features in process redesign
360 -- 380Luigi De Napoli, Sergio Rizzuti, Claudio Rocco. An integrated model for the environmental assessment of industrial products during the design process

Volume 25, Issue 3

195 -- 211Hans Johannesson, Jonas Landahl, Christoffer Levandowski, Dag S. Raudberget. Development of product platforms: Theory and methodology
212 -- 228Damien Fleche, Jean-Bernard Bluntzer, Ahmad Al Khatib, Morad Mahdjoub, Jean-Claude Sagot. Collaborative project: Evolution of computer-aided design data completeness as management information
229 -- 244Chunfu Lu, Hao Chai, Mengyang Tian, Xiang Peng, Shaofei Jiang. Product function combination design based on functional redundancy analysis
245 -- 261Márcia Elisa Echeveste, Henrique Rozenfeld, Diego de Castro Fettermann. Customizing practices based on the frequency of problems in new product development process
262 -- 275Huanwei Xu, Wei Li, Liudong Xing, Shun-Peng Zhu. Multidisciplinary design optimization under correlated uncertainties
276 -- 286Nirmal Kaur, Savina Bansal, Rakesh Kumar Bansal. Energy conscious scheduling with controlled threshold for precedence-constrained tasks on heterogeneous clusters

Volume 25, Issue 2

95 -- 107Jiewu Leng, Pingyu Jiang. Granular computing-based development of service process reference models in social manufacturing contexts
108 -- 122James L. Mathieson, Joshua D. Summers. A protocol for modeling and tracking engineering design process through structural complexity metrics applied against communication networks
123 -- 135Sungkon Moon, Sangwon Han, Payam Rahnamayie Zekavat, Leonhard E. Bernold, Xiangyu Wang. Process-waste reduction in the construction supply chain using proactive information network
136 -- 150Tómas V. Guðlaugsson, Poul Martin Ravn, Niels Henrik Mortensen, Lars Hvam. Modelling production system architectures in the early phases of product development
151 -- 162Prabhu Shankar, Joshua D. Summers, Keith Phelan. A verification and validation planning method to address change propagation effects in engineering design and manufacturing
163 -- 173Kai Li, Ke Zhao, Sha Li. A concept-ontology-based model for resource conflict and task scheduling in concurrent engineering
174 -- 189Mahmoud Masmoudi, Patrice Leclaire, Marc Zolghadri, Mohamed Haddar. Change propagation prediction: A formal model for two-dimensional geometrical models of products

Volume 25, Issue 1

3 -- 4Thierry Berger, Damien Trentesaux. Intelligent, smart products, and processes
5 -- 18Milana Milana, M. Khurshid Khan, Jose Eduardo Munive-Hernandez. Design and development of Knowledge Based System for Integrated Maintenance Strategy and Operations
19 -- 29Carlos Indriago, Olivier Cardin, Odile Bellenguez-Morineau, Naly Rakoto, Pierre Castagna, Edgar Chacón. Performance evaluation of holonic control of a switch arrival system
30 -- 40Yu-Guang Zhong. Hull mixed-model assembly line balancing using a multi-objective genetic algorithm simulated annealing optimization approach
41 -- 52Mohammed Taha Elhariri Essamlali, Aicha Sekhari, Abdelaziz Bouras. Product lifecycle management solution for collaborative development of Wearable Meta-Products using set-based concurrent engineering
53 -- 67Sourour Trab, Eddy Bajic, Ahmed Zouinkhi, André Thomas, Mohamed Naceur Abdelkrim, Hassen Chekir, Radhouane Hadj Ltaief. A communicating object's approach for smart logistics and safety issues in warehouses
68 -- 80Yong H. Chung, Jeong C. Seo, Chong Man Kim, Byung H. Kim, Sang C. Park. Reservation-based dispatching rule for make-to-order wafer FAB with high-priority lots
81 -- 92Zhenyong Wu, Jihua Liao, Wenyan Song, Hanling Mao, Zhenfeng Huang, Xinxin Li, Hanying Mao. Product lifecycle-oriented knowledge services: Status review, framework, and technology trends