Journal: Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 16Markus E. Nebel. The Stack-Size of Combinatorial Tries Revisited
17 -- 46Anton Cerný. Lyndon factorization of generalized words of Thue
47 -- 54Kenneth G. Monks. 3x+1 Minus the +
55 -- 70Christian Capelle, Michel Habib, Fabien de Montgolfier. Graph Decompositions andFactorizing Permutations
71 -- 96Guy Louchard, Helmut Prodinger. Probabilistic Analysis of Carlitz Compositions
97 -- 108Michael Drmota, Helmut Prodinger. The height of q-Binary Search Trees
109 -- 120Clémentin Tayou Djamégni. Synthesis Of Space-Time Optimal Systolic Algorithms For The Cholesky Factorization
121 -- 126Gregory Constantine. Multicolored isomorphic spanning trees in complete graphs
127 -- 146Luitpold Babel, Andreas Brandstädt, Van Bang Le. Recognizing the P::4::-structure of claw-free graphs and a larger graph class
147 -- 168Elias Dahlhaus, Jens Gustedt, Ross M. McConnell. Partially Complemented Representations of Digraphs
169 -- 180John A. Ellis, Hongbing Fan, Jeffrey Shallit. The Cycles of the Multiway Perfect Shuffle Permutation
181 -- 190W. M. B. Dukes. On a Unimodality Conjecture in Matroid Theory
191 -- 204Jean-Louis Dornstetter, Daniel Krob, Jean-Yves Thibon, Ekaterina A. Vassilieva. Performance analysis of demodulation with diversity - A combinatorial approach I: Symmetric function theoretical methods
205 -- 226Nikolaos Fountoulakis, Colin McDiarmid. Upper bounds on the non-3-colourability threshold of random graphs
227 -- 262Frédéric Saubion, Igor Stéphan. A Unified Framework to Compute over Tree Synchronized Grammars and Primal Grammars