Journal: Combinatorics, Probability & Computing

Volume 16, Issue 6

819 -- 827Alexander Gnedin, J. I. M. Pitman. Poisson Representation of a Ewens Fragmentation Process
829 -- 832Pierre Charbit, Stéphan Thomassé. Graphs with Large Girth Not Embeddable in the Sphere
833 -- 885Vojtech Rödl, Mathias Schacht. Regular Partitions of Hypergraphs: Regularity Lemmas
887 -- 901Vojtech Rödl, Mathias Schacht. Regular Partitions of Hypergraphs: Counting Lemmas
903 -- 922Mike A. Steel, László A. Székely. Teasing Apart Two Trees
923 -- 946Amin Coja-Oghlan. On the Laplacian Eigenvalues of G::n, p::
947 -- 973Joanna A. Ellis-Monaghan, Irasema Sarmiento. Distance Hereditary Graphs and the Interlace Polynomial

Volume 16, Issue 5

661 -- 691Béla Csaba. On the Bollobás-Eldridge Conjecture for Bipartite Graphs
693 -- 712Dvir Falik, Alex Samorodnitsky. Edge-Isoperimetric Inequalities and Influences
713 -- 732Abraham D. Flaxman, Alan M. Frieze, Juan Carlos Vera. On the Average Case Performance of Some Greedy Approximation Algorithms For the Uncapacitated Facility Location Problem
733 -- 746Alan M. Frieze, Michael Krivelevich, Clifford D. Smyth. On the Chromatic Number of Random Graphs with a Fixed Degree Sequence
747 -- 756Norbert Hegyvári, François Hennecart, Alain Plagne. Answer to a Question by Burr and Erdös on Restricted Addition, and Related Results
757 -- 766Svante Janson. On a Random Graph Related to Quantum Theory
767 -- 773János Körner, Blerina Sinaimeri. On Cancellative Set Families
775 -- 787Tomasz Schoen. Difference Covers
789 -- 803Mark Walters. Extensions of the Polynomial Hales-Jewett Theorem
805 -- 817Raphael Yuster. Packing Cliques in Graphs with Independence Number 2

Volume 16, Issue 4

503 -- 514Luke Pebody. Reconstructing Odd Necklaces
515 -- 552Amin Coja-Oghlan. Colouring Semirandom Graphs
553 -- 555Harout K. Aydinian, Péter L. Erdös. All Maximum Size Two-Part Sperner Systems: In Short
557 -- 593Colin Cooper, Martin E. Dyer, Catherine S. Greenhill. Sampling Regular Graphs and a Peer-to-Peer Network
595 -- 619Jurek Czyzowicz, Dariusz R. Kowalski, Euripides Markou, Andrzej Pelc. Searching for a Black Hole in Synchronous Tree Networks
621 -- 629Svante Linusson, Johan Wästlund. Completing a (k - 1)-Assignment
631 -- 658Svante Janson, Joel Spencer. A Point Process Describing the Component Sizes in the Critical Window of the Random Graph Evolution
659 -- 660Richard Dudley. The Generic Chaining: Upper and Lower Bounds of Stochastic Processes, by Michel Talagrand , Springer-Verlag, 2005

Volume 16, Issue 3

345 -- 362Brian H. Bowditch. The Angel Game in the Plane
363 -- 374András Máthé. The Angel of Power 2 Wins
375 -- 400Tom Bohman, Alan M. Frieze, Tomasz Luczak, Oleg Pikhurko, Clifford D. Smyth, Joel Spencer, Oleg Verbitsky. First-Order Definability of Trees and Sparse Random Graphs
401 -- 407Peter J. Cameron, Koko Kalambay Kayibi. Orbital Chromatic and Flow Roots
409 -- 416Hemanshu Kaul, Alexandr V. Kostochka. Extremal Graphs for a Graph Packing Theorem of Sauer and Spencer
417 -- 434R. Marchand, E. Zohoorian Azad. Limit Law of the Length of the Standard Right Factor of a Lyndon Word
435 -- 444Martin Möhle. On a Class of Non-Regenerative Sampling Distributions
445 -- 457Eran Ofek. On the Expansion of the Giant Component in Percolated (n, d, lambda) Graphs
459 -- 494Lingsheng Shi, Nicholas C. Wormald. Colouring Random Regular Graphs
495 -- 502Jeff Kahn, G. I. L. Kalai. Thresholds and Expectation Thresholds

Volume 16, Issue 2

173 -- 191Noga Alon, Vera Asodi. Edge Colouring with Delays
193 -- 217Joseph E. Bonin, Omer Giménez. Multi-Path Matroids
219 -- 238Mei-Chu Chang. Additive and Multiplicative Structure in Matrix Spaces
239 -- 249Bill Cuckler. Hamiltonian Cycles in Regular Tournaments
251 -- 260G. E. Farr. On the Ashkin-Teller Model and Tutte-Whitney Functions
261 -- 270Abraham D. Flaxman, Alan M. Frieze, Juan Vera. Adversarial Deletion in a Scale-Free Random Graph Process
271 -- 275Dalibor Froncek, Janja Jerebic, Sandi Klavzar, Petr Kovár. Strong Isometric Dimension, Biclique Coverings, and Sperner s Theorem
277 -- 283Daniela Kühn, Deryk Osthus. Maximizing Several Cuts Simultaneously
285 -- 307William D. May, John C. Wierman. The Application of Non-Crossing Partitions to Improving Percolation Threshold Bounds
309 -- 344Lingsheng Shi, Nicholas C. Wormald. Colouring Random 4-Regular Graphs

Volume 16, Issue 1

1 -- 4Pierre Charbit, Stéphan Thomassé, Anders Yeo. The Minimum Feedback Arc Set Problem is NP-Hard for Tournaments
5 -- 28Amin Coja-Oghlan, Andreas Goerdt, André Lanka. Strong Refutation Heuristics for Random k-SAT
29 -- 41Devdatt P. Dubhashi, Johan Jonasson, Desh Ranjan. Positive Influence and Negative Dependence
43 -- 61Leslie Ann Goldberg, Mark Jerrum. The Complexity of Ferromagnetic Ising with Local Fields
63 -- 83Kevin Hutson, Thomas M. Lewis. The Expected Length of a Minimal Spanning Tree of a Cylinder Graph
85 -- 108Bill Jackson. Zero-Free Intervals for Flow Polynomials of Near-Cubic Graphs
109 -- 126Peter Keevash, Dhruv Mubayi, Benny Sudakov, Jacques Verstraëte. Rainbow Turán Problems
127 -- 144Jan Remy, Alexander Souza, Angelika Steger. On an Online Spanning Tree Problem in Randomly Weighted Graphs
145 -- 158C. R. Subramanian. List Set Colouring: Bounds and Algorithms
159 -- 166Ádám Timár. Cutsets in Infinite Graphs
167 -- 169Alexandr V. Kostochka, Gexin Yu. Ore-type graph packing problems
171 -- 172Norman Biggs. Topics in Algebraic Graph Theory, by Lowell W. Beineke and Robin J. Wilson (Academic Consultant: Peter J. Cameron), Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications 102, CUP 2005, 257pp., GBP 50.00/ 95.00