Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 26, Issue 4

0 -- 0Guangying Jin, Severine Sperandio, Philippe Girard. Management of the design process: Human resource evaluation in factories of the future
0 -- 0Qian Peng, Sheng Liu, Mark Robinson, Feng-gang Han, Emmanuel Matsika. A digital expression method for the module interface in a practical bus chassis modular design and case history
0 -- 0Jin Qi, Jie Hu 0002, Ying-hong Peng. An integrated principle solution synthesis method in multi-disciplinary mechatronic product conceptual design
0 -- 0Qing Yang, Chen Shan, Bin Jiang, Na Yang, Tao Yao. Managing the complexity of new product development project from the perspectives of customer needs and entropy
0 -- 0Yu-ling Jiao, Xiao-cui Xing, Peng Zhang, Liang-cheng Xu, Xinran Liu. Multi-objective storage location allocation optimization and simulation analysis of automated warehouse based on multi-population genetic algorithm

Volume 26, Issue 3

211 -- 214Biren (Brian) Prasad. Collaborative design and manufacturing research
215 -- 230Fuyu Sun, Hua Wang, Jianping Zhou. Research and development techniques for early-warning satellite systems using concurrent engineering
231 -- 250Shaofei Jiang, Liting Jing, Xiang Peng, Hao Chai, Jiquan Li. Conceptual design conceptual scheme optimization based on integrated design objectives
251 -- 264Wei Guo, Pingyu Jiang. An investigation on establishing small- and medium-sized enterprises communities under the environment of social manufacturing
265 -- 275Dae S. Chang, Sang C. Park. Configuration space-based discrete event system specification formalism for a smart factory with real-time flexibility
276 -- 286Li-Nan Zhu, Yan-Wei Zhao, Cheng Zhao, Guo-Jiang Shen. A multidimensional extension-based method for resource performance matching in cloud manufacturing
287 -- 298Grzegorz Polaków, Jacek Czeczot, Piotr Laszczyk. Agent-based approach to continuous process control for enabling parallelization of engineering cycles
299 -- 309Julien Ventroux, Franck Marle, Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal. Organizational reshuffling to facilitate coordinated decisions in complex projects

Volume 26, Issue 2

129 -- 130Amaresh Chakrabarti. Editorial
131 -- 146Bernard Yannou, François Cluzel, Romain Farel. Capturing the relevant problems leading to pain- and usage-driven innovations: The Dependency Structure Modeling Value Bucket algorithm
147 -- 156Seçil Ugur Yavuz, Monica Bordegoni, Marina Carulli. A design practice on communicating emotions through sensory signals
157 -- 170Chen Zheng, Matthieu Bricogne, Julien Le Duigou, Peter Hehenberger, Benoît Eynard. Knowledge-based engineering for multidisciplinary systems: Integrated design based on interface model
171 -- 186Inayat Ullah, Dunbing Tang, Qi Wang, Lei-Lei Yin, Ishfaq Hussain. Managing engineering change requirements during the product development process
187 -- 197Jan Andrzej Duda. Modelling and implementation of product development strategy
198 -- 207Santhi Balaraman, Amaresh Chakrabarti, Balan Gurumoorthy, Dibakar Sen. Automated identification of distinct events in an assembly process using tracking of body postures

Volume 26, Issue 1

3 -- 4Massimo Bandecchi, Ilaria Roma. SECESA Special Issue
5 -- 21Dominik Knoll, Alessandro Golkar. A coordination method for concurrent design and a collaboration tool for parametric system models
22 -- 32John K. Ziemer, Randii R. Wessen, Paul V. Johnson. Exploring the science trade space with the JPL Innovation Foundry A-Team
33 -- 42Mauro Pasquinelli, Valter Basso, Lorenzo Rocci, Michele Cencetti, Carlo Vizzi, Stefano T. Chiadò. Modelling and collaboration across organizations: Issues and a solution
43 -- 54Gérald Garcia, Xavier Roser. Enhancing integrated design model-based process and engineering tool environment: Towards an integration of functional analysis, operational analysis and knowledge capitalisation into co-engineering practices
55 -- 76Philipp M. Fischer, Meenakshi Deshmukh, Volker Maiwald, Dominik Quantius, Antonio Martelo Gomez, Andreas Gerndt. Conceptual data model: A foundation for successful concurrent engineering
77 -- 92Caroline Lange, Jan Thimo Grundmann, Michael Kretzenbacher, Philipp Martin Fischer. Systematic reuse and platforming: Application examples for enhancing reuse with model-based systems engineering methods in space systems development
93 -- 103Loïc Brevault, Mathieu Balesdent, Sébastien Defoort. Preliminary study on launch vehicle design: Applications of multidisciplinary design optimization methodologies
104 -- 116Li Deng, Zhen Yang, Pengyu Du, You Song. A cloud platform for space science mission concurrent design
117 -- 126Laurent Pambaguian, Eleonie van Schreven, Ilaria Roma. Space Hardware Advanced Manufacturing Engineering: SHAME to miss out on a potential game changer?