Journal: Constraints

Volume 5, Issue 4

327 -- 334J. Christopher Beck, Andrew J. Davenport, Claude Le Pape. Introduction
335 -- 357Klaus Schild, Jörg Würtz. Scheduling of Time-Triggered Real-Time Systems
359 -- 388Hani El Sakkout, Mark Wallace. Probe Backtrack Search for Minimal Perturbation in Dynamic Scheduling
389 -- 414Philip Kilby, Patrick Prosser, Paul Shaw. A Comparison of Traditional and Constraint-based Heuristic Methods on Vehicle Routing Problems with Side Constraints
415 -- 422Susanne Heipcke, Yves Colombani, Cristina C. B. Cavalcante, Cid C. de Souza. Scheduling under Labour Resource Constraints

Volume 5, Issue 3

211 -- 249Rattana Wetprasit, Abdul Sattar, Lina Khatib. Representation and Reasoning with Multi-Point Events
251 -- 273Nick D. Dendris, Lefteris M. Kirousis, Yannis C. Stamatiou, Dimitrios M. Thilikos. On Parallel Partial Solutions and Approximation Schemes for Local Consistency in Networks of Constraints
275 -- 301Antonio J. Fernández, Patricia M. Hill. A Comparative Study of Eight Constraint Programming Languages Over the Boolean and Finite Domains
303 -- 319Maroua Bouzid, Antoni Ligeza. Temporal Causal Abduction

Volume 5, Issue 1/2

5 -- 0Gert Smolka. Introduction
7 -- 41Martin Müller, Joachim Niehren, Andreas Podelski. Ordering Constraints over Feature Trees
43 -- 84Laurent Michel, Pascal Van Hentenryck. Localizer
85 -- 118Noëlle Bleuzen-Guernalec, Alain Colmerauer. Optimal Narrowing of a Block of Sortings in Optimal Time
119 -- 139Philippe Baptiste, Claude Le Pape. Constraint Propagation and Decomposition Techniques for Highly Disjunctive and Highly Cumulative Project Scheduling Problems
141 -- 160Yves Caseau, François Laburthe. Solving Various Weighted Matching Problems with Constraints
161 -- 202Jean-Marc Talbot, Philippe Devienne, Sophie Tison. Generalized Definite Set Constraints