Journal: Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science

Volume 14, Issue 2

1 -- 10Boram Park, Yoshio Sano. The competition number of a generalized line graph is at most two
11 -- 20Yoshio Okamoto, Yota Otachi, Ryuhei Uehara. On bipartite powers of bigraphs
21 -- 28Mirko Hornák, Mariusz Wozniak. On neighbour-distinguishing colourings from lists
29 -- 36Robert H. Sloan, Despina Stasi, György Turán. Random Horn Formulas and Propagation Connectivity for Directed Hypergraphs
37 -- 56Raffaele Mosca. 6-Free Graphs and Generalizations
57 -- 74Laurent Gourvès, Adria Ramos de Lyra, Carlos A. J. Martinhon, Jérôme Monnot. On paths, trails and closed trails in edge-colored graphs
75 -- 82Dieter Rautenbach, Friedrich Regen. Graphs with many Vertex-Disjoint Cycles
83 -- 90Manuel E. Lladser, Primoz Potocnik, Jozef Sirán, Mark C. Wilson. Random Cayley digraphs of diameter 2 and given degree
91 -- 128Helmut Prodinger, Guy Louchard. The Asymmetric Leader Election Algorithm with swedish stopping: A probabilistic analysis
129 -- 154Diether Knof, Uwe Roesler. The Analysis of Find and Versions of it
155 -- 164Faisal N. Abu-Khzam, Michael A. Langston. Immersion Containment and Connectivity in Color-Critical Graphs
165 -- 172Manu Basavaraju. Acyclic Chromatic Index of Fully Subdivided Graphs and Halin Graphs
173 -- 188Sanming Zhou. On 4-valent Frobenius circulant graphs
189 -- 204Hermann Gruber. Digraph Complexity Measures and Applications in Formal Language Theory
205 -- 228Per Austrin, Siavosh Benabbas, Avner Magen. On Quadratic Threshold CSPs
229 -- 254Vera Koponen. Random graphs with bounded maximum degree: asymptotic structure and a logical limit law
255 -- 260Guofei Zhou, Yaojun Chen, Zhengke Miao, Shariefuddin Pirzada. A Note on Planar Ramsey Numbers for a Triangle Versus Wheels
261 -- 270Hossein Hajiabolhassan, Farokhlagha Moazami. Secure Frameproof Code Through Biclique Cover
271 -- 284Marie Albenque, Lucas Gerin. On the algebraic numbers computable by some generalized Ehrenfest urns
285 -- 292Gerard Jennhwa Chang, Paul Dorbec, Hye Kyung Kim, André Raspaud, Haichao Wang, Weiliang Zhao. Upper k-tuple domination in graphs

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 20Mahdad Khatirinejad, Reza Naserasr, Mike Newman, Ben Seamone, Brett Stevens. Vertex-colouring edge-weightings with two edge weights
21 -- 28Andrzej Zak, Aneta Dudek. On Hamilton-chain saturated uniform hypergraphs
29 -- 42Serge Gaspers, Mathieu Liedloff. A Branch-and-Reduce Algorithm for Finding a Minimum Independent Dominating Set
43 -- 54Hengzhe Li, Xueliang Li, Yuefang Sun. The generalized 3-connectivity of Cartesian product
55 -- 68Efraim Laksman, Håkan Lennerstad, Lars Lundberg. Optimal Computer Crash Performance Precaution
69 -- 86Ville Junnila. Adaptive Identification of Sets of Vertices in Graphs
87 -- 108Jason P. Bell, Stanley Burris, Karen A. Yeats. Monadic second-order classes of forests with a monadic second-order 0-1 law
109 -- 140Sascha Kurz, Martin Lätsch. Bounds for the minimum oriented diameter
141 -- 146Manfred Kufleitner, Alexander Lauser. The Join of R-trivial and L-trivial Monoids via Combinatorics on Words
147 -- 158Zbigniew Lonc, Pawel Naroski. A linear time algorithm for finding an Euler walk in a strongly connected 3-uniform hypergraph
159 -- 174Gunnar Brinkmann, Simon Crevals, Hadrien Mélot, Leanne Rylands, Eckhard Steffen. α-Labelings and the Structure of Trees with Nonzero α-Deficit