Journal: Computing Systems

Volume 7, Issue 4

419 -- 449Oliver Laumann, Carsten Bormann. Elk: The Extension Language Kit
451 -- 465Raphael Yahalom. Secure Timeliness: On the Cost of Non-Synchronized Clocks
467 -- 504Kelvin D. Nilsen. Reliable Real-Time Garbage Collection of C++

Volume 7, Issue 3

289 -- 312Alan Dearle, Rex di Bona, James Farrow, Frans A. Henskens, Anders Lindström, John Rosenberg, Francis Vaughan. Grasshopper: An Orthogonally Persistent Operating System
313 -- 332David B. Ingham, Graham D. Parrington. Delayline: A Wide-Area Network Emulation Tool
333 -- 359Darrell D. E. Long, Bruce R. Montague. Swift/RAID: A Distributed RAID System
361 -- 391Andreas Winckler. A Distributed Look-Ahead Workload Assignment Algorithm for Interdependent Tasks
393 -- 408Yen-Jen Oyang, Le-Chun Wu. Optimal Design of Megabyte Second-Level Caches for Minimizing Bus Traffic in Shared-Memory Shared-Bus Multiprocessors

Volume 7, Issue 2

175 -- 199Brent B. Welch. A Comparison of Three Distributed File System Architectures: Vnode, Sprite, and Plan 9
201 -- 262Jeffrey C. Mogul. Recovery in Spritely NFS
263 -- 281Scott D. Carson, Sanjeev Setia. Optimal Write Batch Size in Log-Structured File Systems

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 44Willis H. Ware. Policy Considerations for Data Networks
45 -- 73Raphael Yahalom, Birgit Klein, Thomas Beth. Trust-Based Navigation in Distribution Systems
75 -- 89Marjan Krajewski Jr., John C. Chipchak, David A. Chodorow, Jonathan T. Trostle. Applicability of Smart Cards to Network User Authentication
91 -- 112Allan Heydon, J. D. Tygar. Specifying and Checking UNIX Security Constraints
113 -- 167Leonard J. LaPadula. A Rule-Set Approach to Formal Modeling of a Trusted Computer System