Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 9, Issue 4

241 -- 0Rajkumar Roy, Chris Rush. Introduction
243 -- 256E. M. Shehab, H. S. Abdalla. An Integrated Prototype System For Cost-Effective Design
257 -- 269Hamdi A. Bashir, Vince Thomson. Project Estimation from Feasibility Study until Completion: A Quantitative Methodology
271 -- 284Christopher Rush, Rajkumar Roy. Expert Judgement in Cost Estimating: Modelling the Reasoning Process
285 -- 294Zahed Siddique, Bill Repphun. Estimating Cost Savings when Implementing a Product Platform Approach
295 -- 307Jean Renaud, Vincent Boly, Valérie Rault-Jacquot. Knowledge Capitalization and Time Reduction within Concurrent Engineering Concepts: Some Applications
309 -- 325Xuehong Du, Jianxin Jiao, Mitchell M. Tseng. Architecture of Product Family: Fundamentals and Methodology
327 -- 338Richard Curran, A. K. Kundu, S. Raghunathan, D. Eakin. Costing Tools for Decision Making within Integrated Aerospace Design

Volume 9, Issue 3

177 -- 190Timothy W. Simpson, Carolyn Conner Seepersad, Farrokh Mistree. Balancing Commonality and Performance within the Concurrent Design of Multiple Products in a Product Family
191 -- 210Joze Duhovnik, Marko Starbek, Suren N. Dwivedi, Biren Prasad. Development of New Products in Small Companies
211 -- 222Tong (Teresa) Wu, Jennifer Blackhurst, Peter O'Grady. Integrated Enterprise Concurrent Engineering: A Framework and Implementation
223 -- 237Johann c. k. h. Riedel, Kulwant S. Pawar, Richard J. Barson. Academic and Industrial User Needs for a Concurrent Engineering Computer Simulation Game

Volume 9, Issue 2

90 -- 92Stephen Chi-fai Chan, Hong Va Leong, Vincent T. Y. Ng. Editorial: The Promising Area of Cooperative Internet Computing
93 -- 104Ye Sun Joung, Jaehyoung Lim, Soon J. Hyun, Yong Man Ro. A Metadata Repository System for an Efficient Description of Visual Multimedia Documents
105 -- 110Wei Lai, Dongguang Li, Xiaohua Jia, Jiro Tanaka. Designing Effective User Interfaces for Web Courseware
111 -- 119Stephen C. F. Chan, Paul S. H. Lee, Vincent T. Y. Ng, Alvin T. S. Chan. Synchronous Collaborative Development of UML Models on the Internet
120 -- 130Hong Va Leong, Kei Shiu Ho, Wai Lam. Web-based Workflow Framework with CORBA
131 -- 138Liang Huai Yang, Shi-Wei Tang, Dongqing Yang. Cooperative Evaluation of XML Queries in Mediators
139 -- 145Fatima de L. P. Duarte-Figueiredo, Antonio A. F. Loureiro. Performance Evaluation and Scalability Analysis of SNMPv3 with Superimposition in a Mobile Environment
146 -- 154Masataka Yoshimura, Kouji Takahashi. Collaborative Design among Different Fields in Mobile-Agent Environments
155 -- 165Marek B. Zarernba, Wojciech Fraczak. Dynamic Task Communication for Concurrent Processing in Distributed Systems
166 -- 173Ip-Shing Fan, Erastos Filos. Concurrent Engineering Projects Supported by the European Commission's ESPRIT Programme and Future Trends

Volume 9, Issue 1

2 -- 14Seong Jin Cho, Jae-Won Lee. ADTEP: An Agent-Based Decision-Supporting System for Taguchi Experiment Planning
15 -- 23Freddy Fuxin, Stefan Edlund. Categorisation of Geometry Users
24 -- 36Xiaoqing Frank Liu, Kunio Noguchi, Weihua Zhou. Requirement Acquisition, Analysis, and Synthesis in Quality Function Deployment
37 -- 47Mohammad Reza Danesh, Yan Jin. An Agent-Based Decision Network for Concurrent Engineering Design
48 -- 54Sven K. Esche, Constantin Chassapis, S. Manoochehri. Concurrent Product and Process Design in Hot Forging
55 -- 63Francis Eng Hock Tay, Chen Ming. A Shared Multi-Media Design Environment for Concurrent Engineering over the Internet
64 -- 73S. Kara, B. Kayis, H. Kaebernick. Concurrent Resource Allocation (CRA): A Heuristic for Multi-Project Scheduling with Resource Constraints in Concurrent Engineering
74 -- 87Jae Yeol Lee, Hyun Kim, Kwangsoo Kim. A Web-Enabled Approach to Feature-Based Modeling in a Distributed and Collaborative Design Environment