Journal: Constraints

Volume 15, Issue 4

453 -- 455Pedro Meseguer, Francesca Rossi, Thomas Schiex. Introduction to the special issue on Constraint-based approaches to Preference Modelling and Reasoning
456 -- 484Chu Min Li, Felip Manyà, Nouredine Ould Mohamedou, Jordi Planes. Resolution-based lower bounds in MaxSAT
485 -- 515Emanuele Di Rosa, Enrico Giunchiglia, Marco Maratea. Solving satisfiability problems with preferences
516 -- 539Hélène Fargier, Emma Rollon, Nic Wilson. Enabling local computation for partially ordered preferences
540 -- 573Nic Wilson, Diarmuid Grimes, Eugene C. Freuder. Interleaving solving and elicitation of constraint satisfaction problems based on expected cost
574 -- 595Markus Zanker, Markus Jessenitschnig, Wolfgang Schmid. Preference reasoning with soft constraints in constraint-based recommender systems

Volume 15, Issue 3

305 -- 306Gilles Pesant. Editor s note
307 -- 316Peter J. Stuckey, Ralph Becket, Julien Fischer. Philosophy of the MiniZinc challenge
317 -- 326Christophe Lecoutre, Olivier Roussel, Marc R. C. van Dongen. Promoting robust black-box solvers through competitions
327 -- 353Stéphane Zampelli, Yves Deville, Christine Solnon. Solving subgraph isomorphism problems with constraint programming
354 -- 403Yat Chiu Law, Jimmy Ho-Man Lee, May H. C. Woo. Redundant modeling in permutation weighted constraint satisfaction problems
404 -- 429Ferenc Domes, Arnold Neumaier. Constraint propagation on quadratic constraints
430 -- 452Stanislav Zivny, Peter G. Jeavons. Classes of submodular constraints expressible by graph cuts

Volume 15, Issue 2

151 -- 189Tony Minoru Tamura Lopes, André A. Ciré, Cid Carvalho de Souza, Arnaldo Vieira Moura. A hybrid model for a multiproduct pipeline planning and scheduling problem
190 -- 212Alexandre Goldsztejn, Laurent Granvilliers. A new framework for sharp and efficient resolution of NCSP with manifolds of solutions
213 -- 237Jean-Marie Normand, Alexandre Goldsztejn, Marc Christie, Frédéric Benhamou. A branch and bound algorithm for numerical Max-CSP
238 -- 264Hélène Collavizza, Michel Rueher, Pascal Van Hentenryck. CPBPV: a constraint-programming framework for bounded program verification
265 -- 304Kenil C. K. Cheng, Roland H. C. Yap. An MDD-based generalized arc consistency algorithm for positive and negative table constraints and some global constraints

Volume 15, Issue 1

1 -- 28Eugene C. Freuder, Robert Heffernan, Richard J. Wallace, Nic Wilson. Lexicographically-ordered constraint satisfaction problems
29 -- 63Radu Marinescu 0002, Rina Dechter. Evaluating the impact of AND/OR search on 0-1 integer linear programming
64 -- 92Barbara M. Smith, Jean-François Puget. Constraint models for graceful graphs
93 -- 116Bertrand Neveu, Gilles Trombettoni, Gilles Chabert. Improving inter-block backtracking with interval Newton
117 -- 144Serdar Kadioglu, Meinolf Sellmann. Grammar constraints
145 -- 147Hadrien Cambazard, Barry O Sullivan. Erratum to Reformulating table constraints using functional dependencies - an application to explanation generation