Journal: Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science

Volume 23, Issue 3

0 -- 0Yuan Li, Frank Ingram, Huaming Zhang. Certificate complexity and symmetry of nested canalizing functions
0 -- 0Swapnil Garg. Antipowers in Uniform Morphic Words and the Fibonacci Word
0 -- 0Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Flávio Keidi Miyazawa, Yoshiko Wakabayashi. A tight lower bound for the online bounded space hypercube bin packing problem
0 -- 0Yan Li, Xin Zhang 0017. The structure and the list 3-dynamic coloring of outer-1-planar graphs
0 -- 0Laurent Feuilloley. Introduction to local certification
0 -- 0Hadi Alizadeh, Didem Gözüpek. Upper paired domination versus upper domination
0 -- 0Zhanar Berikkyzy, Axel Brandt, Sogol Jahanbekam, Victor Larsen, Danny Rorabaugh. List-antimagic labeling of vertex-weighted graphs
0 -- 0Nicolas Grelier, Saeed Gh. Ilchi, Tillmann Miltzow, Shakhar Smorodinsky. On the VC-dimension of half-spaces with respect to convex sets
0 -- 0Gunnar Brinkmann, Thomas W. Tucker, Nico Van Cleemput. On the genera of polyhedral embeddings of cubic graph
0 -- 0Ke Liu, Mei Lu. The treewidth of 2-section of hypergraphs
0 -- 0Jorge Almeida 0001, Ondrej Klíma 0001. Binary patterns in the Prouhet-Thue-Morse sequence
0 -- 0Guillaume Ducoffe , Michel Habib, Laurent Viennot. Fast Diameter Computation within Split Graphs
0 -- 0Ruixia Wang, Linxin Wu, Wei Meng. Extremal digraphs on Meyniel-type condition for hamiltonian cycles in balanced bipartite digraphs
0 -- 0Aleksander Kelenc. Determining the Hausdorff Distance Between Trees in Polynomial Time
0 -- 0Michael D. Barrus, Jean A. Guillaume. Upward-closed hereditary families in the dominance order
0 -- 0Dániel Gerbner, Máté Vizer. On non-adaptive majority problems of large query size
0 -- 0Stijn Cambie. Five results on maximizing topological indices in graphs

Volume 23, Issue 2

0 -- 0Endre Tóth, Tamás Waldhauser. Polymorphism-homogeneity and universal algebraic geometry
0 -- 0Maurice Pouzet, Hamza Si Kaddour, Bhalchandra D. Thatte. On the Boolean dimension of a graph and other related parameters
0 -- 0Jørgen Bang-Jensen, Jonas Costa Ferreira da Silva, Frédéric Havet. On the inversion number of oriented graphs
0 -- 0André Arnold, Patrick Cégielski, Serge Grigorieff, Irène Guessarian. The algebra of binary trees is affine complete
0 -- 0Manuel Bodirsky, Jakub Rydval, André Schrottenloher. Universal Horn Sentences and the Joint Embedding Property
0 -- 0Maurice Pouzet, Imed Zaguia. Graphs containing finite induced paths of unbounded length
0 -- 0Hanna Furmanczyk, Vahan Mkrtchyan. Graph theoretic and algorithmic aspect of the equitable coloring problem in block graphs
0 -- 0Bruno Courcelle. Induced betweenness in order-theoretic trees

Volume 23, Issue 1

0 -- 0Éva Czabarka, Peter Dankelmann, Trevor Olsen, László A. Székely. Wiener Index and Remoteness in Triangulations and Quadrangulations
0 -- 0Travis Dillon, Attila Sali. Exponential multivalued forbidden configurations
0 -- 0Thomas Bellitto, Arnaud Pêcher, Antoine Sédillot. On the density of sets of the Euclidean plane avoiding distance 1
0 -- 0Christopher Duffy, Sonja Linghui Shan. On the existence and non-existence of improper homomorphisms of oriented and $2$-edge-coloured graphs to reflexive targets
0 -- 0Peter Dankelmann, Alex Alochukwu. Wiener index in graphs with given minimum degree and maximum degree
0 -- 0Robert A. Proctor, Matthew J. Willis. Row bounds needed to justifiably express flagged Schur functions with Gessel-Viennot determinants
0 -- 0Patryk Mikos. Efficient enumeration of non-isomorphic interval graphs
0 -- 0Zoltán Fülöp 0001, Dávid Kószó, Heiko Vogler. Crisp-determinization of weighted tree automata over strong bimonoids
0 -- 0Alex McDonough. Determining Genus From Sandpile Torsor Algorithms
0 -- 0Thomas Kahl. Weak equivalence of higher-dimensional automata
0 -- 0Niels Grüttemeier, Christian Komusiewicz, Jannik Schestag, Frank Sommer. Destroying Bicolored $P_3$s by Deleting Few Edges
0 -- 0Michael A. Henning, Arti Pandey, Vikash Tripathi. Semipaired Domination in Some Subclasses of Chordal Graphs
0 -- 0Darij Grinberg. The Elser nuclei sum revisited
0 -- 0Xiao Zhao, Sheng Chen. A note on tight cuts in matching-covered graphs
0 -- 0Louis Dublois, Michael Lampis, Vangelis Th. Paschos. New Algorithms for Mixed Dominating Set
0 -- 0Marisa R. Gaetz. Anti-power j-fixes of the Thue-Morse word
0 -- 0Marc Hellmuth, Carsten R. Seemann, Peter F. Stadler. Generalized Fitch Graphs III: Symmetrized Fitch maps and Sets of Symmetric Binary Relations that are explained by Unrooted Edge-labeled Trees
0 -- 0Julien Bensmail, Foivos Fioravantes. On BMRN*-colouring of planar digraphs
0 -- 0Michael Joseph, Tom Roby. A birational lifting of the Stanley-Thomas word on products of two chains