Journal: Combinatorics, Probability & Computing

Volume 25, Issue 6

797 -- 822Tonci Antunovic, Elchanan Mossel, Miklós Z. Rácz. Coexistence in Preferential Attachment Networks
823 -- 849Malgorzata Bednarska-Bzdega, Dan Hefetz, Michael Krivelevich, Tomasz Luczak. Manipulative Waiters with Probabilistic Intuition
850 -- 869Dennis Clemens, Yury Person. Minimum Degrees and Codegrees of Ramsey-Minimal 3-Uniform Hypergraphs*†
870 -- 908Nikolaos Fountoulakis, Megha Khosla, Konstantinos Panagiotou. The Multiple-Orientability Thresholds for Random Hypergraphs†
909 -- 927Michael Krivelevich, Matthew Kwan, Benny Sudakov. Cycles and Matchings in Randomly Perturbed Digraphs and Hypergraphs
928 -- 940Gábor V. Nagy, Vilmos Totik. A Convexity Property of Discrete Random Walks
941 -- 958János Pach, Natan Rubin, Gábor Tardos. On the Richter-Thomassen Conjecture about Pairwise Intersecting Closed Curves†

Volume 25, Issue 5

641 -- 644Béla Bajnok. Comments on Y. O. Hamidoune's Paper 'Adding Distinct Congruence Classes'
645 -- 667Jacob D. Baron, Jeff Kahn. Tuza's Conjecture is Asymptotically Tight for Dense Graphs
668 -- 699Alexis Darrasse, Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Michèle Soria. k-trees
700 -- 743Daniel Glasscock. Marstrand-type Theorems for the Counting and Mass Dimensions in ℤ
744 -- 765Mark Holmes, Thomas S. Salisbury. Forward Clusters for Degenerate Random Environments
766 -- 767Peter Keevash, Eoin Long. On the Normalized Shannon Capacity of a Union
768 -- 790Bojan Mohar. Median Eigenvalues of Bipartite Subcubic Graphs
791 -- 796Dhruv Mubayi. Improved Bounds for the Ramsey Number of Tight Cycles Versus Cliques

Volume 25, Issue 4

486 -- 499Petter Brändén, Madeleine Leander, Mirkó Visontai. Multivariate Eulerian Polynomials and Exclusion Processes
500 -- 559Andreas Galanis, Daniel Stefankovic, Eric Vigoda. Inapproximability of the Partition Function for the Antiferromagnetic Ising and Hard-Core Models
560 -- 576Dan Hefetz, Mykhaylo Tyomkyn. Universality of Graphs with Few Triangles and Anti-Triangles
577 -- 591Mark Huber. Nearly Optimal Bernoulli Factories for Linear Functions
592 -- 594Alexandr V. Kostochka, Jaroslav Nesetril. Adding Edges to Increase the Chromatic Number of a Graph
595 -- 611John Lenz, Dhruv Mubayi. Perfect Packings in Quasirandom Hypergraphs II
612 -- 622Shoham Letzter. Path Ramsey Number for Random Graphs
623 -- 632Micha Sharir, József Solymosi. Distinct Distances from Three Points
633 -- 640Hunter Spink. Local Maxima of Quadratic Boolean Functions

Volume 25, Issue 3

324 -- 351Richard Arratia, Stephen Desalvo. Probabilistic Divide-and-Conquer: A New Exact Simulation Method, With Integer Partitions as an Example
352 -- 361Jean-Bernard Baillon, Roberto Cominetti, José Vaisman. A Sharp Uniform Bound for the Distribution of Sums of Bernoulli Trials
362 -- 379Andrew Beveridge. A Hitting Time Formula for the Discrete Green's Function
380 -- 398Boris Bukh. An Improvement of the Beck-Fiala Theorem
399 -- 418Tom Eccles. A Stability Result for the Union-Closed Size Problem
419 -- 435Weidong Gao, David J. Grynkiewicz, Xingwu Xia. n-Sums in an Abelian Group
436 -- 447Justin Salez. The Interpolation Method for Random Graphs with Prescribed Degrees
448 -- 459David Saxton, Andrew Thomason. Simple Containers for Simple Hypergraphs
460 -- 469George Shakan. Sum of Many Dilates
470 -- 483Marko Thiel. The Inversion Number and the Major Index are Asymptotically Jointly Normally Distributed on Words
484 -- 485Tim Austin. Quantitative Equidistribution for Certain Quadruples in Quasi-Random Groups: Erratum

Volume 25, Issue 2

172 -- 212József Balogh, Jane Butterfield, Ping Hu, John Lenz, Dhruv Mubayi. On the Chromatic Thresholds of Hypergraphs
213 -- 221Demetres Christofides, Daniel Král'. First-Order Convergence and Roots
222 -- 235T. Espinasse, Nadine Guillotin-Plantard, P. Nadeau. A Combinatorial Approach to a Model of Constrained Random Walkers
236 -- 268Boris Pittel, Gregory B. Sorkin. k-XORSAT
269 -- 299Lutz Warnke. On the Method of Typical Bounded Differences
300 -- 322Bruce A. Reed, David R. Wood. Forcing a sparse minor
323 -- 0Bruce A. Reed, David R. Wood. 'Forcing a sparse minor' - CORRIGENDUM

Volume 25, Issue 1

1 -- 20Noga Alon, Rani Hod, Amit Weinstein. On Active and Passive Testing
21 -- 75Béla Bollobás, Oliver Riordan. Counting Connected Hypergraphs via the Probabilistic Method
76 -- 88Dennis Clemens, Heidi Gebauer, Anita Liebenau. The Random Graph Intuition for the Tournament Game
89 -- 107Colin Cooper, Alan M. Frieze, Nate Ince, Svante Janson, Joel Spencer. On the Length of a Random Minimum Spanning Tree
108 -- 129Domingos Dellamonica Jr., Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Sangjune Lee, Vojtech Rödl, Wojciech Samotij. h -Sets
130 -- 144Rajko Nenadov, Angelika Steger. A Short Proof of the Random Ramsey Theorem
145 -- 153János Pach, Bartosz Walczak. Decomposition of Multiple Packings with Subquadratic Union Complexity
154 -- 171Oliver Riordan, Lutz Warnke. Convergence of Achlioptas Processes via Differential Equations with Unique Solutions