Journal: Constraints

Volume 6, Issue 4

299 -- 327James E. Borrett, Edward P. K. Tsang. A Context for Constraint Satisfaction Problem Formulation Selection
329 -- 344Dimitris Achlioptas, Michael S. O. Molloy, Lefteris M. Kirousis, Yannis C. Stamatiou, Evangelos Kranakis, Danny Krizanc. Random Constraint Satisfaction: A More Accurate Picture
345 -- 372Ian P. Gent, Ewan MacIntyre, Patrick Prosser, Barbara M. Smith, Toby Walsh. Random Constraint Satisfaction: Flaws and Structure
373 -- 398T. L. Lau, Edward P. K. Tsang. Guided Genetic Algorithm and its Application to Radio Link Frequency Assignment Problems
399 -- 422Kay C. Wiese, Scott D. Goodwin. Keep-Best Reproduction: A Local Family Competition Selection Strategy and the Environment it Flourishes in

Volume 6, Issue 2/3

139 -- 0David Gilbert, Rolf Backofen, Roland H. C. Yap. Introduction to the Special Issue on Bioinformatics
141 -- 156Rolf Backofen, David Gilbert. Bioinformatics and Constraints
157 -- 172Roland H. C. Yap. Parametric Sequence Alignment with Constraints
173 -- 200Ingvar Eidhammer, Inge Jonassen, Svenn Helge Grindhaug, David Gilbert, Madu Ratnayake. A Constraint Based Structure Description Language for Biosequences
201 -- 221Christine Gaspin. RNA Secondary Structure Determination and Representation Based on Constraints Satisfaction
223 -- 255Rolf Backofen. The Protein Structure Prediction Problem: A Constraint Optimization Approach using a New Lower Bound
257 -- 269Robert Rodosek. A Constraint-Based Approach for Deriving 3-D Structures of Cyclic Polypeptides
271 -- 292Jacqueline Yadgari, Amihood Amir, Ron Unger. Genetic Threading

Volume 6, Issue 1

5 -- 6François Pachet, Philippe Codognet. Introduction to the Special Issue on Constraints for Multimedia Artistic Applications
7 -- 19François Pachet, Pierre Roy. Musical Harmonization with Constraints: A Survey
21 -- 52Camilo Rueda, Gloria Alvarez, Luis Quesada, Gabriel Tamura, Frank D. Valencia, Juan Francisco Díaz, Gérard Assayag. Integrating Constraints and Concurrent Objects in Musical Applications: A Calculus and its Visual Language
53 -- 83Detlev Zimmermann. Modelling Musical Structures
85 -- 113Zsófia Ruttkay. Constraint-Based Facial Animation
115 -- 132Muriel Jourdan, Cécile Roisin, Laurent Tardif. Constraint Techniques for Authoring Multimedia Documents